MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 14 – Grand Larceny part 1

MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 14 – Grand Larceny part 1

(check out part 2 of this episode here)

Don’t even act like you know what is going on here, order because believe me, clinic you have zero fucking clue. Not only your favorite hip-hop podcast back in effect with a new show, it’s back in effect with two. Episodes #14 and #15 are here: check them out.

At this point I’d like to introduce y’all kids out there to the Grand Larceny Radio Show, a kinda partnership between the Mixtape show and Larceny Entertainment. Me and T.K. & Breezy over at Larceny Ent. do our own things in our own way, but basically game recognizes game, and it was really only a matter of time before we actually linked up and broke some of their material onto the internet. So if you know them and don’t know me, or if you know me and don’t know them, get used to seeing us around because we’re gonna be here for a while. To wit: Brand new sub-series.

Hootie and El Dorado Red at a show or somesuch.

Anyway, that’s enough. Basically you should just do yourself a favor and download this shit and see what it’s all about. Larceny seems to have one of the hottest affiliation of West Coast artists I’ve seen in a while, except they don’t have any of those backpacker MCs that you pasty internet rap nerds all seem to like so much. Styles are rougher, verbage is definitely rougher, but it’s quality – like I would give you anything but. Check the playlist:

Grand Larceny Intro
Gunz Up – Young Hootie
Solider Till The End – El Dorado Red
Where I’m From – Eastside 2 Westside (Young Hootie & El Dorado Red)
Dedicated – Eastside 2 Westside (Young Hootie & El Dorado Red)
2 Hunned – G. (“Glasses”) Malone

Be sure to check out part 2 of this hip-hop podcast here.

Episode #14 shoutout list:Daddy Bill, Theop, Firman, and basically everyone in the tracklist here.

The E2W (which, incidentally, is the name of a dorm next to mine my freshman year) kids kill it on “Dedicated”, and Glasses. Damn.

Why are you still reading this? Download it, suckers, and thank me later. Be looking for the next episode of Grand Larceny Radio sometime soon. But don’t think your old shit has gone – no way. The next episode of the standard Mixtape Show hip-hop podcast with your boy is still in production – actually I have like three joints in production now, with a bunch of interviews getting ready to get done too. Just be on the lookout for that shit.

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