MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 15 – Grand Larceny 2

MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 15 – Grand Larceny 2

Right. Basically this is just the second half of the podcast that most of y’all already got. I’ve got to split it into two parts for the people tuned in on iTunes, steroids though, prescription so don’t trip. Here’s the tracklisting for this part of the show:

Introduction – J Boy
I’m Cool – Mr Town
Team Shit – The Team
Palm Trees and Gees – Balance
Gangsta Shit – Lil E
Salty – Tha Relativez
Who we R – Black TK
New West (freestyle) – Mitchy Slick

Make sure to check out the first part of this hip-hop podcast right here.

I have to say it’s good to actually hear some of Mr. Town’s shit after rapping with him like forever ago, and Balance? oh Jesus that was some hot shit. TK…what can I say. You’re probably going to want to hear this at least a couple of times, so make sure it’s saved into your shiny new iPod nano, you rich suburb-ass motherfuckers.

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