MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 15 – Grand Larceny 2

MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 15 – Grand Larceny 2

Right. Basically this is just the second half of the podcast that most of y’all already got. I’ve got to split it into two parts for the people tuned in on iTunes, steroids though, prescription so don’t trip. Here’s the tracklisting for this part of the show:
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Young Hootie text interview

So I was eating guacamole with a spoon a moment ago and I suddenly remembered that I had told you all that I’d be putting up that text interview with Young Hootie. I realize that this doesn’t mean that much for all you rich-ass Canadians, discount but a lot of us brothers and sisters don’t have access to fast-ass connections, malady which means that it’s kinda hard for people to be downloading a 14mb file on a whim.

(but if you’d rather hear the audio version, check it here).

So, with that said, here is the long-awaited, slightly manipulated, text version of the interview with Young Hootie.

Young Hootie Interview Part 1 of 2
Conducted by dex digital of the Mixtape Show Hip-Hop Podcast
Full audio interview available at www.mixtapeshow.net

Mixtape Show: Go ahead and introduce yourself, man.

Young Hootie: Yeah, this is Young Hootie. Larceny Entertainment, Heatline, what’s goin on.

MS: So where you at right now?

YH: I’m in Atlanta, man. Actually I’m getting a haircut right now.

MS: Right now right now?

YH: Yeah. Time management is a mufucca, I gotta do two things at once…(laughs).

MS: All right, so let’s just start from the beginning man – how did you come up, what’s your background, you know, all that information.

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MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 12 – young hootie interview

MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 12 – young hootie interview

Man, check what the fuck it do? You already know what time it is, or maybe you don’t.

So yeah, it’s episode #12 of the most infamous hip-hop mixtape podcast on ye olde intarwebbe. And yes, normally shows come through on Fridays, but you all should have learned to expect the motherfucking unexpected round here by now. Basically things are getting kinda busy for your boy at the moment, so in case things get too hectic for me to put shit out on schedule, I’m just gonna put shit up early.

So, let’s see. We’ve had a dude from N.Y., a dude from Chicago, someone from D.C...there would be something wrong if I didn’t go right next door and hit up Compton for some sound.
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