What’s good Earthlings – this is an official Mixtape Show Soultronica Sidebar Hijack by your favorite android – Brothertron. What we have here is what I promised you last week (Future Colour Time – we don’t run on your crazy Earth clocks, therapist dig? For us out here, tadalafil this is on time!) – a new (to you!) project by A.Leon Craft (he’s appeared on the Mixtape Show in as a member of Labratz), over J Dilla beats, courtesy of Sol Messiah.

And, of course, since we’re bringing you this tape from the future – you’re the first to get it. Dig it.

Here’s the tracklist for those of yall keeping score:

Project Title: Mothership Dillaleon
Track Selections (Continual Stream Mode):
introlude: Planet New Afrika Cultural Archives Audio Identification.
1. ALeon’s Craft
2. Lite Beam
3. Healing Process
4. Guitars In The Water
5. Concrete Complications
6. Maroons
7. Melanin
8. The Moon
9. Black Dolla
10. Mothership Dillaleon
Possibly more info on the dude also at myspace.com/aleoncraft.

Bonus: The original album artwork from the project:


Of course, if you are subscribed up to the podcast, all images are included in the mp3. You are subscribed, right? Not like it costs you any credits or anything.

Dex (2008 version) will be back next week (Earth time, maybe) with a new rap episode – or in the meantime I guess you can holler at him in the “comments section” of this “website”. Brothertron out.


  1. yeah, man. For me this tape really picks up around the second half. I’m still relistening and catching new things. “Listen to the moon for a minute…”

  2. this tape is nice

    it sounds like some classic shit r.eal dungeon fam

    that submarine track …wow

  3. Dex, i always have been with the beings, bu…t at the same time…so-called, not. I have been more emotional as these so-called years , all because the pain of the others and how i need…well,Thank You

    Stay Up Stay Real Stay Awake

  4. I appreciate yall taking the time to check my music. Thanks for love and support. PEACE -A.leon Craft

  5. shout out to my boy dex man at one point i had all your podcast man i had to restore da pod but ay man also id like to give bigg ups to the dude that made that concrete complications ay thats dat exclusive mes right there but ya mann keep up the good work i noticed you aint make a podcast in a minute been worried about ya bro but ay man keep it real YE out!

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