So this, price I guess, would be the third official Summer Mixtape. For those of you who are in Southern California – it’s probably still summer for you – so feel free to grab the first edition – SUMMER MIXTAPE (2006), the second one – BACKPACKER/SUMMER IN LA (2007), and then put it together with this one, and get on your Dyno with the black mags and bang out, kiddo.

As I said – I had a major hard drive crash and lost hella data (and some music – do your backups, kids, for serious) which caused the 3-week delay, but here we go. Let’s get into it:


Intro – Thad Reid – Cruzin feat Akshan.

Stat Quo – Dear Summer (Part 2). The follow-up to Part 1, which I probably would have put out were it not for the hard drive crash-induced delay. I don’t think I necessarily cared that much about Stat Quo’s life and/or career before hearing this series, but I have to say, this is sort of an interesting series that dude has been putting out. It’s sort of like the rap version of Livejournal. Or maybe that’s Atmosphere. So maybe this is more like the rap version of Caroline’s older sister’s Xanga, because I used to read that all the time and be like damn she’s cool. You ever do that? Interweb stalking is bad, kids. myspace.com/statquo.

DJ Crazy Toones – It’s A Demo Teaser. This isn’t even a song, but I dig this cut. Some of the most ignorant statements on this episode are made by this man. I mean, I fully agree with the sentiment – too many people out there don’t understand how to put together a mixtape/cd/podcast, but come on, did we need that comment about Singapore? And why was the dude in Singapore? I mean, anybody can go to Singapore. I can go right now in probably like a few hours. Is there something special about Singapore that I don’t know? I mean, go to Tibet, fam, and I’ll be impressed. Maybe beat up a monk or something. Aside from that, this demo is just ridiculous. I really want to hear this mixtape now. myspace.com/djcrazytoones.

Birdman – Sun Come Up feat Rick Ross and T-Pain. Nobody really cares about what Rick Ross did before he was a rapper, because 90% of the rap game is lying, ladies and gentlemen. It’s an act. Yes, it has ramifications on what happens out here, and it’s okay to get sucked into the drama on some suspension of disbelief, but 騙されるな、dig? I gave a talk at a high school earlier today and some kids in the audience were absolutely blown away that rappers weren’t you know, actually shooting people in real life. Remind me to tell you about the first time I ever saw the Beef DVD (hint – it wasn’t in the US). That said, I like this cut, and it’s probably the most “traditional” summer rap cut I got on here.

Guilty Simpson – Michigan Nights. Okay, Guilty – “I’m like that cat you never liked but was scared to fight”. I’m actually thinking about this now and I can’t think of anyone I didn’t like to the point that I wanted to physically harm them but I was scared to actually give it a try. That said, I more or less quit fighting around age 12 or 13 (the age when people start bringing knives and guns to school fights). A lot of the time I wish rap songs were shorter – like on the 2 minute range – but this is one of those cuts where you’re glad you don’t have to be satisfied with a cut-up radio version. Cinematic. Dig it. myspace.com/guiltysimpson.

Replife – Do You Want To Pay A MF. Interlude status. The album is good, though. Stay tuned.myspace.com/danielgraykontarisreplife

Double F – I-5 Merge. I alluded to some superbly ignorant statements being made in this episode – and here they are. What is this dude even talking about? You’ve heard a cut off this tape before, actually. myspace.com/mystadub.

U-N-I – Yesterday. I think I was put up on these dudes last summer, and finally they make an appearance on the mixtape show. Kids set aside the A.D.I.D.A.S style swagger stuff for a minute and go somewhat serious for a minute. I like this cut. Shout-outs to Amanda for having the good sense to pick these kids up for Block Party. myspace.com/unimuzik.

Fatlip – What’s Up Fatlip? (Breakbot Remix). Breakbot is a new name to me, but whoever the cat is did a pretty good job with this remix. Fatlip somehow sounds more pathetic on this cut, and the vocal glitching is just enough to be noticeable but not over the top on some Funkstorung (not that I don’t like Funkstorung). Like you can’t listen to this and not really feel bad for this dude. And we all have days like this…right? Right? (I can’t find dude’s myspace.)

Guest Anouncement/広告alude – Jim Jones – Pop Champagne feat Ron Browz and Juelz Santana (instrumental): I’m not going to write about it here since I’m still a little upset about it, but the end of this episode got cut off by someone you’ll probably recognize…looks like next week’s episode I’ll be taking a break.

And before I forget, shout out to Mamiko again for handling the artwork on this joint because I still don’t have any image editing software yet.

So – how was your summer?

19 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 111 – HOW WAS YOUR SUMMER

  1. う〜ん。やっぱ良く似合ってるじゃん。最高、最高。(笑)

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  3. 最高って?何その自慢?! But yes, thank you for putting that one together.

  4. my summer was like walking down a long side walk during a sunset while a rhodes piano plays in the background. What yall sayin’ in japanese?

  5. My summer wasn’t too bad… Hell I’m breathing and I still got faith and my family… Can’t ask too much more but things outside of that will improve…

    ” When your growing down instead of growing up”
    Janelle Monae

  6. Good look as always. Everything you put out is hot enough to give niggaz a heat rash in the Fall. lol

  7. Yeah… my summer’s been interesting.. been watching a lot of Cowboy Bebop.. been researching a lot of music.. And you know.. I get what you’re saying.. bout not being able to “describe” your summer? Links; http://www.mus-ok.com/podcast/JR/JR_podcast.xml the Donuts flip is the second one I think.. By the way, favourite Cowboy Bebop ep? Waltz for Goddess…

  8. I must say this was one of the better summer podcasts…kinda gloomy tho, but then again…this summer was kinda whack for some reason…

    But I have to know the name of the track that was playing at the introduction. So please let me kno, or if anybody who reads this knows, jot it down!

    Thnx and Peace

  9. nvm… i just scrolled up and saw it…damn you can tell this is like my third time at the site…3 years and just now visitin the site…smh

  10. Always fresh, Dex keeps me forward with something worth hearing, and while Crazy Toones is kinda looneyitch, the track was virtually unlistenable until I heard it. Hey Dex, how ’bout doing a show from the outer reaches – I have been exploring chaos and the break from reality necessary for genius, all while appreciating those who can talk about it while they are in it. While Crazy may not be in it, he seems to work it. Thanks for the shows,
    BB 2-3

  11. those people suck!!!! they shloud have been screaming their lungs out!!!!!! i went saw brit at her femme fatale tour on august 22 i had a raspy voice when i got back from the show!!! whats wrong with them?!

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