For this episode, more about your favorite hip-hop podcast brings you a mini-edit of DJ Dub’s new mixtape: Little Brother – Good Clothes. I think I’m pretty much preaching to the choir here, capsule but on the off chance you haven’t heard of Little Brother, then this should give you an idea.

But beyond that, we’re doing a giveaway for the full-length DJ Dub mixtape (full tracklist here). If you want a copy, all you need to do is drop a comment with what you think would be an interesting collab between LB and any other artist. Extra credit if you can explain why/make it funny or interesting, and first come first served. Details in the episode itself, so listen!

Episode Tracklist:

Little Brother – No Time To Chill
Little Brother – Life of the Party feat Carlitta Durand (DJ Dub Mix)
Rapper Big Pooh – Plastic Cups feat Joe Scudda and Chaundon
Little Brother – Whatever You Say
Phonte + 9th Wonder – Too Late
Little Brother – Time of Your Life feat Carlitta Durand
Little Brother – Don’t You Have A Man feat Dwele
Little Brother – The Beginning
Interlude – DJ Dub and PhonteLil Wayne ?!
Little Brother – Breakin’ My Heart feat Lil Wayne

intro/outro instrumental: 9th Wonder - My People

links: DJ Dub, Little Brother, Carlitta Durand, Chaundon, Dwele, 9th Wonder, Joe Scudda.

So that’s it – let the comments fly. I’ll post a notice when I’m out of CDs, first come first served. And if you aren’t in the facebook group already, better join now – I give away all the good stuff in there first.

Oh, and here’s that full tracklist for the full mixtape some of you lucky kids will get:

1. Intro
2. Little Brother / Kanye West – Good Clothes (Dub Mix)
3. 9th Wonder / Little Brother – No Time To Chill
4. Little Brother / Skyzoo – Speed Racin
5. Little Brother / Joe Scudda – Lovin It (Live Mix)
6. Little Brother / Jay-Z – Say It Again(Dub MIX)
7. Phonte / DJ Dub – Live On Ridin Big Radio Pt 1
8. Rapper Big Pooh / Joe Scudda / Chaundon – Plastic Cups (J Dilla)
9. Evidence / Phonte / Alchemist – Let Yourself Go (Remix)
10. Little Brother – Cool As A Fan
11. Foreign Exchange / Joe Scudda – Raw Lifes
12. Little Brother – Ain’t Nobody
13. Phonte / DJ Dub – Live On Ridin Big Radio Pt 2
14. Little Brother / Lil Wayne / Carlitta Durand – Life Of The Party (DJ Dub
15. Little Brother / Mos Def – Let It Go
16. Little Brother – The Beginning
17. 9th Wonder / Phonte – Too Late
18. Rhymefest / Little Brother – Get Plugged
19. Drake / Little Brother / Dwele – Don’t You Have A Man
20. Phonte / DJ Dub – Live On Ridin Big Radio Pt 3
21. Little Brother – Whatever You Say (DJ Dub Remix)
22. DJ Spinna / Phonte – One For Jay (Dilla RIP)
23. Darien Brockington / Little Brother – I Need You (Cookin Soul Remix)
24. Little Brother / Carlitta Durand – Time Of Your Life

Dub Premium Draft Picks:

3 Tha Hard Way – What Happened To Hip-Hop
C-Note Ave – Holdin It Down
Little Brother / Lil Wayne – Breakin My Heart (Bonus Track)

62 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 92 – LITTLE BROTHER + DJ DUB

  1. It was a pain joining that facebook w/ all that legal text to cruise through. So, what’s a cool collabo? If you say Bjork then I gotta counter with Portishead.

  2. LB and mobb deep. 2 tracks. havoc does beats on the first, nicolay does beats on the second. hell, put it on H.N.I.C. 2 whenever prodigy gets done with that, and call the tracks “Call me Colombo” and “The Captain Crunch Dogg”. forreal though, i’d love to hear big pooh and phonte over a havoc beat.

  3. a) suburb + little brother (no comments)
    b) and some southern producer collab would be interesting too

  4. vince, i saw that video and I think I understand a bit more about what you’re saying although, I must admit, not completley. I would like to know more about what you’re saying as America has a pretty important stance in the world today. One thing I will say is that I think that there definetley needs to be a benefits system similar to the one in the U.K. I don’t know if this correct but we’re reading Steinbeck and apparantley, although Roosevelt set up some form of benefits, our English teacher said, they still haven’t changed much since. Am I ignoraqnt or misinformed? :S

  5. PRODigy got three years in jail so no chance of doing anynew songs. i would like to see lb and dj toomp that would be good and maybe lb and trackademics (from the bay) or lb and dj premier those would be good ..dont have anything funny to say..hmmmph

  6. did that guy REALLY just talk about comm serv for having dirty piss and hating it because it cut into his weed smoking time?
    oh lord.

  7. What’s good Dex? Byrdman Repin’ Bronx, New York! feelin’ ya show kid! keep doin’ what you do! Hope I could get my hands on that little brother mix-tape! I feel in my option, little brother should do a collaboration with the rapper, Common! why? they both are talented artist & it would be interesting to see them both on a track together! do you agree? peace Dex!

  8. yep, everyone who’s posted on here is locked in. You should be getting an email from me in a few days for your address, hold tight.

    Some of these are pretty good! I’m a little sad about the Prodigy thing, though. Toomp would be hot, Common is just so obvious it has to happen (if it hasn’t already?), and PORTISHEAD HAHAHA

    and yes, supercali, he did. Incidentally that might be my favorite cut on this whole episode. I’m sure we both know of more than a few households where they offer you a drink, and then go grab a used red plastic party cup, wash it out, and pour you a beverage.

    I think if you do it right, those things hold up in the dishwasher. Not that I know from experience or anything.

  9. well besides taking the easy way out and saying LB would be great with my beats…I would say that maybe like a dr. dre or even better, The Roots…pretty much LB with a live instrumentation much akin to Pharrell and the Yessirs

  10. The first collabo that springs to mind is Polyrhythm Addicts and, if we wanna get older-schooler on it, Bush Babies would be dope too. They’re all on that quirky, intelligent, funky, soulful tip.

    Resurrect the conscious brothers.

  11. My favourite little brother shit is their soul shit for example Home off the Listening which is my jam ritenow. So i would like to see little brother doing some soul shit with maybe a ty and kory or j rawls and make some funked out disco shit or something.
    Also i maybe thought on a more commercial tip work with like madlib, sa ra or even wyclef!
    Also phonte should definitely make another track with Elzhi cos that shits ridiculous.
    Also maybe the main rapper from Pacific Division, who could even be seen as biting or heavily influenced by Little Brother.

  12. Honestly I don’t know a lot about the past albums but I would like to see them do something with Skillz or maybe even Petey Pablo since they are from the same region. With Pablo I think the energy level on the track would be fantastic. With Skillz I think he’s a very strong (if not the strongest) MC and would be beautiful on the track. I saw them perform and it was fantastic. I’d love to peep the mixtape and become a bigger fan.

  13. It seems obvious but hasn’t happened yet and I think it could be fresh if all parties really put their heart in it. The collabo I’m talkin about is LB & The Roots. I think Te & Pooh would mesh with Black Thought perfectly and Uestlove would lace up some genius backdrop for them to spit over…man this got me thinkin what if’s…like what if this coulda happened when Dilla was still rockin with the solquarians…oh keep I’ll keep dreamin!

  14. Lupe, Q-Tip, Mos Def, and Anthony hamilton. i just threw Anothy in there to put some soul in it. Or Urban Mystic too, also.

  15. Would sure love to hear Little Brother and Maxwell bring a lil soul back. Also, imagine LB alonside Mr Cheeks or Craig Mack – that would definately bring some flava back to my ears. Picture a lil Shabba Ranks in there somewhere and Little Brother will again prove the fact that size dont matter. They may be my Little Brother but they certainly have the balls to be the Big Daddy.

  16. okay kids – giveaway is over. Between this and the facebook jumpoff, I’m swamped. If you’re in, you’ll get an email from me in the next day or so – if not, better luck next time. Keep these coming, though.

  17. Damn it man..couldn’t get here in time enough. Internets not hooked up @ the new place yet. I still wanted to put in2 cents though, fuck it. J Davey son BAM!

  18. supercali – hell, Jigga did it. LB’s fans would have their heads, though.

    Adam – do you mean Wale Oyejide? That could be kinda hard.

    And where the hell is Petey Pablo right now?

    I gotta agree with Yogi and Sarah – LB definitely can do this soul thing (remember their track with DJ Spinna on the first Soultronica show?). J*Davey would be a sure thing. And Sa-Ra? Sign me up. (why’d you call them mainstream though)?

  19. I’ve been out of the loop for a minute dex, but I just listened to ep. 91…I’m thinking LB with Blue Scholars would be a dope match up. OR Zion I. That’ll be something to hear. Peace.

  20. I guess for a couple colabs, I would like to see Dr Cornel West (remember that link I sent you earlier?) and some real smart producers. I don’t know, maybe Sa-Ra would give the guy J.U.S.T.I.C.E. (see what I did there?)
    Peace :)

  21. Like you were saying Dex, Cornel West (gave the link earlier) would be good but only with some real smart producers I guess. Possibly Sa-Ra could give him J.U.S.T.I.C.E. (see what I did there)
    Peace :)

  22. I like to see Little Brother do collabs with M.F. Doom , Scienz of Life, Ed O.G. & Self Scientific!!! These artists are dope!!! It would bring out a different sound with the collabos!!! Have Lord Finesse, Diamiond, & Large Pro do some of the production!!! It would definitely be classic boom bap!!! Not that neo-soul hip-hop!!!

  23. Speaking of Santa Ana fires – is everyone okay? I know there’s some LA and Dago people up in here. My house is maybe okay, hopefully we won’t have to evacuate again.

    Victor – oh, look who found the internet! ITADAKIMASU

  24. I think LB and Lil Wayne could learn from each other. A collabo would be out of the norm and interesting.

  25. Oh whoops, duh. There’s a brand new Wayne joint on the mixtape you’re sending to us. Guess it really was a good idea.

    I agree with dude above who suggested collabs with DJ Premier; that would be a no-brainer.

  26. Recently hooked up the podcast in iTunes – must say that this release is mad tight. Lemme know where I can buy the full LB mixtape, it’s definitely worth a cut of my last paycheck.

    Keep it goin Dex, almost at episode 100 and lovin it!

  27. yo dex, you gotta check my facebook picture. best Halloween costume ever. eazy-e…use it in a vid/podcast or something son!

  28. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. and LB. Has anyone said that? Oh yeah and Cornel West and LB, good production, good lyrics. Nice.

  29. I think they should do a collab with SV(slum village)including Batan.The producers should be BR Gunna, Hi Tek 9 Wonder,Some of the greatest producer of all time J Dilla,Khysis,Illminds,and Madlib.I have all of SV, Little Brother ,and J Dilla.

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