For this episode, more about your favorite hip-hop podcast brings you a mini-edit of DJ Dub’s new mixtape: Little Brother – Good Clothes. I think I’m pretty much preaching to the choir here, capsule but on the off chance you haven’t heard of Little Brother, then this should give you an idea.

But beyond that, we’re doing a giveaway for the full-length DJ Dub mixtape (full tracklist here). If you want a copy, all you need to do is drop a comment with what you think would be an interesting collab between LB and any other artist. Extra credit if you can explain why/make it funny or interesting, and first come first served. Details in the episode itself, so listen!

Episode Tracklist:

Little Brother – No Time To Chill
Little Brother – Life of the Party feat Carlitta Durand (DJ Dub Mix)
Rapper Big Pooh – Plastic Cups feat Joe Scudda and Chaundon
Little Brother – Whatever You Say
Phonte + 9th Wonder – Too Late
Little Brother – Time of Your Life feat Carlitta Durand
Little Brother – Don’t You Have A Man feat Dwele
Little Brother – The Beginning
Interlude – DJ Dub and PhonteLil Wayne ?!
Little Brother – Breakin’ My Heart feat Lil Wayne

intro/outro instrumental: 9th Wonder - My People

links: DJ Dub, Little Brother, Carlitta Durand, Chaundon, Dwele, 9th Wonder, Joe Scudda.

So that’s it – let the comments fly. I’ll post a notice when I’m out of CDs, first come first served. And if you aren’t in the facebook group already, better join now – I give away all the good stuff in there first.

Oh, and here’s that full tracklist for the full mixtape some of you lucky kids will get:

1. Intro
2. Little Brother / Kanye West – Good Clothes (Dub Mix)
3. 9th Wonder / Little Brother – No Time To Chill
4. Little Brother / Skyzoo – Speed Racin
5. Little Brother / Joe Scudda – Lovin It (Live Mix)
6. Little Brother / Jay-Z – Say It Again(Dub MIX)
7. Phonte / DJ Dub – Live On Ridin Big Radio Pt 1
8. Rapper Big Pooh / Joe Scudda / Chaundon – Plastic Cups (J Dilla)
9. Evidence / Phonte / Alchemist – Let Yourself Go (Remix)
10. Little Brother – Cool As A Fan
11. Foreign Exchange / Joe Scudda – Raw Lifes
12. Little Brother – Ain’t Nobody
13. Phonte / DJ Dub – Live On Ridin Big Radio Pt 2
14. Little Brother / Lil Wayne / Carlitta Durand – Life Of The Party (DJ Dub
15. Little Brother / Mos Def – Let It Go
16. Little Brother – The Beginning
17. 9th Wonder / Phonte – Too Late
18. Rhymefest / Little Brother – Get Plugged
19. Drake / Little Brother / Dwele – Don’t You Have A Man
20. Phonte / DJ Dub – Live On Ridin Big Radio Pt 3
21. Little Brother – Whatever You Say (DJ Dub Remix)
22. DJ Spinna / Phonte – One For Jay (Dilla RIP)
23. Darien Brockington / Little Brother – I Need You (Cookin Soul Remix)
24. Little Brother / Carlitta Durand – Time Of Your Life

Dub Premium Draft Picks:

3 Tha Hard Way – What Happened To Hip-Hop
C-Note Ave – Holdin It Down
Little Brother / Lil Wayne – Breakin My Heart (Bonus Track)

62 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 92 – LITTLE BROTHER + DJ DUB

  1. Mk so was that email a lie er you really sendin me one too?? AND i think you think i forgot, or you may not even remember yourself cause of the lovely green smokage, but whatever happened to that movie you were talkin about with the samurai from the motherland?..inquiring minds would love to know.
    be easy lemon squeezy

  2. man, y’all are going crazy with these ones! And Philip – check out Foreign Exchange – that should answer at least one of your hopes. The Pharrell thing could be cool too though, now that you mention it.

    Sara – not me! I’m clean as a whistle. I don’t lie, ever. I haven’t heard anything from my man in the motherland recently, unfortunately. Postproduction woes, probably.

    JUSTICE and LB? That sounds like it’d be really weird, but I’ve heard weirder lately…anyone up on edIT?

  3. Do sumthin with a Prince track playin in da back cause Prince is gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!!! ;)))

  4. I CAN’T believe no one said these names yet, Lupe Fiasco, KRS-1,Justin Timberlake (on a nice hook), ANY member of the Wu-Tang Clan, and Nasty Nas, Esco, The “N”, QBs Finest, Nastradamus, NAS! I just want 9th Wonder back! But Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh are still doing there thing.

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  6. Alright LB and Mos def with a few beats from black on both sides, and the new danger..

  7. Yo i got a few
    LB and Flipmode
    LB and Blackstar
    LB and Lupe fiasco would be banannas

  8. I’m thinking they should hook up with prince or even a group like the deftones or the gorillaz. LB seem like they could be pretty diverse in the style that they get with. I love when talent can switch it up and show catz that they can rock it from across the aisle. Peace out!!!

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