What’s good. I know I’ve been extra late with this one, implant but hopefully this special 50th episode makes up for it.

By now, anaemia you’re all undoubtedly aware of the the genius of the late, global burden of disease great Jay Dee, aka J Dilla. However, on the off-chance that you haven’t yet been exposed to enough of his work, for Episode 50, I bring you the first half (part 1 of 2) of the Shaman Work Recordings homage to the master: “A Brief Education on the Musical Genius of Jay Dee“. This is an exclusive joint arranged by DJ 2-Tone Jones, available for free in various stores and put out with the blessing of Mrs. Maureen Yancey herself.

Please spread the word about this mixtape, and be sure to check back in at www.mixtapeshow.net in a couple of days for part 2, featuring exclusive (as in – not even available on the store CD version) audio commentary from DJ 2-Tone Jones on the purpose and inspiration behind this first installment of the series. Shouts to Lamar, 2-Tone Jones, JR, and the rest of the Shaman Work family for making this thing happen.

Check the tracklist for this half (don’t worry, Pharcyde’s “Runnin” is on the next half, coming soon), and the press release after that.

1. Jay Dee – Fuck the Police
2. Jay Dee – Reckless Driving
3. Oh No – Move (remix) feat. J Dilla and Roc C
4. Jay Dee – Think Twice
5. Slum Village – Jealousy
[Pillz (inst.) - JayLib]
6. A Tribe Called Quest – The Hop
7. Q-Tip – Let’s Ride
8. Guru – Certified feat. Bilal
9. De La Soul – Much More
10. De La Soul – Stakes is High
11. De La Soul – Stakes is High (remix) feat. Truth Enola and Mos Def
12. Common – Thelonius feat. Slum Village
[Rock Box (inst.) - Que D]
13. Busta Rhymes – So Hardcore
14. Dabrye – Game Over feat Phat Kat and Jay Dee
15. Platinum Pied Pipers – Act Like You Know (Ge-ology remix) feat. Jay Dee
16. Steve Spacek – Eve (J Dilla Remix) feat J Dilla and Frank-n-Dank
17. J-88 – Keep it On
18. Keith Murray – The Rhyme (Ummah remix)
19. FunkMaster Flex – That Shit feat A Tribe Called Quest and Jay Dee
20. Enjoy Da Ride – Busta Rhymes

Also, please note that because this tribute is free to the public; Shaman Work Recordings is instead asking that supporters donate to the J Dilla foundation by either:

o Sending funds to the PayPal account set up by DJ K-Fresh www.rensoul.com
o Sending funds directly to Jay Dee’s mother Mrs. Yancy at www.jdilla.org


Again, make sure to come back in a couple days for the second half of the CD. In the meantime, the phone lines are always open – 310 928 MTSN [ (310) 928 6876 ] – hit us up with freestyles, thoughts on the show, or whatever. And make sure to subscribe in iTunes, spread the word, and so on…holler.

18 thoughts on “EPISODE 50 – J DILLA TRIBUTE PART 1

  1. yeh jus wanted 2 say j dillas my most favouritest mothafucka in the entire universe…
    n its good 2 c ova ppl r gettin educated on his genius…
    jus lettin u kno that ur music is reachin n upliftin heds in london…

  2. Dilla is a genius and will be missed for a LONG time to come. Your mixtapes are great. Keep it up.

    -white kid in Ohio.

  3. Yo! missed u Dex anotha off da gold chain episode, 2 tone mixed it proper! J-dilla is smilin’ from da clouds, his genius lives on! can’t wait for part 2!

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  5. just wanted to let you know Dex that you posted part one twice…I’m feenin for that part two on my ipod

  6. yo everyone – the link to Part 2 is right here – J Dilla Tribute Part 2. I know it got mixed up in iTunes – that’s my bad. It should be all fixed now.

    Thanks for the feedback though – keep it coming.

    And for those of you that dig the show and also happen to get it in iTunes, please consider taking a couple minutes out of your day and reviewing the Mixtape Show Hip-Hop Podcast in iTunes. It’ll help the Mixtape Show stay at the top of the charts, which is always a good thing.

    Also keep in mind who brought you these two joints.

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  9. I know I’m crazy late on a comment, Dex (as always..LOL)..but I have to say..this is hands down my favorite episode…I wasn’t terribly familiar with Jay-Dee before this episode..but after hearing this episode I have since aquired just about everything he’s EVER done..and I’m like…”Oh wait..Jay Dee did that track?!”.as an up and coming beatmaker/producer myself I’m seeing I can learn alot from his style….


  10. Greg – don’t be so sure you got everything dude ever made – a lot of it isn’t released! Speaking of which, stay tuned for some exclusives from the master himself..

  11. Whussup! People had to leave a message seeing as this whole show was dedicated to a gifted and blessed being, Dilla dog. With the original MIDAS touch live on through your music brotha. Lovin da show Dex. Bristol in da house baby an’ we out. ONE!!!

  12. dilla was the shit, and it was sad that people didn’t get really fell him like they was supposed to because he was a fuckin genius and the shit he did from J88 to still shining was like a movement. he was so soulful and humble that people didn’t recognize his talent. Whenever i listen to his music it brings a tear to my eye. he had way with catching certain drums and loop patterns it was crazy



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