See, no rx a promise is a promise.

Anyway, pills this week, as the title suggests, is the breakup joint. Partially based on real life, partially based on the bizarre phenomenon in which when you’re depressed, you want to listen to even more depressing music, and partially based on that urge to just get something off your chest. That said, let’s get into the:


introlude – Mos Def – Brown Sugar.

Ta’raach – Hey. You know, this is like that part where you’re all “man, forget her, I’m good.” You know that phase. Trackwise, I don’t know, I’ve just been meaning to get this one on forever. A lot of the stuff dude says in this track is just really mean-spirited, which makes me like it even more. myspace.com/taraach.

Super Chron Flight Brothers – Once We Were Kings. And then you start to think back. This record kinda reminds me of Airborn Audio. Weird, paranoid subject matter over weird, paranoid beats. Apparently they holed themselves up in a Yogyakarta hotel during the production process, and their weed/skurry noises type antics resulted in an unwritten ban on Black patrons at that establishment. Not sure how I’m supposed to feel about that. myspace.com/flightbrothers.

Malcolm Kipe – My Room Remix. Negativity. Really it was the instro that got me on this one. mk on lastfm.

RJD2 – June (Remix). Aaaand here comes the “why me why me” phase. After the first verse you think it’s just going to be a rant on the state of rap music, until the second one comes in. Just too heavy. myspace.com/rjd2

Jay Electronica – Girlfriend. You think about calling her… remember? That always used to work. Not much to say here. It’s Jay. myspace.com/jayelect

Albe Back – Without You (dex digi Bohemian Rhapsody Edit). No, she said don’t call. It’s already over. Give it up, famo, you’re just making yourself look bad. Don’t lose your cool. Seriously, three bars in I realized I’d heard this chord progression before. You can hate me for doing this, but really my only motivation was that I couldn’t stand the original hook. myspace.com/albemusic.

Jay-Z vs Coldplay – What If We Cry? prod Remot. Which gives you more time to think. And now you can finally be a little more honest with yourself. Trying to “keep your cool” was what got you here in the first place. I don’t own any Coldplay albums, but I hear from very reliable sources that lots of white people like them. This cut is even more depressing this time around. myspace.com/remotmusic.

People Under The Stairs – More Than You Know. Congratulations, you’re now officially “in touch with your emotions”. What, you want a medal or something fam? I keep forgetting how dope this group is. myspace.com/peopleunderthestairs.

O.D.B - No More (Wasted Time). But hey, at least you can respect yourself a little more now, right? Right? At least, that’s what this cut seems to be called. I know, it’s really lo-fi, but this is the only version I’m aware of. A cry for help, man, just too late.

DJ Lt Dan and Jay Z – Interlude b/w Living Proof. I don’t know, this just seemed to fit.

And that’s what it is for this week. Bonus points for anyone who can identify the original image I bootlegged to make this week’s episode cover.



What’s good. I know I’ve been extra late with this one, implant but hopefully this special 50th episode makes up for it.

By now, anaemia you’re all undoubtedly aware of the the genius of the late, global burden of disease great Jay Dee, aka J Dilla. However, on the off-chance that you haven’t yet been exposed to enough of his work, for Episode 50, I bring you the first half (part 1 of 2) of the Shaman Work Recordings homage to the master: “A Brief Education on the Musical Genius of Jay Dee“. This is an exclusive joint arranged by DJ 2-Tone Jones, available for free in various stores and put out with the blessing of Mrs. Maureen Yancey herself.

Please spread the word about this mixtape, and be sure to check back in at www.mixtapeshow.net in a couple of days for part 2, featuring exclusive (as in – not even available on the store CD version) audio commentary from DJ 2-Tone Jones on the purpose and inspiration behind this first installment of the series. Shouts to Lamar, 2-Tone Jones, JR, and the rest of the Shaman Work family for making this thing happen.

Check the tracklist for this half (don’t worry, Pharcyde’s “Runnin” is on the next half, coming soon), and the press release after that.

1. Jay Dee – Fuck the Police
2. Jay Dee – Reckless Driving
3. Oh No – Move (remix) feat. J Dilla and Roc C
4. Jay Dee – Think Twice
5. Slum Village – Jealousy
[Pillz (inst.) - JayLib]
6. A Tribe Called Quest – The Hop
7. Q-Tip – Let’s Ride
8. Guru – Certified feat. Bilal
9. De La Soul – Much More
10. De La Soul – Stakes is High
11. De La Soul – Stakes is High (remix) feat. Truth Enola and Mos Def
12. Common – Thelonius feat. Slum Village
[Rock Box (inst.) - Que D]
13. Busta Rhymes – So Hardcore
14. Dabrye – Game Over feat Phat Kat and Jay Dee
15. Platinum Pied Pipers – Act Like You Know (Ge-ology remix) feat. Jay Dee
16. Steve Spacek – Eve (J Dilla Remix) feat J Dilla and Frank-n-Dank
17. J-88 – Keep it On
18. Keith Murray – The Rhyme (Ummah remix)
19. FunkMaster Flex – That Shit feat A Tribe Called Quest and Jay Dee
20. Enjoy Da Ride – Busta Rhymes

Also, please note that because this tribute is free to the public; Shaman Work Recordings is instead asking that supporters donate to the J Dilla foundation by either:

o Sending funds to the PayPal account set up by DJ K-Fresh www.rensoul.com
o Sending funds directly to Jay Dee’s mother Mrs. Yancy at www.jdilla.org


Again, make sure to come back in a couple days for the second half of the CD. In the meantime, the phone lines are always open – 310 928 MTSN [ (310) 928 6876 ] – hit us up with freestyles, thoughts on the show, or whatever. And make sure to subscribe in iTunes, spread the word, and so on…holler.

MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 16 – the katrina edition

MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 16 – the katrina edition

Remember those posts I made about a possible Katrina hip-hop podcast show? Well, drugs here it is, hospital on the most known unknown rap podcast series on the internets – episode #16, the Katrina Mixtape.

First up, some heat from 4-IZE. Dude used to be in a group with Luda back in ’91 called Loudmouth Hooligans. I aint heard of em till now but apparently he was on dude’s first couple releases. Something y’all prolly ain’t expected from one of my shows, but get the fuck used to it. Good track. Paranoid as fuck, but good. Look for more from him, but in the meantime see what’s up at 4ize.com..
4-IZE – Can’t Eat.

Hood Affiliates – Hurricane Katrina Song
I haven’t heard a name for this track other than the one provided here, but the joint is good. HA definitely bring it from a hood perspective, and remind you who’s really responsible for this shit. Don’t ever tell me that rappers don’t read the news. I haven’t heard much else from Hood Affiliates, but this joint here kinda makes me want to hear more. Anyone want to shoot a brother some mp3s? There’s a temporary site up at www.hoodaffiliates.com, hopefully they get on that soon.

What up internet nerds. All y’all done heard this, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good song. I saw this all over the web a long ass time ago, but some y’all maybe ain’t heard it, so here you go. Clever reference of Kanye’s own lyrics, you know, politics is on point, etc, etc. And the title is classic. Hit up their website, it’s more info down there. Try k-otix.com.
The Legendary K.O. – George Bush Don’t Like Black People

Somebody tell the boss he shouldn’t be the boss anymore. Yeah, it’s Mos. You know who that is, and if you don’t, well, I don’t know. Wikipedia or something. Hot track, and I never even liked that fucking Nolia Clap beat. I actually hated it, still do. But come on. He calls out Bono. Bono. This is a classic. mosdefinitely.com.
Mos Def – Katrina Klap.

Chuck D – Hell No, We Ain’t All Right
Yeah, Chuck D. This came out a while ago in poem form, acapella. So far to my knowledge he hasn’t done a song, but this is an excerpt from some stuff he said on a radio program a while ago. I just looped up a sample and presto. You really should have heard this already, but if you haven’t, make sure to pay attention.www.publicenemy.com.

Special shouts also go to Suburb, who produced the opening beat on this episode offa a sample I gave him, in like 15 minutes. Check him out and buy a beat!

That’s it for this episode, then. Be on the lookout for Grand Larceny Radio Volume 2 coming at you very soon. Also in the pipeline: other mixtape reviews, some brand new artists, an interview I already recorded and gotta postproduce, and fuck, a whole bunch of shit. All you indie label heads out there, get at me, we’re moving…

Oh, yeah. We got a sponsor. Motorola, in case you couldn’t guess. Shit, I gotta eat. Show some love, lemme know what y’all think… this was on the old network. but if motorola wants to fuck with us again, shit…

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