As most of you are aware, patient I get so much music on a daily basis that it’s not possible to put even a tenth of it into a show. Thus, anemia a lot of good shit never ends up getting out, due to a combination of my tendency to sit on joints until I feel like it’s ready and my ADHD kicking in and me getting bored with the stuff I was going to put out. It’s not an easy life, trust me.

So with that said, I’ve tried to put some of the joints that really caught my attention over the last few months on this podcast. Don’t call it “leftovers”, cause it ain’t that, but just because sometimes I just can’t fit a song into a particular episode shouldn’t mean that it never gets out.

Here’s the track list.

Dabrye – Air feat MF Doom. Regardless of what I might have said about that Dangerdoom project, I’m still a Doom fan – and I’ve always liked Dabrye’s shit. If you feel this joint, I’d actually recommend going out and picking up Dabrye’s Two/Three – it was a long time in the making and there are at least five joints that spent forever in my Volvo CD player. dabrye.com.

Nicolay – The End Is Near feat Black Spade. I was actually so swamped a few months ago that I never actually got to listen to this record until I was in Hong Kong. I remember the overall record – Here – being sort of hit or miss sometimes, but for the Black Spade joints are definitely worth checking out. Cop up. myspace.com/nicolay.

Justin Timberlake – My Love (Benja Styles remix with Vybz Kartel). I realize that probably most of you have had this song played the fuck out by now, but I really couldn’t let this remix sit any longer. The dude Benja Styles threw a Vybz Kartel verse on top of the original, and for me, there’s really no point listening to the rest of the joint because that’s simply the best part. myspace.com/benjastyles

Diamond D – An Untitled Percee P Joint
Jaylib – The Ruckus

Both of the above joints were shamelessly stolen from the Stones Throw Chrome Children podcast. I actually lifted these when the joint first came out – too bad, they would have fit perfectly in the Nintendo Mixtape. The CD/DVD is out right now though – check out stonesthrow.com for more.

E-40 feat Big Gipp and Big Boi – Ham Sammiches & Coup Devilles. Straight from the source:
On the subject of songs that vaporize into the ether, this, from an interview I did with 40 Water on June 1, 2002, best I can tell, so happy anniversary and shit: “That song right there was a winner. At the time Outkast was going through some type of merge [LaFace/Arista] the same time my album was coming out. Jive neded a response about the licensing, and all I remember was they were saying $50,000, no video, no packaging, no single rights. No disrespect to them, they might not have even known this…”.

It’s a hot joint. Listen to it.

Nas and Lauryn Hill – If I Ruled the World (Wale Oyejide Black Gold Remix). Courtesy of the Shaman Works family, a pretty brilliant remix of the what – ’96? – classic. I’ve got the rest of the Black Gold album, and trust me – the remixes are hot. Wait until you hear the Dead Prez remix.. shamanwork.com.

Aight then – till next week.

10 thoughts on “MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 52

  1. Steve –

    No doubt – as long as people are still feeling em, I’ll keep making em.

  2. sup dex, this is mark, elliots friend (the weird eyetape guy). ive been listening to your shows and this one is on top with the best of them. keep it coming.

  3. brer rabbit – funny that you should mention that. other than saying that if anyone has any music videos that they want to show up in a possible future mixtape show video podcast *cough cough* that they should contact me, i’ma keep my mouth shut.

    feel free to holler at me though if you got ideas tho BR.

    mark – right, the crazy motherfucker from ten-a-key. glad you felt this one – what did you think of elliot’s last joint?

    fuck, speaking of music videos, you should take one of the instrumental episodes and use it as a soundtrack for some experimental film thing. I’m actually sort of serious. holler.

  4. elliots last show was pretty good. if you are kinda serious about using some of your music, id be more than happy to. sounds great.

  5. mark –

    well, it’s not “my” music, but if you all get inspired by one of the joints and put something together and youtube it or something, I’ll post it.

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