And as promised, treat back by popular demand, it’s the Mixtape Show Beat Tape Volume 2. No Juggernaut this time, but plenty of dope instrumentals. Listen:

RZA – Flying Birds. I think this was a secret instrumental on a soundtrack. I mean come on, it’s the RZA. It’s short, but you’ll like it.

Kenny Keys – A Woman’s Gotta Have It. You should recognize this name from the Eulorhythmics interview – the dude is really that ridiculous. This joint in particular stayed in my mp3 player for a miiiinute. myspace.com/kennykeys1987

Jay Dee - A Man’s World Flip. This one didn’t make it into Episode 28, but I had to get it out there. I’m not sure if this one was ever officially released – I don’ t think it was – so ignore the title I gave it. jdilla.org

Suburb – selection from the fall tape. If you weren’t aware, the man Suburb is my favorite beatmaker at the moment – which, given my impeccable taste in music, should really say something. If you don’t feel this joint right here, you don’t have a soul. myspace.com/suhburb

Kenny Keys – F Minor. An interlude before we switch up the tempo a bit…myspace.com/kennykeys1987

Mathematics – Track 1. Yes, Mathematics of Wu-Tang Clan fame. I’m actually not sure what this track is supposed to be called. It’s the first track on his “Soul of a Man” release – shouts to the people at Nature Sounds for getting/clearing this one for me, forever ago.nature-sounds.net

Count Bass-D – All In. This joint is from the Beatology Vol. 1+2 record that J.R. sent me what, months ago? I unfortunately couldn’t find a copy of “Mister Magic’s Wand”, so I couldn’t flip that for you all. countbassd.com

Exile – Move On Em. I like this song – and it seems that Ta’raach did too, since he spit over it on his latest album. soundincolor.com Oh PS – Jon, where’s that mix?

Daz-I-Kue – Melon Bounce. Never would have thought somebody would have the nerve to flip some Herbie Hancock, but Daz did it. I like. www.myspace.com/dazikue

Earmint – All City. This came out forever ago (are you noticing a pattern here?), but that’s not going to stop me from letting you all get up on this Earmint dude. He’s also from EV productions – should ring a bell if you remember the Chester Copperpot and MC Longshot interviews – and his debut album – Another Early Evening – was pretty much the business. I’ll probably be dropping another joint in the not so distant future, so keep your ears out for that.evproductions.net

Fat Jon the Ample Soul Physician – You Are. This is an old joint off of Lightweight Heavy. Really the whole album is worth owning, and if you dig this cut, I’d recommend doing some research and finding more of this cat’s work.

Mumbles – unlabeled. I forget how I got this, but I think Jon of SIC sent it to me – any chance of somebody IDing this one for me?soundincolor.com

And that’s it for this week. Again, if you have a moment, be sure to drop a comment to let me (and the artists) know how people are feeling the show, and the material.

7 thoughts on “MIXTAPE EPISODE 53 – BEAT TAPE VOL 2

  1. Dex…..
    You are the dude man!
    Thank’s for the support dude.
    I still hip people to the show….
    It was dope catching you in N.Y.
    I was so beat dude….I was reacting slow to everything, Ha!
    I got plenty more joints…
    I will be hitting you off soon G.

    – Keys

  2. I found your site through Wikipedia’s mixtape reference. DAMN- kid, you’re killing it with your eclectic sounds and indepth webspace!!! I am envious of your technique; I definitely need to step my game up!

  3. Kenny – where them joints you were telling me about? I still got one of those exclusives on deck for a future episode..

    Tech – Appreciated. Feel free to search around – there’s a little over 26 hours of music and counting up here..

  4. Good lord – this is probably my favorite episode yet. The instro’s on this are crazy and that Exile joint is heavy. I am definitely gonna have to look into that Kenny Keys dude too. Thanks for the music – no other way to say it.

  5. leigh – yo, thanks! – if you dug this one, you might like the others in the series. People seem to dig Beat Tape Vol 3.

    And that reminds me – I need to get at Kenny Keys, haven’t heard from him in a minute! I do know that Eulorhythmics is working on a new album, and they’ve got some crazy guest features I won’t mention here..

  6. That RZA cut is off of the Ghost Dog OST, the one that only got released in Japan, not the ‘extra tracks lying around’ LP. You can find it out there among the internets, it’s hot as hell.

    Fresh mixes you got in here, god.

  7. Great work!
    But I got a problem, wonder if you could help me. I´m going 2 preform with the Exile Move On Em beat in 1 week. Only problem is the quality aint that good. Do u have the beat in better quality? If you do i would APPRICIATE if u could send me it, upload it or watever.
    Thanks fam.

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