All the education you need is right here on the Mixtape Show.

Okay, viagra sale maybe not – but I’ll keep the written short and say this – if you don’t get something out of every track on here, unhealthy rewind.


iLLiTe – Intro. Courtesy of CDR. Easily coulda made the First Impressions episode, physician if, you know, it was out back then. New artist to me, but sounds good thus far. Side street it on empty. myspace.com/eyedouble.

Jay Electronica – Exhibit A (Transformations). The early may have heard this a bit earlier this month, but hey, I’m putting in work here and things take time. Not much needs to be said here. myspace.com/jayelect.

Also this might sound sort of weird but something about the way Jay says “Nirvana” strikes me as kinda endearing.

Mr Scruff – After Time. Not necessarily representative of all of dude’s work, but yeah. Short clip. Go dig. myspace.com/mrscruffofficial.

Wu-Tang – I Can’t Go To Sleep feat Isaac Hayes (Live Version). Okay, I get that you invented the crying flow, fam, but serious? A little far maybe? I can’t front though, this one sort of goes hard.

DJ Sprinkles – Midtown 120 Intro. I discovered this earlier this morning. Sort of a counterexample to the intro. This one might change the way you think about house music – which should make you start thinking about hip-hop, considering the family tree. Check the release page here, which includes the words to the track. 日本語訳もあるので、是非チェックしてね。

Jay Electronica – Posers. I’ve been holding onto this forever with the intention of putting it into a different themed episode that I sort of tossed. No information on the vocalist though. Anyone care to fill us in before I start having to write emails?

Saroc – Motorbike. The title won’t make much sense until the end. Sol – who was kind enough to send me this cut direct from the studio last week – on production.

Shaun Boothe – Unauthorized Biography of Bob Marley. Seriously, this is like running through a Wikipedia article set to a beat, in a good way. Maybe if those stupid Multiplication Rap tapes my 2nd grade teacher gave me thinking I’d like it because I was Black were this good, I wouldn’t have gotten that D in Calculus senior year. I’m sort of looking forward to this Muhammad Ali joint. myspace.com/shaunboothe

Madlib – Disco Break. Yes, you’re supposed to learn something from this too. No excuses. myspace.com/madlib

Wiley – I Was Lost. I could never play this one on the radio back home because it had curses in it. Not the end of the world though, because I could still play Pies and Wot Do You Call it, and maybe that is making some of you UK kids roll your eyes but anyone who has the sheer nerve to end six consecutive bars with the words “no girlfriend” instead of thinking of actual rhymes on the first cut of their debut record is okay with me. www.myspace.com/eskiboywiley

e.s.t – Still (Radio Edit). In lieu of an outro, I guess. Shouts to Giant Step for the hookup.

Jay Electronica – Exhibit A (Transformations) – Final Version. Or at least that’s what it says on the tin. This sort of adds another level to the first mix, with more audio tweaking (but still a little reserved compared to old episode 82) but I like both, so here you go. Dig the outro.

Oh, also, supercali, there is a section in here that I absolutely expect you to identify.

Pencils down, put your answer sheet inside your test booklet, and pass your packets forward and to the left.


  1. Ok.. That whole mixtape was pretty amazing.. Again, Jimmy Edgar comes up when I heard that DJ Sprinkles cut. Is there anywhere I can get that outro beat and that final Electronica cut.

  2. U – yeah, I see where you’re coming from there – still have yet to really listen to much more of JE. I gotta dig up the link for the e.s.t, but the Electronica cut…you got me, man. By this point it’s probably floating around somewhere?

    Charlie – I don’t know if she has a myspace (she should?) – but if you check out Sol Messiah’s page, there might be some info there. That’s the dude on production who’s been giving me the tracks. I think actually Brothertron has one that I haven’t heard yet, actually.

    Gecko – hahaha did I go somewhere? I know, I know, delays…I’m trying!

  3. Mr. Scruff…..you been reading my mind, although I like Trouser Jazz better than Ninja Tuna

  4. Yo what up Dex and everybody!

    Dex another great episode, i just wanna thank you for putting together great episodes, turning me on to new artist such as jay electronica! my man is the bizz and shaun boothe!! respect for that one.
    I cant stand mainstream garbage aka lil wayne, kanye, and whoever else! anyways anyways sorry for the sidebar there….but that dj sprinkles cut is on point..being a dj that spins house i really thought that was dope of you to throw that track in the mix! also that rasta cut by shaun boothe was bananas!!

    alright my man dex, keep it real
    lookin forward to the next show


    charlie cut

  5. Yo.. Some of that earlier Jay I heard from your casts I wasn’t really into.. But this Transformations is the shit.. My style of hard beats and thought provoking lyrics..

    Good lookin for putting me on that..

    And when ae u going to have anymore 360 game contests? The NBA 2k8 is old now..LOL

  6. I mean, I feel like the urge to educate stems from the reason hip hop came together disenfranchised youth with no voice or control over their environment. So they find an outlet in music. It’s always been a part of rap to tell people how it is and how it should be. I think this education thing is just an extension of that and furthermore, because of the different lifestyles hip hop spans you see people teaching different things. Look at:

    The Recipe ft. Gucci Mane – E-40

    Teaching you how to cook crack, well, I guess that is real if that is your life. It’s what you know. That opens the whole debate of how fake portrayed rapper’s life styles, but you get my point. Other people are just trying to tell you what it’s like. Almost like tat Crooked I song you posted. Running out in the streets in your boxers and blasting off. Let it be known that is how you live your life.

    Maybe I got it all wrong. Yo, Dex, if you get bored and want to explore a new genre I posted a mix tape looking at the development of Stoner Metal: http://badankles.com/?p=39 It’s pretty ok. Keep the podclasses coming, I’m loving it! Peace.

  7. Dex, may we get a pure old school session?

    p.s. not most songs we heard already

    Thank You,

    Stay Up Stay Real Stay Awake

  8. my bad everyone, no internet at the house for a minute…

    Charles – no doubt, sir. Had you heard of DJ Sprinkles before this? Definitely a new name to me – but I’m not a house expert by any stretch. Speaking of which, though – any recommendations?

    Brer – ha, I was starting to wonder if there was a spinoff of Ninja Tune. Trouser Jazz is not a label I’m really up on, though…

    Megatron – really? That joint I put up on ep 82 was just bananas to me. But yeah, he seems to be versatile enough to run over a pretty wide range of beats. Games though…can’t lie, nothing on the immediate horizon, but you never know.

    Carl – an old school session is definitely in the works, but not what you might be expecting…

    Chris – and that debate of real/fake is an important one – and the further away you get from the hood, the more important and twisted (and thus important) it gets. From the ghetto to the suburbs to the Hills and then overseas. You’d be amazed (okay, maybe not) at how many people in Tokyo really, truly believe what is being said on these records.

    I actually touched on this in a presentation I did last week in a seminar at the uni. Talking about rappidy raps in an academic situation is still weird to me.

    But that urge, though – I think you can draw it back further than that, If you want. Slave days, Africa, if you want.

    Lemme check this tape out, though. Stoner Metal. hm.

  9. Oh yeah dex Srpinkles is one of those dudes that puts out good house tracks. I have a few sprinkles dj sets from 05-06 i just dig his old school vibe. another great house cat you should check out is mr fingers…myster of love dub. also mr sprinkles has another cut similar to the one your dropped called brenda’s 20$ delema. i can go on all day about house music….check out one more…the guys name is osunlade and the track is called black man…if you can find it mos def play it on here…its a rare gem. i had it 3 times on cd each one lost or broken whatever the case its a house classic. alright im done if you or anyone else wanna chat about house music hit me up corryw28@gmail.com!!


  10. oh oh shameless plug dex i hope you dont mind….

    my man back in kansas city, he goes by bucho….anyways a few years back my dude put together this series of collective dj sets called “beats for the blunted” well here we are now and he just released the 8th addition to the collective the music on here is so so choice! everything from sade q-tip, les nubians, dj shadow, common, radiohead, craig mack, team sleep….all on one mix…its mad ill check it out at http://www.dilatedgraphics.com/bucho/

    let me know how you guys like it!!!

  11. dex,

    i’m confused why you’re talking about Wu Tang Forever and the summer school quote from Bellz of War when you put Can’t Go to Sleep on the mix.. does he say it again on the W?


  12. koohii – nah, I just meant it as a general sort of quote that’s become part of the hip-hop vocabulary. I almost didn’t put a Wu song on here!

    charles – yeah, I heard bits of the $20 dillema (check that link above) joint. I got a friend coming through in a couple weeks who wants to do some record shopping out here (I haven’t been to any of the local shops in a minute), and I wouldn’t be surprised if I find it out here. You’d be sort of shocked to see what crazy records can be floating around in Tokyo. As soon as my connection decides it wants to speed up, I’m gonna check out that mix, though – good looking out.

  13. I know this is late but for the song Posers by J-Elec, the vocals come from a band called The New Royales. Found out that on YouTube. Check them out sometime.

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