Here’s Johnny? This is sort of a weird story and I’m not sure if it makes any sense the way I’m telling it, sick but yeah. This happened, and is still happening.


Fusion Unltd – The Sun feat Little Brother, Nickelus F, Hall of Fame, and Skillz. A producer that is sort of new to me. Lyrics ain’t bad either – “When I write I’m enlightening myself”? That’s sort of profound. myspace.com/fusionunltdfup

H.O.P.E – Can’t Knock the Hustle II feat Raquel Rodriguez. The vocals are kinda on the edge of contributing and taking away from the cut, but overall I dig. myspace.com/f2dhope.

Caltroit – Goatit feat Elzhi and Bishop Lamont. Off that recent Black Milk mixtape. This dude is sort of dope on the production. And come on, “raise your hands and see stars like King Hippo”? I hope I’m not the only one here who caught that. myspace.com/blackmk.

Jim Jones, Noe, and Tom Gist – Christmas Eve. Aside from dude feeling the need to do adlibs at the end of every bar, this is sort of a great song. myspace.com/jimjones

Rhymefest – Breakadawn feat Daniel Merriweather and alpha. I’ve dropped one cut from this tape before, but this is seriously a genius project. Don’t miss the skits. myspace.com/rhymefest.

Wurd Munchaz – Shakespeare. This is actually one of my favorite groups. If you don’t get the reference, I don’t know. You don’t spend enough time on the internet. myspace.com/wurdmunchaz

Okay, here:

original: marriedtothesea
I mean, come on. A rap song based on an internet joke? What’s next?

Cassius Clay – I Am The Greatest. Yes, as in Muhammad Ali. I checked the latest Shaun Boothe Unauthorized Biography joint (you heard the Bob Marley joint here last episode), and he referenced Ali’s recording career. Apparently people have referred to his stuff as some of the first battle raps – and really, listening to this, I can’t disagree.

John Robinson – Don King. Shouts to JR for linking this one up – been a minute since we’ve had some of his material on the show. If we spin Ali, it’s only fair to spin something about Don King, right? Info about his latest project here: myspace.com/thejohnrobinsonproject.

The Thunderclaps – Judgement Day (short preview edit). Shouts to Charlee for hooking me up with this joint forever ago. I have the long edit, but for some reason I dig the quick pace of this one. myspace.com/thunderclapsmusic.

Black Milk – Purple Track 3
Illa J – DFTF
RJD2 – Unlimited
Scarface – In Cold Blood

So yeah. Go out and do something nice for one of your friends, or for somebody you don’t know.

20 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 115 – DO GOOD THINGS

  1. safe man
    amazing what can be discovered using tags :D

    funny story mate though aren’t you being framed as a slut??

  2. hot fiyah! Dylan would be proud.

    strong set top to bottom but isn’t that always the case?

    Merry Chrismakwanzaakuh to you and yours Dex.

  3. lolo – eh – I hadn’t thought of it like that, really. I think I come across as more of a really friendly, informative distributor of information and, uh, tools, to make people’s sex lives safer.

    mamiko – shut up

    Rbeezy – thanks fam. And what’s a Jesus phone? iPhone?

  4. Happy Holidays Home boy!!
    What you got for us in the new year Dex???
    How bout sum shirts dude?? I’d sport one!

  5. brer – uh…new episodes? As much as having a mixtape show shirt would feed my own ego, I’d need, like, a logo or something.

    and US audience? What happened to special Japan-only bonuses?

  6. yo dex! i’ve been listening to a lot of the older episodes lately and i noticed that once in a while you toss in a little electronica is that something to look forward to in future episode i.e. soultronica 6 (hint hint) and yo! whats crackin with a t-shirt!! do you sell M.T.S. shirts??

  7. That song who’s johnny keeps popping up in my head im so glad I got this iPod touch I can now play catch up. Have a good 09

  8. so I’m stuupid late on this, but such is life. Bangin show once again. A few questions though… Why haven’t you shared this “johnny” pic? And do you resemble one of the villiage people?..or is this less gay than in my mind?

  9. Yooooo DEX!!!! Fam I haven’t posted in alonggggg min but I have been up on the shows. Yoo thanx for that Stanza track and the link to the album a few shows back ( He’s a beast and his production is nice). I thought I was like the only one who saw that link in Black Milk’s blog for FREE UNUSED MUSIC. The purple tracks are sick. Yooo where can I find that Fusion Unltd? Its pretty dope and when it comes to finding any music with Little Brother I’m like a crack head lol. But fam, Happy extra belated holidays, I hope ur enjoyin ur time across the globe. Well maybe not that far from Cali.. I know its extra far from Jersey. But get back at me bro. Peace…

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