What’s hood, unhealthy internet? Well, as if you couldn’t guess by the big fucking L , this is volume 2 of the Grand Larceny Radio Show, right here on the most known unknown hip-hop podcast ever, the mixtape show.

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[DOWNLOAD the hi-quality mp3s here: part 1 || part 2 ]

For the uninitiated, the mixtape show has a partnership with Larceny Entertainment that lets yall get in on this Grand Larceny Radio show shit. TK and Breezy pretty much got the movement that is the New West sewed up, and I personally got the internet goin nuts. So when you put that together with the toughest fucking rap podcast this side of New Zealand, you get what you’re about to listen to. Here’s the tracklist for you suckers:

Young Hootie and J Boy – OT Work
El Dorado Red – Murdered
Coolwadda – La, La
AB feat. 50 Cent – Infrared
Flatlinerz – Watts Stomp
Mr Town – The Town (Ay)
Balance and Keak da Sneak – What Up
Big Wy and Young Breezy – I want In
Young Hootie and TJ Santana – Easy Come
Black TK – 86 Crack(It’s Back)
XL Middleton – Zoom Zoom

So if you’re up on your West Coast LA/Bay type shit, you should recognize at least a good majority of the names in here. AB comes through with some shit and brings the relatively unknown 50 Cent with him on the hook, Mr. Town comes back with some more shit, Breez drops the first bars with Wy – I’d heard about this but hadn’t heard it yet. El Dorado is up in there, and I just heard (as will you when you download the joint) that he’s making moves with Universal…congratulations on that El Dog – we’ll link up for that damn interview at some point. Hootie’s joint with TJ Santana is probably the most radio-unfriendly song I’ve heard him on, but that’s what the internet is for. And then TK comes at us with some shit that you really probably aren’t equipped to understand, and XL!! what’s up mang!

And of course, Balance and Keak da Sneak, Coolwadda, Flatlinerz, shit, why are you still reading? If you’re trying to stay up on this West Coast street shit, you really need to go download this thing.

I’ve included the high fidelity versions here as downloads. You can listen to the version above in the browser all day long, but if you want a more high quality file, download these and use them in your mp3 player and whatnot.

[DOWNLOAD the hi-quality mp3s here: part 1 || part 2 ]

And if this West Coast gangster shit ain’t your personal styrofoam cup of sizzurp, check out the archives.

Oh yeah, and for the latecomers you can grab volume 1 of GLR right here : (volume 1 part 1 and part 2
Use the link below to subscribe and never miss an episode of the mixtape show. It’s free, bastards:

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3 thoughts on “MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 19 and 20 GLR 2

  1. Get a Bar!!!
    This is what the New West is about. This is the most offical place to cop The New West Shit and you can put that on the L.
    Black T.K. Get a Racket because I got mine!!!
    Prince of the Bity In Stores Now
    Eastside 2 Westside Comin Soon
    L.A. Hustler’s Manual’s 1&2 Loaded and ready
    Free J Boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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