So for this one, cardiologist most of the commentary is in the episode. Thusly, infection I’ll keep the commentary short.

The Fibonacci sequence, or the Mātrāmeru , refers to a sequence in which the given number is the sum of its two preceding numbers; e.g. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, etc. So this episode is in such a sequence:

0 Tracks
by P Diddy. Duh.

1 Track:
Suburb – The Main Ingredient flip. Some day this kid will finish his album. Until then, I’ll continue digging in the archives of stuff he probably doesn’t even remember sending me.

1 Track:
UGK – Use Me Up. Rest in peace, Pimp C. This was not good news at all.

2 Tracks:
Jay Electronica – A Prayer for Michael Vick & T.I. (We Love You Family). (Prod. J Dilla). Brilliant. Surreal.
Jay Electronica – Dimethyltryptamine. Surreal. Brilliant.


3 Tracks:
Percee P – Lung Collapsing Lyrics feat Pharoahe Monch. This cut is just too much.
Percee P – Yes, You May feat A.G. and Lord Finesse. The internal rhymes before anyone even knew what that was. I’m not sure why anyone would choose to dispose of those that chose to go to their shows, but if he says it, I believe it. Shouts to Percee. I hear he has a new record out.
Percee P – 1991 Freestyle feat Lord Search. The beatboxing on here is just comedy, but if you actually listen past that, you’ll hear the lyrical mastery.

Interludes by: Kenny Keys. (first one is called “Cut”, second is called “Tight Rope”, third is called “Bump”). Good to hear from you again, Ken.

This was a good episode for lyrics, wasn’t it?

ps – here’s the link for the Mixtape Show Hip-hop podcast facebook page. You should join it, giveaways popping off very soon…

33 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 96 – FIBONACCI

  1. rip pimp c

    can’t wait to listen to this. looks like it will have excellent blunt potential as well.

  2. sad news. R.I.P to the best from Tex.
    Damn you and your college education. Great ep though

  3. no offense taking ..i have been playing that part with my name on it three times im semi famous..yay..you can check me out on myspace.com/talat1..haha just kidding..but rip to pimp c ..and hopefully a speedy recovery for spice 1 he was hit in the chin and the chest ..but no were near the heart..

  4. SC – let us know how that goes, especially with Jay Electronica…jeez. My friend was putting me up on DMT earlier. There is a video out there for this one as well, which I’m hoping to get a high quality version of…

    sara – wikipedia is a beautiful thing.

    Talat1 – haha! yeah, my damn Sidekick 2 (brick status…backlight broken, keys falling off, whole 9) battery died on me during the day, so I didn’t get all the calls and emails when it happened. I came home, fired up the computer, and saw that comment.

    On Spice 1 though…damn. Good to hear he’s at least stable. Too many talented brothers are leaving us early.

  5. My favorite Pimp C track is “Havin’ Thangs” of that Pimpalation cd

    Off the subject, I found this blog & whoever put this up must be sitting in the sauna cause the whole page is nothing but heat, sulfur & brimstone. I just wanna put my hand through the stove. Rapidshare-paypal, wtf?!


  6. first off R.I.P Pimp C im from houston texas so dat hit me hard dude was only 33 too early but when its ure time its ure time R.I.P Texas Legends secon JAY ELECTRONICA IS FUNKY straight up caring heat like the human body…. mixtape show is dope main preciate it very much o yea SCREW TAPE VOL 2 cumon u goota do it for ure screwston fans and if u can find a real screw tape not o dude no offense but its no screw tape unless screw is actually on it if he is not its just slowed down o yea dont forget da peace


  7. Feelin this episode. A lil math history ain’t gonna hurt nobody. Lookin forward for more episodes just like this.

  8. Derek – I’m willing to entertain that possibility as well. Maybe a plant from another dimension’s government. That works for me.

    Austin – I actually spoke to some people at the screw shop like a year ago about doing something like that, but it didn’t ever work out. And I feel you on the name of it – had to use that Screw name so people knew where to look to dig up more on the legacy. I’m not sure if DJ Propane Pip will be back anytime soon, but I am down for another screw tape ep… stay in tune.

  9. 欧旭 – shut up

    Iain and EJ – Yeah, I’m thinking next time it could be the politics of neuroscience, or maybe an overview of the Colgate-Palmolive corporation’s difficulties in the global market from a post-feminist perspective. I’ll take suggestions though.

  10. Easy, Dex….

    Wicked idea for a show theme…loving it (even if maths isn’t my strong point)….it was my “dealing with the journey to work” soundtrack today…


    Jay Electronica….well, it was wicked to hear in stereo about about a hundred miles an hour, in the dark, at 6am! – Keep it comin’ …wicked stuff

    Pimp C – R.I.P – too soon….Strength to Spice 1

    Good to hear some Percee P….and, Suburb, as always…

    good work…


  11. big R.I.P. to the Underground King of the SLAB >> Pimp C. Great Show Dex. I’m new to Percee P, but I’m now a fan. You’re four eps away from 100 man…what should we expect? I’ll be waiting…I know we don’t do sport in here, but for all intensive purposes and my location…GO BUCKS!!

  12. M – speaking of easy, easy on the gas pedal there on the way to work! One of these days I’m gonna hit you with a crazy skit or something and send people spinning out of control. If I hear about a 16 car pileup in London, I’ll know who to blame.

    bh – HAHA! figures you’d like this one.

    Brer – and I still have yet to actually watch that film.

    Tray – Sport is cool with me, man. My new thing is rugby and capoeira, not necessarily in that order though. Episode 100 – hell if I know.

  13. hmm..think i may write about me on wikipedia cause i’m cool like that =/. rugby?..not so much capoeira though, niiiice! bet you couldn’t do a kart wheel! (er however you spell that)
    from tampa myself, but arent they loosin this year, again?
    Dexterr, where the hells the new ep? we have nothing without you. i think for the 100th you should sing itsy bitsy spider over suHburb beats. smoke to that. be good

  14. No worries Dex, safety first, as always….(Though, to be fair to you, my driving is somewhat off-key at the best of times!)

    (There was no M-mobile used, or people injured, in my particular speed excursion mentioned above…For once, I was actually traveling on a train, and one that went more than 20mph, which is a rarity in this country!)

    I fully support Sara’s idea…the thought of you singing itsy-bitsy-spider over some Suburb beats for the centenary episode is phenomenal!!

    In fact, why not bring on a whole Dex karaoke/ freestyle edition to all of us in webland?? hahahaha

    Be good

    M (keeping within all national vehicle speed limits, most of the time)

  15. omg i love you¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

    pop poop ÑD ÑDÑDÑDÑDÑDÑ


  16. d-i-d-d-y son, diddy.

    forbes 2006 what

    1. Jay-Z – $34 million
    2. 50 Cent – $32 million
    3. Diddy – $28 million
    4. Timbaland – $21 million
    5. Dr. Dre – $20 million
    6. Eminem – $18 million
    7. Snoop Dogg – $17 million
    8. Kanye West – $17 million
    9. Pharrell Williams – $17 million
    10. Scott Storch – $17 million
    11. Ludacris – $16 million
    12. T.I. – $16 million
    13. OutKast – $14 million
    14. Lil Jon – $14 million
    15. Ice Cube – $13 million
    16. Jermaine Dupri – $12 million
    17. Swizz Beatz – $12 million
    18. Chamillionaire – $11 million
    19. The Game – $11 million
    20. Yung Joc – $10 million

  17. hey you said ouxu in chinese in here lol. and then you said: shut up..hmm. what does that mean.. mattie?

    say o.u.x.u son, ouxu

    forbes 2011 what

  18. AHHH this is a cool mix hea…..now where can i find music by j-electronca? brotherman is nice on the mic

  19. Oux – I’m not hating on Diddy. He made some neat stuff.

    Suburb – just because I let you hear the sneak preview of the Episode 100 Soulja Boy Spectacular doesn’t mean you get to come on the board and start gloating.

    Talat – Yeah, I actually got the email on the proceedings before the funeral happened and was kinda concerned as to how opening this up would go off – but looks like it was all peace. I forget sometimes that not everywhere is California.

    Cham coulda taken off his damn do-rag though.

    No idea on that chorus…

  20. What about an alphabet edition followup:

    Saigon feat. Kool G Rap – Letter P

    Papoose – Alphabetical Slaughter

    Lil wayne – Alphabet Bitches

    Blackalicious – Alphabet Aerobics

    Et cetera…

  21. I was thinking about your history lesson…

    What if, in 500 years, the Beastie Boys are credited with creating hip-hop?

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