Oh, ascariasis my.

Once again, I have to give full credit to Mick Boogie, Busta Rhymes, and of course J Dilla. This is a distilled version – my favorite tracks – from the just-dropped Dillagence mixtape. All joints are brand new. This is just stupid good. Stop reading right now and listen. If you want the full version, grab it at mick’s site - though the servers there seem to be struggling with the traffic (part of the reason I did this ep).

You’re gonna dig this one.


Busta Rhymes – Dillagence.

Busta Rhymes – Takin’ What’s Mine. And yes, you’ve heard this beat on this show before, but I just had to do this one again. Stealing somebody’s lunch, their lunch money, and then making them buy their lunch back from you? That’s horrible. Did I say Busta wasn’t funny anymore? I take it back.

Busta Rhymes – Step Up. This beat is just ridiculous.

Busta Rhymes – Words from Ma Dukes. Dilla’s moms speaks to the people.

Busta Rhymes, Q-Tip, and Talib Kweli – Lightworks. One-upping the version on the 2K8 soundtrack. I remember my first time at the Do-Over and seeing people just go bananas to this song. Not this song, actually, just the instrumental. Like 1:30 of the Lightworks instrumental off of Donuts, and just wow. I was absolutely blown away.

Busta Rhymes and Rah Digga – Best That Ever Did It. RD is just crazy on this track. References to Portishead, Benzino, Eminiem’s drug habit all in the same verse? Busta’s just a given here.

Busta Rhymes and M.O.P. – Classic. Dig what he says at the end about Dilla’s production and EQing, which is something I’ve heard a lot. For those who this doesn’t seem like a big deal to, talk to anyone who’s ever been on deadline for an album and the studio lost the Protools files. Not fun.

Busta Rhymes and Rah Digga – The Range. As much as I loved that Plastic Cups remix (anyone who came to my last house party knows that one took on special significance!), this one is really just that dope. I have apparently been sleeping on Rah Digga:

That’s why I go to the range
I see some rednecks with shit I can’t even name
Saying to myself I better do it the same
Revolution coming, shit it already came
They called it a hurricane
That’s why I go to the range…

Damn. DAMN.

Busta Rhymes and Rah Digga – Not Right Now. Beat on this one is ridiculous. That “not right now” hook is alternately cool and hilarious.

Busta Rhymes, Cassidy, Papoose – Psycho. Somehow this makes me think of Cypress Hill. Cassidy has some pretty ridiculous lines on there, but Papoose with that “I’m the new era like a mistake on your computer”, and the “www” lines is just too much. And you know what, I miss Cassidy.

Busta Rhymes – Dillagence Outro. The end of this is absolutely priceless. I won’t ruin it for you.

That’s it. If you want the full version – go get it, there’s plenty on there that wouldn’t fit here.

20 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 95 – DILLAGENCE

  1. Got “Best That Ever Did It” on rotation & was feeling the hook on that outro– knotch-rat-now

  2. “take sum responsibility nigga!” -Anti-American Graffiti R.I.P Jay Dee
    comix are comin’ had a fire at my apartment couple weeks ago
    lovin’ the vidcasts

    haven’t forgot ya bro


  3. everyone – thanks for the thanks – again, the whole thing is up here unless it’s died again. Respect to the creators and originators of this.

    Brer – Whoa, fam, you all right? I mean, you’re clearly alive, but everyone else healthy and well? Good to hear from you – take your time with those comics, no worries.

  4. damn. i knew you had an angle when you broke out the old school vids. digga’s berzerk on that range cut. i miss cas too.. he’s makin money off his drink and his 2-step.

  5. Hey!! Only found out about the mixtape show recently (thanx 2 Jairzinho!! LOL!!) Lovin the mixtapes so far! Enjoyed this one as I’m a big Busta Rhymes fan!! Lovin the J Dilla beats 2!! Thanx!!

  6. Dex, this is one of the BEST podcasts around keep up the good work. I got the Stones Throw tour coming to my city next Tues (Dec 4th) I cant wait to see the Beat Konducta and the rest of the crew @ work its gonna be ill. Peace!!!!

  7. sara – yeah! Didn’t know if anyone would catch that. I’ve been playing a lot of these on repeat. These joints are just too good.

    Lady Capri – keep coming back, I got plenty more stuff where this came from! Do I know this Jairzinho cat?

    Jeb37 – wow, thanks for the kind words. And I missed the Stones Throw show when it was in my city (still kicking myself for that). Make sure to attend and pour some out for me. I’ve never seen Madlib perform, but it should be dope.

  8. Hey Dex Digital!!!

    Jairzinho is a friend of mine, but is very up 2 date on the hip hop scene!!

    He requested if u could do a best of Nas mixtape! do u think u could do that?? Pleeeaaassseee!!!!

    Anyway, lookin forward 2 the next mixtape!!!


  9. what a solid solid mix, thanks for this


  10. Yeah, ya boy Spice 1 got bucked in his own lab– think he took a head shot but I ain’t sure. Heard he laid out in ICU now

  11. much appreciation comin outta london uk

    dex u keep delivering me with that audio brain food.. ive gone from starving to loosening my belt!

    keep doin what u clearly do so well

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