You know what, valeologist I know you’re busy. But you’re not too busy to listen to my show. If you really care about me, valeologist you’ll listen to my show.

Today’s jawn is for busy people. Each track is below 2 minutes, medications no exceptions. I even included times, so in case you hate a particular track you know how long you have to suffer until the next one. But you won’t, because you like my show, and you like me.

Listen on the train, in the car, on your coffee break, in the bathroom while you’re ditching class/meetings.

I even made the tracklist all short, in case you’re too busy to read.


Jadakiss – Look In Your Eyes Freestyle. [1:18] Shouts to Gavin. m/jadakiss.
Sin Sizzerb – Preme Diesel Freestyle. [1:17] “Kill you for a dollar / I’m from Serbia holla” I’m pretty sure that’s not representative of Serbians in general. I hope. m/sizzerbsin.
Moka Only – How Little Do You Know. [1:53] Been meaning to put this on forever. m/mokafansite
Lushlife – Meridian Sound [Part Two]. [1:28] m/lushlifemedia
The Five Corners Quartet – Interlope II. [0:53] m/thefivecornersquintet
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Before Long. [1:24]
Guilty Simpson – Pigs. [1:49] m/guiltysimpson.
Platinum Pied Pipers – The Pees feat Ta’Raach. [1:32] Philander philosophy – if you’re paying. m/ppprnb.
MF Doom – Sniper Elite. [1:59]
Jay Electronica – Spark ‘Em Up. [1:34]
Bash Bros & Afro Classics – World Still Burnz. [1:26] m/afroclassicsmusic.
Ghostface Killah – Crooklyn Dodgin (off a DJ Dub mixtape). [1:15]
Uncut Raw – Imwityou. [1:35] Shouts to Max. m/uncutraw42.
Suhburb – Beat#2 from First Tape of Fall Part 2. [1:50 or something] Suhburb, I’m still waiting for my episode.

you’re also not too busy to leave a comment and lemme know what you think. holler.

15 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 127 – RAP FOR BUSY PEOPLE

  1. Geez Dex i’m busy but not that busy! No outro statement? Seems like Dilla’s doughnuts are getting around hardcore, I like that Yancey Boys album that came out last year from his little bro. I dunno what to say about dat $1 Sin Sizzerb statement but, I’d stay away from dat dude if he was starving. you know me kid i think all ur eps are awesome. Bring back Suhburb!

  2. captain – hey man, responsibility is a good motivator. Gotta get a better pace up…

    Brer – haha! Yeah, I was gonna say something on the end, but just decided to let Suhburb’s beat ride out.

    I’m still trying to get dude to get me new material. Unfortunately he keeps telling me he has “a life” and needs to make “money” in order to “buy food”, but I don’t really see what the big deal is.

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  4. whoa, good looks on the link. Can’t say much about a full mix, but this does give me some ideas. That Me and the Devil cut is dope.

  5. Ryuichi Sakamoto–nice range. There was a remix of his classic “Merry Christmas…” by an obscure producer which appeared on a Middle Eastern-jazz-electro compilation “Silkr Road Cafe” distributed at Barnes and Noble. I have nothing to do with them and sincerely think it would be worth your listen, if you haven’t already. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtK_hUAqMIs

  6. Natalie – wow, that is sort of surprising that it’s not on there. Was this album not that popular?

    Nathan – whoa – I was actually just telling someone about the Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence film the other day. Where did you find this cut – just randomly in the bookstore? This is pretty dope, thanks for the link.

    KARIIIIII – what’s good? I had no idea you listened to the show. did you end up getting anything done?

  7. Just got an i-pod and just discovered this podcast… and glad I did. Put simply, its amazing! Great list but the one track that blew me away was the Suhburb. Just something else man. And I have been looking for it everywhere!

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