Okay, phlebologist now I said this in the intro of the show itself, visit web but just in case – you’re going to have to listen to part one, or this episode is going to make absolutely no sense.

This is a continuation of Level 1 in the Gold Cartridge saga. As you’ll remember, our hero managed to scrape through Level 1 with two lives left – will he make it to the end of this world? How long is this game, anyway? What’s with the weird Department of Defense references? And is it just me or is the amount of video game themed tracks increasing exponentially recently?

Some of these answers and more – all in today’s episode.


introlude: an unnamed beat from Flying Lotus. I got this from him forever ago and have a feeling it’s since seen an official release, but don’t know what it’s called. Any ideas?
Jurassic Park – Level 1 theme music (NES)

World 2-1

Random – Intro (Epilogue). While this record is sort of hit-and-miss for me, anyone with the nerve to put together an entire concept album on Mega Man earns respect from me. m/random215.

Random – Robot City feat YTCracker [short edit]. I actually got put up on YTC by someone who listened to the original Nintendo Mixtape forever ago, and I can’t lie, he’s not bad. There is an entire genre of this ‘nerdrap’ stuff, and most of it is unfortunately pretty terrible – but YTC is both an originator in the field and actually has flows. Dig the upper middle class whining about ‘posers’ – classic.

Harmonic313 – From The D feat Guilty Simpson. Really, really old cut, but still goes hard. harmonic313.com.

Theme from Werewolf (NES)
Theme from when you turn into a bunny in the Dark World on Legend of Zelda 3 (SNES)

World 2-2

Clipse – Virginia (Team Teamwork Lost Woods Remix). This cut is seriously just too hard. Shouts to nxt for linking me on this. Concept, execution – brilliant. teamteamwork.bandcamp.com.

D-Lo – Coppers feat Sleepy. Okay, so first this beat just really slaps hard. Things are fine left at that, but add on top of that the fact that this is a sample of the first three seconds of Metroid. Oddly enough, a Japanese rapper, Big J.O.E. used this same sample earlier, but this song totally sons that one, no question. Metroid, though. Did anyone ever even beat that game? m/mrnohoe

Airborn Audio – Now I Lay Me Down. Probably better known as two thirds (H. Prizm and M Sayid) of Antipop Consortium. They only put out one record, and I think it really went over people’s heads, which is unfortunate because this really was sort of a dope album. Note the potential ambiguous Final Fantasy loop – which is probably actually just wishful thinking on my part. m/airbornaudio.

People Under The Stairs – Gamin’ On Ya. This song is totally ridiculous – first, the samples they’re running predate anything else on here by at least five years – and then there’s got to be at least one game reference in every single bar, many of which I’ve never even played. That Karnov reference is ridiculous. m/peopleunderthestairs

Ghostface – Computer Love Remix. This cut is really old, you’ve probably all heard it, and there’s really not much to say here except that I know you’re glad I put it in anyway.

Animal Style – Living Distance. Shouts to Aaron for the heads up on this one. m/animalstyle.

…and that’s what it is this time around. holler at a scholar.


  1. yeah man! Now if only I can get back to some of these other series that need seeing to…

  2. Citizen Dex – if I can be so bold, I think you left us hanging with the last brother-tron episode. I seem to remember a range of unresolved problems, including a severely stoned mothership that had me deeply concerned for our future friends from Planet New Africa. If you’re going to do a story episode, that’s my vote.
    Your friend,
    Captain Australia

  3. Captain – yeah, I definitely do need to get back to that one…that is definitely next on the list.

    Brer – no doubt – who knows, I might actually get one extra out before the end of the year – if not, see you in 2010!

    elliot with one t – wait, what? you mean the new widget with the tracklist?

  4. Happy new year Dex!
    Great podcast, thanks!
    Especially loved the Mark Pritchard and Clipse.
    Now I’m not a big gamer, but your podcast/blog reminded me of listening to the HudMo, Butter album last year, there’s gotta be some computer game sounds on there. Respect for playing Rising 5 a while back. And have you tried the game on Flying Lotus’ site? I’m not gonna tell anyone my score!
    Keep doing the shows. Always enjoy them.
    Oli, Madrid.
    P.S. Made a mix of (mainly) 09 stuff you might like, this NYE.


  5. Oli – good looks! I had no idea about that game – I tried it a couple times and it didn’t go out so well, I keep respawning right in front of the asteroids…

  6. whoa. good. looking. out.

    you involved with the effort, or just a friendly listener?

    (if the latter, holler at a scholar)

  7. Citizen Dex
    I’m sure you’re tremendously busy teaching the Japanese all about hip-hop, but you have a duty to your loyal fans.
    What happened to Brother-tron & our friends from Planet New Africa. Are they dead ?? (or as we say in Australia, ‘cactus fuctus’ – dont ask me why)
    Your friend,
    Captain Australia

  8. Also I as a video game head I dig the title but OMG the joint is &%$@ing crazy. prefect mix tape. I have to put my team on this joint. Real fire, keep ‘em coming.

  9. Captain – nah, as far as I know they’re still okay. Cactus fuctus? wow. I can’t even imagine how that slang came about. Actually I’m sort of worried about where it came from now and sort of don’t want to know.

    Soultronica soon though.

    J Rocwell – haha! it’s all about the gold cartridge. forget the team, put the whole league on!

  10. loved both parts 1 & 2, good concept…
    You outdid yourself bruh!!!
    However you missed the perfect ending:

    “Game Over ”
    Featuring Heltah Skeltah, Das EFX, Glaze NY, P Dap, Substantial, Loose, Agallah, Hakim, Tuffy, Masta Ace & Misery

    still a dope mix though thank you

  11. whoa fam, I wasn’t even aware of that cut! just checked it out on youtube though, good looking out!

  12. oh man this is my shit. computer love was a little outa place sound wise but it’s always good to hear zapp and roger so no worries. the beats from metroid and zelda were the best!!

  13. haha, yeah, I just wanted to throw that computer love in there, can’t lie.

    but yeah, that metroid jam just slaps too hard. It woulda been cool if they’d thrown a Samus reference in there or something, but maybe that’s asking too much.

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