MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 24 – Che Grand interview

MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 24 – Che Grand interview

So if you’ve been paying attention to what’s good on the internets, information pills and more specifically to the mixtape show, viagra dosage you’ll recognize the name: Che Grand. In case you need to refresh your memory, you can go ahead and check out episode 18 to check out his mixtape show debut.

Anyway, after that show dropped, I had more than a few people getting at me requesting more songs and information from dude, so it was only natural that we should link up and get an interview done. In this interview, Che breaks down his background, explains how he changed his name from “Ricochet” to “Che Grand”, talks about his soon-to-be-released EP and his upcoming projects, and makes a pretty thinly veiled threat towards me regarding one of my earlier comments. For the record, Brown Study is not about having sex with white girls. If you want any more information than that, you’ll need to check out the interview yourself.

All instrumentals on the joint are either from his current EP or upcoming projects – so you’re gonna hear some beats on here that you will not be hearing for another few months – at least until Conceptus Opus drops. That’s on some exclusive shit, so you definitely need to get up on this before you get left behind.

Che and company are gonna do big things, so I want y’all to remember that you saw him here first. Shouts go to everyone in Loud Minority involved with the Official Bootleg Import EP project (drops 24th January in iTunes and online stores everywhere!), and obviously to Che himself.

If you need any more info on Che or Loud Minority, check out chegrand.com and loudminoritymusic.com.

Stay tuned, major things happening right here in this spot very soon….

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