MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 25 – Longshot Interview


Episode 25! It’s been a while. I’m glad I have you all in my life.

This episode features MC Longshot, prescription who has been previously featured in mixtape show episode 21. For those of y’all that have been sleeping, dude is from Chicago, and definitely reps his city something fierce.

The reason I hit up Shot for the interview is twofold: First, he’s been building up a lot of buzz in his hometown, and I keep hearing his name come up. Second, I was pretty impressed with his newest release, Civil War Pt. 2, which is “an album…a movie, a mixtape…a movement, man!” ( (c) Longshot 2006).

Seriously though, it’s damn near the hottest thing that has graced my Volvo’s CD deck in a few months, and beats the fuck out of whatever wack shit you you were listening to in 2005. 31 tracks, over 40 artists, and basically a lot of fucking talent, with Longshot to tie it all together.

In this interview, Longshot breaks down his name, his past, the inspiration behind his poetry (he released a book of poetry before he ever released any albums), the politics of his city, and of course, the Civil War pt. 2 mixtape itself. He also gives us an update on the upcoming Coppershot album (which Chess is mastering as you read), which sounds pretty fucking hot (ETA: March/April).

If you’ve heard the record, you know that Longshot gets on some deep type shit from time to time, and that also comes out in the interview. We also talk about the messages behind a lot of his joints, and suffice to say that Shot has a lot of good things to say.

Basically, this is a good interview. Listen to it.

Respect goes to Longshot and Chester Copperpot at EV Productions.

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