And as promised, treat back by popular demand, it’s the Mixtape Show Beat Tape Volume 2. No Juggernaut this time, but plenty of dope instrumentals. Listen:

RZA – Flying Birds. I think this was a secret instrumental on a soundtrack. I mean come on, it’s the RZA. It’s short, but you’ll like it.

Kenny Keys – A Woman’s Gotta Have It. You should recognize this name from the Eulorhythmics interview – the dude is really that ridiculous. This joint in particular stayed in my mp3 player for a miiiinute. myspace.com/kennykeys1987

Jay Dee - A Man’s World Flip. This one didn’t make it into Episode 28, but I had to get it out there. I’m not sure if this one was ever officially released – I don’ t think it was – so ignore the title I gave it. jdilla.org

Suburb – selection from the fall tape. If you weren’t aware, the man Suburb is my favorite beatmaker at the moment – which, given my impeccable taste in music, should really say something. If you don’t feel this joint right here, you don’t have a soul. myspace.com/suhburb

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I don’t think I need to say much about this episode. Happy mothers day to all of you, ask and hopefully at least one or two of you out there become mothers while listening to this episode.
Intro beat – Hold It Sucka by Alf-Alpha. Hot joint. Be on the lookout for more of his material on the upcoming beattape episode. You can hear the full version of this beat on his myspace.People Under The Stairs – Pass the 40. Off their new album, Stepfather. I slept on this record when it came in for a good week and a half, until the dude John told me to actually listen to it. The whole album is full of good tracks (add this to your pool party soundtrack, trust me), but in the end I just had to go with this one, if for no other reason than because there’s a sample of a kid asking to get a swig of the Mickey’s. Check them out at putsonline.co.uk.

PUTS fans take notice – we’ll be having an exclusive (exclusive! newshit newshit newshit) interview with Thes One of People Under the Stairs next week. Any questions you want asked, feel free to get at me with them in the comments section.

Click “more” to see the rest of this week’s playlist and show info.
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MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 25 – Longshot Interview


Episode 25! It’s been a while. I’m glad I have you all in my life.

This episode features MC Longshot, prescription who has been previously featured in mixtape show episode 21. For those of y’all that have been sleeping, dude is from Chicago, and definitely reps his city something fierce.

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Man, prescription y’all already know what this is. Best, hepatitis and longest-running independent rap/hip-hop podcast ever. Episode 21, cop the download and read along!

Leading off this episode is Blaq Poet, who might be best known (?) for his bars in Screwball‘s “F.A.Y.B.A.N.”, a song that I have more than once really fucking wanted to play in its entirety on the radio and dedicate to various B.A.N.s in my life. Incidentally that track was apparently his first collabo with the world-reknowned DJ Premier, who returns to bless this joint with one of his signature minimalist beats. Speaking of the “N” in “F.A.Y.B.A.N.”, why does this francois dude prefer the redneck spelling of the “N” word? That’s not really a good look to me. But the song is good, so check it.. Get at Blaq Poet at yearroundrecords.com..
Blaq Poet – We Gonna Ill.

Milano – Hope You’re Listening
I hope you’re listening to this fucking podcast right now, is what I hope, for your sake. Milano comes through over some rather sick strings and drum programming courtesy of Showbiz. You will like this song. Check out his label at www.beatdownrecordings.com.

Ike fucking Eyes is up on this shit with some majestic horns on the Scram Jones production; and combined with Ike’s typical swagger this made it one of my favorites on his mixtape – so you know I had to get it in here. I’ll be the first to admit I’d been sleeping on dude, but he’s been around. Put it this way – if you’ve heard a Purple City mixtape, you’ve heard his voice. Once we get some time I’m gonna have to hammer out an interview with him and get yall a little perspective, rriiiiiight? “pat myself on the shoulder, good job ike!” Classic. ghettorockstarinc.com..
Ike Eyes – Prince of Kings County.

Respect f/ Smif n Wessun – Crabz
I hope to Allah that some of these names are ringing a fucking bell for you by now. Smif n Wessun grace Respect‘s latest single, which although it may bring up bad memories of what you got from messing around with that boy down the hall during your freshman year of college, is actually aimed at people trying to hate, perpetrate, and otherwise hold you down. You know, like crabs in a bucket. Jokes aside, track is hot…www.beatdownrecordings.com.

What? Wait, is this actually hip-hop, where’s the misogyny? Yes, kids, this is pretty much a fucking love song, and you’re going to sit down and enjoy it. Cesar and Edgar Allen Floe, whose name reminds me that I’m supposed to be typing an English paper up right now, wax romantic on this one. The beat was pretty much what got this one the thumbs up for inclusion into the show. Play this one for your SO before you go out to cheat on her at some club.cesarcomanche.8m.com..
Cesar Comanche feat Edgar Allen Floe – I Miss You.

Longshot feat Jah Safe & Romello Hill- Quitters Anthem
Wait, wouldn’t this song have gone better after “Crabz”? Yes, but I’m purposefully fucking with your mind. Next thing you know I’ll be posting Gwen Stefani songs (I’m actually partially kidding). Seriously though, I’ve been pretty fucking impressed with Longshot’s album, enough so that I’m closing this episode with the closer on his album. If you don’t have it yet, go cop it – and if you aren’t convinced yet, wait for the interview – coming soon.www.evproductions.net.

Special thanks to Chester Copperpot, Ike Eyes, all them boys and girls down at Foundation Media, and all those who support! Stay the fuck tuned!

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