What’s good – this week (ahem), prescription we’ve got an all-southern episode. This might be the first time I’ve done this, but it probably won’t be the last, considering the sheer strength of the movements going on down there. I’m going to be real with you all, I have a hangover. So I’m not going to write much. Enjoy the episode, and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Mojoe – 3rd Coast Anthem. The hook on this one got caught in my head something fierce. They’re gonna get compared to Outkast, but I can think of worse people to be compared to. mojoefamily.com.

Money Waters – Gotta Gar. I’ve had this joint for a miiiiinute. People who’ve been paying attention might remember the So…I… video from the same group that was posted up a while back. I haven’t heard the rest of this album, but revisiting this track now, I feel like I need to catch the rest of this. The way they flip this simple theme is pretty hot – don’t miss the last verse on this one. myspace.com/moneywaters.

Devin The Dude – Lil Girl Gone feat Bun B and Lil Wayne. Devin doesn’t really get the shine that some of these other rappers get, which is too bad because as much as I like Bun B and Lil Wayne, dude is really what makes this song for me. The tragic girl thrown-into-life’s-circumstances shit has been done before, but I’m still feeling it. myspace.com/devinthedude.

Yung Joc – It’s Goin Down (Wale Oyejide remix). HAHAHAHAHA. Man, I’m not sure what Shaman Work is doing with Wale Oyejide’s Black Gold project, but shit is ridiculous. Everyone from Lil Jon to Nas to De La gets re-funked on this thing. I never thought Yung Joc would work over this funky afro-beat shit, but it’s hot. Check out the switches in the middle of the track. Speaking of the Black Gold project, I’m still holding on to one special joint for later…shamanwork.com.

Andre 3000 – Ds remix. Yep, you know this one. Andre kills it, enough said. This is why mixtapes exist.

334 Mobb – Ds remix. This was actually the first version of the song I ever heard, because I was in China when the original came out. Regular listeners of this hip-hop podcast will remember 334 Mobb’s Mixtape Show debut all the way back in episode 22with Alabama Ho. Check the pitched-up choir samples on this one – dark as hell. I’m feeling this one. 334mobb.net

And that’s this episode. Let me know what you think about this one – this isn’t even scratching the surface of what’s going on down in the 3rd coast, so if there’s somebody I need to be hearing, let me know..

6 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 59 – THE SOUTH

  1. Look what you did…nah, but i ran through it just out of curiousity. “Shoot the duce off in the sky and rep all day?” Wow, no gracias. Songs like that fill the radio stations down here 24/7. I feel they condone ignorance. Don’t like Young Joc, but that mix was nice. Was feeling the Andre 3000 Ds remix the most. When he starts to stutter on his flow, sounds like this joint with Pitbull & Dj Ideal on The bottom vol. 4 mixtape called “Fuck the industry”, which is ill by the way. I have to admit, this wasn’t as bad as i imagined.

    Be good.

  2. HUGE SHOUT OUT .. for the southern mix. bout time.. Nahh you be doing ur thang mane.. great mix.. just a lil short but hey quality counts. PEACE AINT JUST A WORD.. LEARN IT, USE IT, BE IT

  3. weird – this southern shit always seems to polarize people like that. Sara, I feel you – every rapper imaginable has jumped on that Ds remix, but I feel like Andre ripped that the best. And “this wasn’t as bad as I imagined?” damn!

    Brer, Stones Throw v Def Jux? I’m thinking that’s a no contest, but maybe I’m being a little unfair…

    Belve10, speaking of length, how are people feeling the average length of these things? I got ADD (self-diagnosed thank you very hey look a butterfly) like crazy so 20-25 minutes is pretty much my aim. Any thoughts, anyone?

    Longer? Shorter, even?

  4. Oh, cuz ur a Cali man? Ooook Dex! All I have to say is EL-P, MURS, and Mr.LIF nuff said!

  5. What?..i said it wasn’t bad. haha. You have the only podcast show that’s stayed in my headphones. That should count for something.

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