Hey, sovaldi sale I think I’m actually on time with this one. There’s no real concept here, stomach aside from the “back to basics” thing, sale which basically means that I’m talking ass and playing random tracks because I like them. Classic.

Also, since I did a lot of talking in the show, I’m going to lay off on the long descriptions for the tracks. Hope you don’t mind. Leave comments, let me know how you felt this one…

Oh yes – I’ve just upped the quality from 96kbps to 160. It’s 2007, kids. The player above is gonna give you lofi, but if you want the hi-fi, you’ll need to download it by clicking the album cover from now on (or just subscribe in iTunes).

shoutouts to truestatiks for the intro beat!

DK – Observing The Night. DK’s all right, man. I like this dude. myspace.com/dk730

RZA – Just A Lil’ Dude feat Q-Tip and Free Murder. I am really feeling this joint. Off the Afro Samurai soundtrack. I have yet to check this show out – anyone out there seen it and can comment on it? afrosamurai.com

Hi-Tek – Let It Go feat Dion. This new Dion cat is kinda nice. I’m not buying this “15 times in a single day”, though. I mean, logistically, that’s just not even fucking feasible. Liar. myspace.com/hitek

Denots – Inolvidable. Better break out your old high school Spanish texts, because these motherfuckers get bilingual on us. This crew is out of Paraguay, and apparently fans of the show, which is always a bonus. myspace.com/bassreflexpy.

Howard Lloyd
– We Did It. I’m not condoning any of the behavior found in this song. It is kinda funny though. cdbaby.com/cd/howardlloyd

4-Ize – Steroids. You might remember this dude from mixtape show 29. 4-Ize is a weird dude. 4ize.com

Nas – Where Are They Now (West Coast Remix) featuring Breeze, Kam, King Tee, Candyman, Threat, Ice T, Sir Mix A Lot, and Conscious Daughters with cuts by DJ Bobcat. Yeah, that’s a long “featuring” list. There’s another couple of these ones, actually, featuring mainly East Coast rappers from both the 80s and 90s – y’all wanna hear those? I got em…

Sniper E - SAS Diss Part 2. I can’t really explain why I like this song. It’s hilarious. Check out the “big ups” on dude’s site for a shoutout to the mixtape show. I actually don’t even know anything about SAS other than that they like to say “Dipset, bitch”. snipere.co.uk.

That’s it for me for this show. Let me know what you thought, and be sure to stay tuned to your favorite hip-hop podcast for more craziness soon soon soon.

Oh, and speaking of that video I was talking about, I am kind of toying with the idea of doing a video podcast. Would you all be interested in seeing something like that? If so, what would you want to see?

16 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 60 – BACK TO BASICS

  1. ayo my man i like what u doin with these tapes there on point.

    keep doin u and i think hiphops heart is beating again

  2. What up Dex. I saw that rap vid you’re talking about, and it’s hilarious( if you losers haven’t and you’re still reading slap yourself, get on it- http://videos.gunitworld.com/133_funeral-music.html ). Afro Samurai is it right now. If you like bloody samurai ish you should check out a movie called Shogun Assasin, it’s ill. No comment on that “we did it” joint… I like Nas “where are they now” ’90s rmx, Spinderella on there, man..classic. On sniper e’s website he says “merrr” (merk), i can’t stop laughing. Anyways, good looks on the shout. That’s whats up. Great show…i like the “i’ma play what the f i want” feel.

  3. Sara – actually, the video I was laughing about more was this one. The 50 joint was actually marginally impressive, while the Cam jumpoff was just funny. I think the best part is when he hops out of the casket, but if you can make it to the halfway point of the video, don’t miss where they call 50 an “INFORMENT” [sic]. I’ve never seen this Shogun Assassin though – you ever seen any of the Zatoichi joints? I guess I do need to go watch this Afro Samurai thing though.

    Brer – yeah, I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for a really really long time – if I can ever get some time, some more hardware. and some videos, I’ll put a pilot out. Stay posted, I’ll keep you all updated on that.

    And yeah, that Nas joint might just be my favorite on here, but that might be because it’s the newest and I haven’t played it out yet.

  4. Woww..Were they in a crackhouse stairway? Good shit. These rap beefs are so laughable. Funny how that pink went out the door for ’07. He took every person off the street to say “Curtis” like they were about to nut, idiots. And look, Cam can cook..maybe he should be a housewife. Something interesting about that “informant” thing though..one of 50′s “friends” in the vid was loading a gun (called a G36) that’s illegal unless it’s plastic or you’re law enforcement. But yeah, i’ve seen Zatoichi, the blind swordsman. It’s actually one of my favorites. If you liked that you’ll dig Shogun assasin.

  5. Apparently I need to step my samurai movie game up. I know some people with Netflix, I think I’ll try to con somebody into renting it.

    And I’m kind of afraid to ask you why you know so much about illegal weapons.

  6. Haha..actually someone pointed that out to me while i was asking what kind of guns they were. I had no clue.

  7. haha.. wooord.. i see you liked that Let it Go joint I put you on to… lol.. tiiiiight…

    peace homie

  8. Denots – Inolvidable. Better break out your old high school Spanish texts, because these motherfuckers get bilingual on us. This crew is out of Paraguay, and apparently fans of the show, which is always a bonus. myspace.com/bassreflexpy

  9. you drop the comments tip at the end of every tape but this time i gotta hit it up.

    that hi tek verse was dope. brings me back to my reflection eternal days


  10. Yo!!! You’re sleepin with that Shogun Assassin ish…That’s just the American chop-shop version of the Lone Wolf And Cub series. If you Netflix…peep game. The tightest 70′s This is where a good chunk of GZA & Wu references are taken from! Zatoichi takes a back seat to Ooogami Itto and Daigoro.

    Dope Ep DeX…lets hear more of those “where are they now” cuts.


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