This round, this we’ve got the inaugural volume of yet another soultronica series – a spinoff of a spinoff, buy if you will – here on the Mixtape Show hip-hop podcast – The New Soul, bronchi starring comrade Black TK. We’re both coming from our own different respective angles on this soultronica movement, but I think you’re going to feel what dude has to say artistically.

Here’s the playlist and commentary courtesy of TK -

Kelis – Trilogy
Platinum Pied Pipers – Shotgun feat Jay Dee (I’m mad at you for getting to this before I did! -dex)
Niri – Fool in Love
Sa Ra Creative Partners – Unreleased
Jay Dee aka J Dilla – Think Twice

all bumps looped and chopped by black t.k. And if you don’t know who they artists are shame on you!!! You listen to commercial radio too much!!

Use your tools!!!

And there it is. As always, feel free to drop comments and let us know how you felt the show as a whole, individual tracks, and so on!


  1. First of all, Soultronica is the only movement nowadays worth checkin’ out in my opinion. Theres alot of crap polluting the radio waves especially down here in DC. So thank God for the internet. Shotgun is my jam! I had that track on Itunes for months now, and I’m a big PPP fan.Gangsta Gangsta! Add some Fourtet or Radio Citizen and I’m a happy man. The Niri track was jammin’ I like the underwater feel of it. SA RA!!!! yea that was freak out with the old school funk soul style. All in All the cast was blazing! With all your connections with underground music you should start a magazine.

  2. i am definitely glad that you dug the program and that we have some supporters in the chocolate city!!! maybe in the future we will get an online mag poppin but for now we are focused on bringin yall that new soul!!
    stay tuned and use your tools….
    black t.k.

  3. Thanks for welcoming TK to the Mixtape Show. The next volume of The New Soul should be coming pretty soon – and a magazine? Damn, I got my hands full with this podcast shit!

  4. dex…
    i have the playlist for the next show laid out. it’s the origins show. it should be pretty interesting to say the least.

  5. People, how about some links to these artist? Some of these picks were hot and I’d like to sow some love to the artist.


  6. Hi there,
    Thanx for a really cool show; nice adding to the soultronica series.
    I’ve never heard “shotgun” before: the bomb! (- and a nice editing of the Cerrone beat, I might add…).
    Again and again: Sa-ra keeps bringin’ the good food to the table! Can’t wait for that track to come out.

    Keep up the good podcast-work!

    Svend, Denmark

  7. So where will the New Soul be hosted? A separate podcast or a part of mixtape show.net? And if its separate, where do I subscribe?

    Im interested in what we define as soultronica though. I kind of got Dexters mixtapes as they all had a unique sound, but I wouldnt have classed Shotgun as soultronica before this podcast. All I know is the shit sounds fresh. But if we say its soul music with electronic vibes, then Dilla been doing that shit since day 1.

    Damn, yall dudes is sleeping on that Triple P album though for real. LOL

  8. Project –

    The New Soul is a new side series of the Mixtape Show, hosted on mixtapeshow.net – so as long as you’re subscribed to the show already, you’ll get the New Soul podcasts as soon as they’re uploaded. The idea behind the two shows is really just to bring two different perspectives on this new art form.

    As far as a definition, I’d really just describe it as the next level, an evolution of progressive Black music, combining real soul music, some of the aesthetics of people like George Clinton, Cameo, (etc) and ~30 years of hip-hop (especially a lot of that early synth and electronic drum programming-driven material) into really some of the most exciting and forward-looking shit I’ve heard in a long time.

    The genre’s too young to start really classifying it and pigeonholing it though.

    And yeah, people need to catch that Triple P album for rilly real though.

  9. Great show, love the laid back “Lookin at the front door” around 16:39, is that all part of Dilla’s Think Twice?? Brilliant whoever mixed that, should be a track all by itself!

  10. Nobody really seems to know what the story with Niri nowadays is, so I can’t point you to a myspace or anything like that – anyone hears different, holler at us..

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