Episode 29 this time of the livest hip-hop podcast ever, page fuck them other joints, sick cause they really just aren’t fucking with the Mixtape Show.

Case in point – who else brings you shit from the UK AND the dirty dirty in one episode? You can count the number of sites on my middle finger, symptoms suckers, cause there’s only one. All kidding aside, I’ve got some pretty out-there and interesting shit for y’all this week. We’re gonna start off with some more straight-ahead hip-hop from across the pond, then jump into some grime, then hit you over the head with some of that suvvin rap shit. Don’t miss the messages section at the end, complete with some more Dilla-inspired beats.

Assaviour and Jehst - Money in the Bank (orig. version). This episode is gonna get crazy, so I thought I’d start y’all off with something that you could handle. Check the production and the hook on this one…instant classic. lowliferecords.co.uk.

Jehst - City of Industry. From the description on the record itself: “One of the first tracks Jehst recorded for Low Life, this perfectly illustrates how he creates atmosphere with music and paints pictures with his words”. Sounds accurate to me. lowliferecords.co.uk. Shouts to Chess for linking these up.

Plan B – Sick 2 Def. I hope to god I don’t lose y’all on this joint. This is the first of two joints you’re gonna hear on this show from the long-awaited Run The Road Pt. 2 compilation. This is probably my favorite joint on the compilation, which is weird because: 1: there are no drums or grimy basslines, meaning it’s not really even (?) grime. And 2: I almost never listen to the song, because it’s fucking difficult to listen to. Trust me – wait until the third verse. If you can sit through that shit without your spine tingling due to the absolutely fucking vivid shit that Plan B is spitting, then you need to go back to Kelly Clarkson.

Kano - Mic Check Remix f/ Demon & Ghetto. Switched it up on you. This is another joint from the Run The Road 2 compilation, but is definitely more in line with what your idea of grime is. And if you don’t even know what grime is yet, then this is probably a pretty good introduction, but you need to start paying attention. If y’all want more of this, I’ll see what I can do. In the meantime though, check the bassline on this joint. By the way, this joint, as well as the one before it, are available on Vice Recordings at runtheroad.com. I see you Ciel

Trillville - Man Up. Oh, come on, haven’t you been reading Fader? Grime + Dirty South shit = Instant win. Seriously, though, I’ve been on that shit since well before whatever trendy-ass blog/magazine/indy rag you’ve been reading/copying/talking about at Cinespace. I like Trillville, and since this isn’t an album cut, I put it here. So there you go. You like, buy the album. trillville.com.

4-Ize – Premium Unleaded f/ Homebwoi and Lil Atlanta. Been sitting on this one for months. More 4-Ize (you’ve heard him here before), and a bit more LA in case you didn’t catch him on the last joint. Really, though, Homebwoi kinda kills it for me in his last few bars during his verse. Ain’t heard of him before this, but I’m gonna check for him in the future, buhleeeeeedat! My favorite track off of the Premium Unleaded mixtape.


Mixtape Show Hotline – Messages.

Looks like I just got (good) one this week, from my man Agallah of Purple City. He ain’t lying, either – the Propane Piff CDs are in the mail right now, and a certain heretofore undetermined amount of you lucky bastards will be getting the opportunity to win one of these CDs through some heretofore undetermined method. They’re dope – I’ve already heard all the tracks. If you’re interested, holler.

Oh yeah – the beats in the background at the end are courtesy of my man Stro the 89th Key of the Procussions. Dude shot me an email a day ago with this shit, and I had to include it. It’s a 5 minute long Dilla tribute mix called “Requiem for Dilla”, and you can cop your own non-talked-over version over at the procussions’ site.

So yeah – that’s what it is. Hit up the mixtape show hotline at (310) – 928 – MTSN to leave drops, freestyles, shoutouts, whatever. Good ones get placed at the end in the brand new messages section – you never know what’s going to happen in that section, mainly because I don’t really even know until I check my messages 5 minutes before posting up the show.

Get at me…

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