So this episode should answer all questions about who I voted for. Let’s cut the typing and do the rundown, click shall we?

(but before I do that – remember that you can embed this episode in your myspace, website like this blog, this site etc! Look above!)


Mobb Deep – Shook Ones (MF Doom Remix). I don’t think I need to say much about this one. The original was great, this one is possibly greater. Doom is just stupid as a producer. Who needs extra drums? Classic. I won’t be mad at you if you rewind just for this one. myspace.com/mfdoom.

Zero 7 – Somersault (Dangermouse Remix feat MF Doom). And Doom shows up as an MC this time. I had a very good friend once that played Zero 7 incessantly whenever I was at her place. I probably know all the songs from their first CD by heart, and I don’t even know what the album cover looks like. One of the odd joints out where Doom actually attempts to tell a(n ostensibly) coherent story. Simple, but dope production. Don’t get it twisted though – Zero 7 is great by itself. myspace.com/zero7.

Amplive - Video Tapez (feat Del the Funky Homosapien). Off the Zion I member’s somewhat infamous Radiohead – In_Rainbows remix album. There are obvious comparisons to be drawn to Dangermouse‘s Grey Album, but it’s still a good (and free) record. It raises a lot of questions (doesn’t everything nowadays, though?) about media ownership and rights, as well. myspace.com/amplive.

Donwill - Camp Cupcake. Off the Beat Thieves Vol 2 record. I will leave the title alone and say that I dig this cut.myspace.com/donwont.

vicolude – Daedelus - Playing Parties (Yesterday’s New Quintet – The Stars Remix). Featuring a very prominent figure from my childhood. Okay, who am I kidding – my teenhood and nascent adulthood.

Daedelus - Obama 2008 feat Shariq and Taz of Sa-Ra. This song is so ridiculous it’s not even funny. Wait, it is. This is the jam, official, game over, I could play this 20 times and it would make a great episode. I don’t know why they have to be so dismissive about my mother’s opinions – I think she may very well have voted for Obama. I should ask her. By the way, if you ever get the chance to see Daedelus – do so. It’s brilliant.myspace.com/daedelus.

Donwill - Go Head (beatjackee = Wale Oyejide). I’m not sure what Mr. Oyejide is doing about the inevitable mixup between him and the other Wale, but I’ve always dug the former’s production. Look for more Donwill soon, by the way, as soon as I get that Suburban Sprawl record…

Q-Tip – Breathe and Stop (Iain Haywood remix). More solid production work from Iain – dig the saxophones! What, you’ve heard his stuff before, right? Do your homework. myspace.com/12pads.

Muja Messiah – Paper Planes (feat Manifest). M.I.A. gets the beatjack treatment this time (about time, that Piracy Funds Terrorism Vol 1 was pretty much grand larceny – can we get a Vol 2, by the way?). I obviously like this song. I guess I should be a little troubled that the “activist” message has been lost in this version, but really activism is for pansies anyway. myspace.com/mujamessiah.

I kid.

Bonus cut -

Cappadonna - Slang Editorial (Madlib Remix). Or at least that’s who it’s credited to, I just happened upon this track while I was mixing this episode down. Remember Cappadonna? That dude was cool. I’d listen to a Cappadonna record. Apparently he actually made some records, but all I remember hearing about him after Triumph was that he was driving taxis. myspace.com/madlib.

That’s this episode…what’s good?

24 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 103 – BEAT JACKS + REMIXES 3

  1. (lol @ Vicadin + Mario = Ron Paul?) I guess that’s better than you know who though. Me? I would’ve kept my ass home. Its amazing what people do after 7 yrs of Bush, huh? He just has this “STINK” about him.

    For this episode, I going to put my vote down for that Donwill/ Camp Cupcake joint along w/ the Zero 7 remix– fire!

  2. GREAT episode, Dex! It’s always nice to hear some Del!!

    The Obama song is awesome too. You’re right…repeating this song 20 times would still make an awesome episode. It’s so catchy and makes me want to get up and start dancing. I can dance for 20 songs straight–if not, more.

  3. Mamiko – being nice to me all of a sudden is not going to get you another guest spot. I got a lot of complaints last show about your foul mouth. Kids listen to this show, you know. Families. God-fearing Christians, even. Christ, you’re ruining my show.

    but yes, the Daedelus goes hard. Thanks for putting me up on that track.

    V – true story. I am seriously going to ask about that Cupcake thing.

  4. man that was del for christ sake,diggin the daedelus i was tryin to do the runnin man while drivin to work this morning,man more mf doom too,also like mia beatjack definetly tight,twas a good day….F%&$ what your mama say.


    yes, all 103 – it’s like Pokemon, gotta catch ‘em all. Let me know when you’ve finished every last episode (kidding)(not really).

    i can’t help you with your obsession, but i can promise to play anything he lets me get hold of on the show!

    unionb – the mixtape show is not insured against any sort of daedelus-related actions you may or may not perform in your car whilst under the influence of the show. you are right though – that doom cut is ridicubananas.

  6. where can i download the obama track?

    i blasted it in the office and now everyone wants it – obama is for the people. soulja boy should coreograph a dance to that song.


  7. cappuccino on the freestyle, ha ha for a sec i thought he mighta called in the mixtapeshow hotline.

    hopefully we’ll hear more from that guy on the purple tape II

  8. Vince – that’s a protected file man! No worries, got a link right here: Air Remix.

    Me, though, I dig the original, as played right here on this very show – Mixtape Show 52.

    Mirateck – check your email. I’ll give you $10 to make your own dance and popularize it on the internet.

    sc – which reminds me I need to pay my skype phone bill. soundqualitywise, I woulda believed it too though.

  9. oopS! Should’ve known considering how I got it but then– I don’t have a clue. Give me a book on mp3′s for dummies & I’d probably read it. Maybe you could drop a blueprint 2 instead

    I can’t pick one version over the other. I haven’t listened to most of the shows before sixty something cause I don’t know how to put ‘em on the iPod & I don’t got Quicktime Pro.

    But, I did listen to that new KRS. (lol) Theres a track w/ Just Blaze called “All Right” I got that on rotation along w/ “Our Soldiers” & “The Teacha Returns” so far

  10. thanks vince78 im hooked on some doom for a year or so now thanks to dex for puttin him up,ya i put that obama cut in acid and made a 12 minute loop,and stuck it in my shops cd player and played it(before the big shots got there)man nobody was workin,they were trippin,i put the mixtape show intro at the end with the dot com,hope dex dont get mad,that needed to be heard ugh ya,ugh ya,spread the love people

  11. Zero 7 + Daedelus + Mobb Deep + Madlib/MF Doom Remixes +
    Mixtape Show Fam = 1 insane party that you won’t remember in the morning

  12. This is the song! I’ve been searching for it for so long but I’ve never got the proper one. Ok. The first time I stumbled on this site was cos of a mixtape by Johnny Red. http://www.rockstargames.com/upload/audio2.html
    But I’ve been searching for the Shook Ones version on that mixtape for so long and now I’ve found it. :)
    And Daedelus; I can see the link between Jimmy Edgar and him. Ain’t been here for a week by the way; holiday of sorts.
    Anyway, Peace.
    P.S. Tell me what you think of the mixtape :)

  13. where can i find that obama song!?!?!?! i’m going to put it on my page and play it everyday at work

  14. Whats Crackin,
    Jus wanted to let you know latest mixtape off the hook, Can i get the a link to the Obama Joint as its mad catchy and amusing even over here in the UK, Not long been down with the show but playing catch up with the archived tapes, If you got any links or info for other mixtapes could you let me know..
    Keep the beats coming …….

  15. hot show ..oh del has a new song out now..its ahhhhh….oh and camp cupcake.hahahah…the mobb deep remix was off the hook …when u going to do some more vids ..oh and i got the player on my myspace.com/talat1 it works..

  16. Man, busy week. My bad for not getting to yall.

    For those of you all looking for the Obama joint – http://www.myspace.com/firemagicblood.

    Loudsilence – glad you got on board, fam! a good place to start digging for new stuff is either here (people post up a lot of links in the comments) or on the facebook group. mad free music in there.

    talat – good looking! and yeah, more videos coming as soon as I can get to it, which is soon. soon. promise.

    vince78 – the thought of a blueprint 2 had crossed my mind, actually. i might have to think on that some more and sketch some things out…

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