Due to popular demand, sale I’ve resurrected the Bounce Tape format for another edition. That means that everybody’s favorite spastic, symptoms button-mashing, hey-guys-watch-me-play-with-the-eq-for-no-reason style is back.

This time, you’re in for some sped-up crunk, electro, hyphy, funk, and grime, not necessarily in that order. I’d write more but keep it 100 it’s fucking 3 AM and it is sleepytime soon.

And remember, playing the show from the player above will get you a lower-fidelity file (but shorter loadtime), but if you subscribe to this hip-hop podcast(free), you’ll get the high quality file.

Check the playlist below:

Zongamin – Bongo Song (Jackos Remix). While the promo I got did list Vice on the sleeve, I guess this is release is more accurately an Ed Banger jumpoff. So Ed Banger, don’t sue me. Nice release, by the way. myspace.com/edbangerrecords.
Bun B - Get Throwed (Instrumental). myspace.com/bunbofugk
Dizzee Rascal - Stand Up Tall (Acapella) dizzeerascal.co.uk
Soulja Boy – I got me some Bathing Apes. I’m not totally certain why I liked this song so much – joint just got stuck in my head. This kid is still in high school, and the production values kinda reflect that, but I’m not going to front, the hook is cute. myspace.com/souljaboytellem.
Trump – The Misters. Dude sounds absolutely nothing like anyone else on Shaman Work’s roster that I know of, but this cut ain’t bad. myspace.com/shamanwork
DJ Gyngyvytus – Snaps Out. I’m about 90% certain dude made this on a tracker. From what I can tell, this is a remix of “Knives Out”, but I never really fucked with Radiohead like that. Feel free to verify/refute this.
Trick Daddy – Tuck Ya Ice. I forget who he took the bar on the hook from. thug.com.
Keak Da Sneak – Get Hyphy 07. This is such a blatant rip of “Wait” that it’s not even funny. The song’s cute though. myspace.com/keakdasneak.
Dogg Pound featuring Snoop Dogg – Vibe With a Pimp. www.dpgrecordz.com.
Federation – She Goes. It’s the hook that does it for me on this one. Federation is just on some wild shit recently. Remember “Stunna Glasses?” www.myspace.com/thefederation.
Breakwater – Release The Beast (sampled by Daft Punk for Robot Rock) – shouts to Palmsout for the Daft Punk post I stole this track from.
Team Shadetek – Brooklyn Anthem feat 77Klash and JahDan. You all have to see the video for this. It’s fucking bananas. Shouts to Alex. sound-ink.com.

Hopefully you’re all still with me on this one. Drop comments, let me know what you felt about this one. As always, spread it around, etc.


  1. funny story too, I didn’t realize how much I liked that joint until I sat back and listened to the whole mix. Sorta takes the magic away from the Daft Punk version though.

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