MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 28 – Exile, buy Slum V, ed RIP DILLA.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the only mixtape show / hip-hop podcast worth fucking with. I’m dex digital.

The hip-hop community has suffered a tragic loss recently. This show is not a “dedication”, or a “tribute”, but I’d like to take a moment here and on the show to show appreciation and gratitude for a man that has done so much for us.

On with the show.

Exile f/ Slum Village – Time Has Come. It’s weird, because when I started putting tracks together for this week’s episode, I had already set this aside for the opening track. Exile is on the beats here (you’ve heard him here before), and lest anyone forget what Dilla was capable of on the other side of the glass…Jon, good looking out on the hookup with this one. Check out soundincolor.com for more on Exile.

Diverse - Jus Biz. Not new by any stretch, but I remember finding this joint on a plain b&w 12″ with nothing other than the title written on it, and thinking it was pretty smooth. Turns out that (according to the liner notes) not only is it Prefuse 73 on the beats, but also the background vocals. I think Diverse also showed up on Longshot’s Civil War Pt. 2 mixtape. Definitely check out the rest of the One A.M. full length – definitely worth your time. Respect to Gwen at Chocolate Industries for making this one happen. Check out chocolateindustries.com for more.

Rebel’s Advocate – Panic in the Streets. This one came to me on a CDR with a paper cover, which I’m pretty sure is the reason that it got stuck in my CD player the first time I listened to this track. The rhodes/wurli tones beat on this is definitely my flavor, as is the subject matter. They’ve got another dope joint on their mini EP called “Bite”, which is pretty much 5 minutes of just that – classic beats included. Maybe if you all ask nicely enough, it’ll show up on the show in the near future…rebelsadvocate.com for more.

Captain Cook – Shining Hour. For some reason I kept thinking this kid’s name was Captain Commando. Isn’t Captain Commando a nintendo game? Either that or Sky Commando, or something like that. Anyway, this is one of a few joints that Cook of the Beat Locker shot me via email. I’m not sure who the MCs are on this, but they ain’t bad, and you have to appreciate anyone who has the balls to work their email address into a verse. The bassline and programming on this joint is what really caught me from the drop though. Cook, who are these people? Good work. Check myspace.com/thecaptaincook for more beats.

What follows is not a Dilla tribute, because I’d need about 5 hours to cover the basics. But I thought these few joints were appropriate.

J Dilla - Yesterday beat flip. The classic Dilla formula – some obscure record and brilliantly understated manipulation of the samples. This is unreleased as far as I know, so that’s about all I have for you. If there is an official track name, feel free to comment me and let me know.

J Dilla – Airworks. This one comes off of Dilla’s last release, Donuts. If you haven’t already copped it, do so. It’s pretty much the beat tape to end all beat tapes. I think maybe the sample here is Luther, but I don’t spend all day digging in fucking record crates so I wouldn’t know. Anyone more enlightened than me, feel free to ID this one.

J Dilla – Donuts (Intro). The appropriately-named last track of Dilla‘s most recent blessing. Better writers than I have already conveyed their emotions regarding the passing of this man, so I’ll keep my comments brief.

I remember finding this record sitting on my desk the day I got the news. I sat down and listened to it the whole way through, and this last cut, especially the last 8 seconds or so, were pretty powerful to me. The track speaks for itself – just listen.

And if you haven’t already picked up a copy of Donuts, please go out and do so now. The man was a genius, and he had people to support. stonesthrow.com.

R.I.P. Dilla.


And for those of you who ain’t noticed, there is now an official mixtapeshow.net hotline. Just ring up (310)-928-MTSN (the letters stand for MixTapeShowdotNet, asshole) and do your thing. You never know what will happen. I might pick up, my baby mama might pick up, hell, knowing me, your baby mama might pick up, but don’t expect her to be in any condition to hold a coherent conversation.

More likely though, you’ll be able to leave a message. Feel free to drop shoutouts, tell me what you think of the show, tell me why you wish Cheney had been shot instead of vice versa, leave a freestyle, leave a drop, leave your thoughts, whatever. Whatever you want. The interesting/funny/dope messages will be played on the show, so if you’re doing freestyles, make them good.

That’s it for this episode. Catch y’all next week.

5 thoughts on “MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 28 – Exile, Slum V, RIP DILLA.

  1. About time that beat made it to the US.
    I’m talking about the Rebel’s Advocate beat.

    Hip hoppers i Scandinavia has known that beat for years, because it has been used by several swedish artists, and it even caused a bit of beef over who found it first.

    The sample is Michel Gonet – Flower Dance, and I think it’s an old french library record.

    One of the songs that used it, is Promoe – Off The Record and that song is mad ill.

  2. Seventh ain’t lying, kids, check this out for a sample of that record.

    I definitely gotta give the nod to Rebel’s Advocate joint over the Promoe version on both the production and the lyricals though.

    Good looking out though man, anytime you feel like dropping some more knowlege, speak up…

    you got any artists we should know about? Drop me a line..

  3. Yo Dex, The 28th episode was nice. It was sad hearing Dilla’s tracks knowing thats the end of a great career.

    That Rebels joint is HOT, especially the hook. I checked out their website they actually have a video. Its kinda funny, you’d never know that dude was white.

    Keep up the good work Dex.

    RIP Dilla

  4. What’s up Seventh and Dex. I appriciate the comments. It’s crazy how records like Gonet’s make it over here. I figured Europe had probably touched up that record a few times. Is Promoe from a Looptroop? I had a album of their’s that had some rediulous beats on it. Their producer is crazy. Thanks again for checking for the song.
    Bashir-Rebel’s Advocate

  5. The Emcees on that Shining Hour joint are as follows…

    Just Will
    Noah King
    Toby from Inverse
    the AMC

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