This show concept for this week’s rap podcast basically came up when Ike Eyes sent me a copy of the Propane Piff mixtape. Trust me, disorder when you hear Ag shouting over the top of some old crack era S.O.S. band shit, you know you’re in for an experience. If you’re interested in scoring your own free copy, read the full post for details. Not only that, though, but there’s a freestyle from my man Respect up in here, as well as an old Smoke and Numbers joint that y’all prolly ain’t heard, either. Start the track and follow along…

Agallah - Whoop Ya Head f/ 50 Cent. Yes, the almighty Fiddy shows up on this joint, which makes sense if you know your history. Don’t hate. If anyone somehow forgot that despite the Top 40 shit, 50 actually has bars, you’re about to get reminded.

Agallah - So High (prod. Sid Roams). Instant fucking classic right here. I don’t know much about this Roams cat but this is a dope cut. Check this one out.

Agallah - Thanks to Me feat Camron, Sin Sizzerb. More of that piano-type shit. I’m not sure why it is that the less angry your production is, the more gangster your shit sounds, but this is an example of that phenomenon. Cam definitely has a presence in his section, and Ag rips his up.

Agallah - Don Bishop f/ Jay Z (prod Agallah). Hey, if Swizz can do it, so can he. Okay, so it’s only Jay on the hook, but the old blaxploitation movie soundtrack feel is hot, as is the flow. Again, there’s about 10 other joints I could have put on here, but you’re gonna have to get your own copy to hear them.

The mixtape can be purchased here.

Numbers (of Smoke & Numbers) – Smile. We had a solo joint from Smoke a while back, so we gotta give Numbers his chance to shine on this one. I’ve had the Color of Money mixtape for a minute now and I’d almost forgotten that I meant to drop this one on y’all. You can pick up their latest mixtape (that I know of) at mixunit.

Respect - Yesturday (freestyle) with Paradox and Dy-verze. Nice freestyle from my man Respect (the God). This is another one I’ve been meaning to drop for a while now. Respect – you got any more joints you wanna shoot to me, holler… Check him out at myspace.com/respectthagod.

So that’s it for Episode 30. I know a lot of y’all are trying to figure out how to pick up your own copy, so here’s the rundown in bullet points because I know a lot of you are slow.

How to get a free copy of Propane Piff mailed to you

Details/ Non-Small Print:

1. I have a limited (!!) number of mixtapes to give out.
2. I am sending them for free. I am paying for postage.
3. I am making the choice as to who gets a mixtape and who doesn’t. Everyone has an equal chance, unless I arbitrarily decide that I don’t like you, then you don’t have any chance at all.
4. I’m not necessarily opposed to mailing outside the U.S., but if you’re outside the lower 48, it might be a bit tougher for you.

You have a few options as for entering:

1. Call the mixtape hotline: (310) 928 MTSN, and leave a message telling me why you want a copy. Leave your number or email, and I’ll contact you if I chose you and get your mailing address then.
2. Email me (see my email address in the contact info section) and do the same.

Ways to improve your chances:

1. If you’re leaving a message, make it interesting. Freestyle, do something non-boring because I’ll delete your shit like I deleted those 30 fake emails from that one promoter pretending to be 30 different fans of some terrible rapper. I see you, son, and your shit don’t work. So stop.

2. Promote the show. This doesn’t mean spamming people, this means post up on a message board somewhere where people would be interested in the show, tell your friends, etc. If you want to shoot me a link where you’ve linked up the show, that might be a good thing for you to do. I’m just saying.

There, that’s what it is. I’m tired, so that’s it for today. Oh yeah – did you hear me mention that there’s a contest next week for producers – one that might get you on wax? I did, and there is. Check us out next week.

2 thoughts on “MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 30

  1. Yo. I met ya at E’s in the Chi. I love the beats on g&b V. 1&2 its hot shit. I just was wonderin if ya’ll could send me some so I could write to it. I mean good shit ya dig. Word is bon jovi.

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