I think if you’ve been keeping up on current [USA] events, mind you’ll know what the opening skit is about. Shout outs to Derek for creating/voicing the character of Johnathan America.

Other than that, though, this episode is all about first impressions. When you are a child of the MTV generation like I am, and you have crazy ADHD like I do, and you bought a Sidekick for the sole purpose of being able to IM and drive at the same time like I did, you rarely have the attention span for much beyond the first minute and a half or so of a new CD.

And as anybody who has ever sold indie CDs out of a trunk on a busy thoroughfare will tell you, the first impression is the difference between a sale and an angry look.

So this episode of your favorite hip-hop podcast is the First Impressions Episode – nothing but first tracks. Track 01s. This is probably one of my favorites so far. Hope you dig – have fun with this one.


J Dilla – Geek Down feat Busta Rhymes. I remember how fucking amped I was the first time I played this in the dusty Volvo. jdilla.org

Oh No – Intro. 27 beats in 3 days? Damn. As much as I like dude’s older brother, I can’t remember the last beat that Madlib made that made me want to hit somebody (feel free to refresh my memory in the comments though). This one does that to me, but maybe I’m just violent. myspace.com/ohnodisrupt.

Large Professor – Intro. The tempo might slow down a little on this cut, but your head should absolutely not stop nodding. myspace.com/thelargeprofessor.

J.R. Writer – To Be A Diplomat. I like how the dude fits a good portion of the backstory to his entire career into the first track of his CD, just like he’s trying to bring you up to speed on who he is and why you should care. This track inspired the entire episode. myspace.com/jrwriter

Murs – Intro. This is pretty much a given. If you don’t already own this album, get off of my internet. As soon as you put this cut in, you know the rest of the album cannot possibly be anything other than hot. myspace.com/murs316

M.I.A. – Banana Skit. 30 seconds of weird. I bet a lot of you actually skipped this track looking for “Galang”. Dummies. Get yrself an educayshuuuuuuuuuun! miauk.com

Agallah – Gangster. Summer of 2005 (okay I was late), this stayed in the deck like stupid. I replay this to the point where I should be sick of it, but I’m still not. This joint was my introduction to Purple City, period (again, slow). I don’t know if the mixtape is even available anymore, but if you can find it, there are some gems on Doomsday. myspace.com/agallahdonbishop.

Stanza – Enter In. I wish I had found this CD in my stash before I’d started the Soul episode. Two minutes of telling you who he is, and what you’re going to hear for the next 48. The production and the wordplay are both worth a rewind. Probably the best surprise I’ve found in the mail all month. Recommended. myspace.com/stanzahiphop.

Superiority Complex – Intro. See, these dudes get to talk all cocky like that in their intros, and the second I try things like that, females start looking at me crossways. Not fair. These two invite a lot of criticism based on their name alone (not to mention their insulting the rapping public at large), but I think their opening attack ain’t half bad. myspace.com/superioritycomplexmusic.

Now On – Ascension. I remember kinda being eh on this cut until they brought in them crazy-ass synths and rhodes. I actually have a hard time concentrating on the lyrics because the instro just really goes that hard. And then they drop in the turntablism…feel free to rewind this one as well. nowonmusic.com. [thanks josh]

intro beat: Unagi – Sacred Music
outro loop: The Go Gos – We Got The Beat.

Whoo boy. As always, hit up the comments section.

22 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 68 – FIRST IMPRESSIONS

  1. No doubt, welcome to the show! And HAHHAHAHAHAH OLD SHOE I am using that next time I talk to her!

  2. Word up for da MURS track and Ohno! thats sum hot shyt right there, you shoulda had brothertron blast johnny america to the 3rd century, also good lookin’ out on the soultronica cast too, you almost made my neck snap wit those rhytms! MIXTAPESHOW.NET ALL DAY EVERYDAY!!!!

  3. Damn Dex..that was a SERIOUS episode. First off….yet another “had me crackin’ up at work” skit!
    As for the tracks…that Large Professor joint was nasty..but then again..what do you expect from Xtra P? That MURS joint was tight too…I need to get up on dude..people have been trying to hip me to him..and after hearing this..I will peep more of this dude. I dug that line:
    “Yes 9th really does make these beats on Fruity Loops”
    As for Agallah…”Gangter” got MAD play from me…and yes..that Doomsday mixtape had some hot tracks on it…I got most of his joints…
    Those Superiority Complex cats are SICK….I mean damn…

    and lastly…

    That JR Writer cut was my favorite..both lyrically and beat-wise that joint blew me away..

    Good lookin’ out Dex for yet another hot episode AND hippin me to some new stuff.



  4. Damn, you can’t say shit now days without offending somebody. Fuck it. Dex, highlarious show don’t stop doing your thing. Wheres the flick, though?

  5. yo, thanks everyone. Crazy thing is that this episode took me all of like 25 minutes to make (excluding the outro, that was recorded later, almost as a (really outrageous) afterthought).This wasn’t even supposed to come out for a couple weeks, but we hit the lab and recorded that intro, and I was like damn, we need to put this out there – especially in light of this whole Imus / hip-hop thing, yao ming? I’m glad that the vast majority of people understand where I’m coming from with this.

    Greg! Yeah, man – you HAVE to get up on Murs. That’s practically a prerequisite for listening to any of these shows. I’m glad somebody else has heard that Doomsday tape though – my other joint on there was Rooftop.

    Obviously the artists are really what makes this show what it is. You have the myspaces, so feel free to hit them up and let them know they have new fans.

    and DogWings – please do go on.

  6. Oops, Sara, I think we were commenting at the same time, I wasn’t ignoring you.

    On the flick, I’m talking to the director right now about getting 10ish DVD copies to give out to folks. You’ll be first in line, don’t worry.

  7. [quote]Damn, you can’t say shit now days without offending somebody.[/quote]

    Don Imus, is that you?

    Oh No, JRWriter, Murs… Good stuff. Liked the MIA intro too.

    Dex, you really took that ‘lively’ comment and ran with it, huh?

  8. Yep! Imus in the flesh you ignorant negro. If you don’t like the shit stop listening to it and keep it movin’ your opinion isn’t required.

  9. Its called sarcasm. I do like this shit. I will keep listening and its called ‘opinion’ for a reason. Thanks for the smile.

    Oh, and this left me confused -> “you ignorant negro”

    I usually enjoy your posts sarah

  10. yo dex,

    good show this week. I really loved the idea of first tracks. I find that alot of the time on cd’s, the intro track is very important and sets the stage for the rest of the album.

    I’m also glad you found some good ones, because alot of hip-hop cds start out with unimaginative material that, most of the time, gets skipped over.

    can’t wait til next week’s…

  11. Spend more time EQing your mixes and less time on your scetches. Your taste as a selecta is outstanding but, Some songs sound like… well it sounds my speakers are under 2 inches of sand. Sorry homie, fix it and i’ll listen up.

  12. “Spend more time EQing your mixes and less time on your scetches. Your taste as a selecta is outstanding but, Some songs sound like… well it sounds my speakers are under 2 inches of sand. Sorry homie, fix it and i’ll listen up.”

    Maybe you need to upgrade your speakers. The song quality sounds consistant to me from song to song. As for the sketches… They are a welcome addition to the show. I know I’m not the only one who agrees.



  13. ur show is tight man, keep doin wat ur doin, especially w/ the variety of styles. love the soul , thought the that the rock stuff was pretty hot. By the way I have your podcast directly fed to to my facebook page, thats cold!
    peace and love 2 you

  14. Hey, I got myself a copy of Murs 3:16, very nice stuff, just the kind of thing I need to restore my faith in Hip Hop. Thanks for recommending him.

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