Eyetape + Suhburb = Synesthesia

So if you hadn’t noticed yet, physiotherapist the site looks a little different. All part of the program, sildenafil kids.

Anyway, this is a good opportunity for me to do something which I’ve been meaning to do forever, which is take a sidebar from the aural for a second and get into the visuals.

So for those of you who have been waiting for more Suhburb, first joint up is a kinda trippy time-lapse joint from Mark from Eye Tape, with a Suhburb soundtrack.

Warning: if you are viewing this in an environment where it might not be okay to look at a video of a picture of someone not wearing clothes, you might wanna save this for home.

Synesthesia from Eye Tape on Vimeo.

Videowise, it’s sort of a weird experience. Like I almost feel guilty for going through in six minutes what took dude 13 hours to do. Also, the final product is sorta skurry. If you’re not paying attention though, you’ll miss a lot of subtle syncing and shifts in the visuals – full screen recommended.

On the audio tip, I’m not sure what the first cut is, the first jawn is There Is Only Room for Two Eddies (thanks Mark), the second and third are Tusk and Vagabundo, at least according to the titles in the mp3s I got from Suhburb (can we get an ID, fam?). And as far as I know, these haven’t really been put out anywhere (not even on this show). Eye Tape Exclusive?!?

Also, Mark was kind enough to put the show name up in the credits, but I should say in advance that I seriously didn’t do anything noteworthy, other than handing dude some mp3s and say “hey man check these out”.

So yeah, if you see Mark/Eyetape on the internets, tell em I said what’s up.

9 thoughts on “Eyetape + Suhburb = Synesthesia

  1. Yep, there we go. “There Is Only Room For Two Eddies”. Updated the post. Good looking out fam.

    How’d that film festival go?

  2. all three beats were a part of the (oh hai) tape that got handed around.

    if you wanna do this episode thing, i suppose i’ll cull the better parts of it into some kind of EP.

  3. Mark – dope. Hopefully I’m actually in town for a future one. Keep me updated on the visuals…

    (apparently suhburb is calling himself borg today): son, that was a “tape”? I thought the (oh hai) thing was just you being clever with the id3 tags.

    No. We do an episode, it’s gonna be something different. Plus I still got dibs on some stuff for a beat tape. Email conference time.

    JV – lemme hit you through email fam.

  4. You know me I like everything you showcase! i like the layout, very visually impared friendly!

  5. yep. twitter.com/lollerskates. sorta boring though since twitting from the cellie is a pain.

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