Yeah. Took a minute. We changed directions last week, sick now we gotta keep it moving.

Oh yeah, look I’m sorta trying something new here with the soundcloud player. You can play this show in the player below, and embedding on your own site should work too.

Lemme know what you think, I’m in the midst of rethinking the structure of this site…anyway, on to the…


introlude: Zaki Ibrahim – You Choose.

GaKnew Roxwell – Trynna Say. I’m not going to lie, I’m not sure how to say this dude’s name. Joint itself is raw, in a good way, and just powerful. myspace.com/gaknew.

Shaun Boothe – Unauthorized Biography – Jimi Hendrix. I’d sort of appreciate it if people here stopped comparing me (visually) to Jimi Hendrix. Not that that’s going to happen any time soon though. myspace.com/shaunboothe.

Cee-Lo – Free (full version, live on 88.5). This isn’t really even rap music, it’s gospel, and it’s brilliant. If you need any more of a reason to recommend this show to anyone, do it for this track. myspace.com/ceelogreen.

Blu and Mainframe – Long Time Gone. Off the Johnson & Jonson release. You all already know how I feel about this project. myspace.com/jandjbabyproducts.

Alf-Alpha – Bittersweet feat Pheo. Alf gave me this track (speaking of which, I never asked you dude, why the name?) forever ago, and then just recently hit me with this version with the Pheo vocals. I think he did it because he knew I would appreciate the Dexter’s Lab reference (shouts to anyone that remembers the Lab parties, or was at one of the Lab parties but doesn’t remember it, ahem). myspace.com/alfalpha.

Black Milk – Mo Power. Dude can produce, and rhyme. myspace.com/blackmk.

U-N-I – Reach For The Sky feat Tabi Bonney and Haziq Ali. Really the production is what pulled me in on this one (Beatnick and K-Salaam have apparently been really busy recently), but it’s solid all over, really. myspace.com/unimuzik.

The Uhh – I Love Me feat Jon B. As Yep of The Uhh (these dudes are either on to something with their names or, well, I don’t know) stressed, “thee Jon B“. I’ve been asking these dudes for a record for like four or more years. It’s sort of rough, but this is an all over hilarious-but-still-really-good song. They were also kind enough to let the instro ride out for like a minute and a half, which I happily jumped on to talk about the term “grown and sexy”. In short, I’m not a fan of the term. Details in the show itself. myspace.com/theuhh.

So yeah, let me know what you think. Also feel free to talk about Grown and Sexy because I think that this is seriously an epidemic that should be stopped. I’m dead serious about this, as serious as I was about Skeeter being Black.

Anyway, that’s what it is for this week. Tune in next week. Yes, next week. Yes. Next week. Promise.

26 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 119 – KEEP IT MOVING

  1. Niice. Loving that hendrix joint. Thanks for reminding me how soon I’ll be 30.

  2. Sara, I’ll still be your friend.

    Speaking of epidemics, what is up with this pig flu thing or whatever? I saw a warning in my dorm today warning people to not go to the states, or the staff “wouldn’t take responsibility for anything that happened to you”. Not sure what that last part means.

  3. Yeah, that means stay your ass there cause we’re screwed. Supposedly it’s the next pandemic….blah. No ones died yet in the US, but hopefully the grown and sexy go first. ;)

  4. Yo everybody and D-D-D-Dex Diggy

    Yea supposedly it’s hit Europe and parts of Asia. A little over 100 or so people have died last time I heard, but no has died in the U.S. so far, i don’t know about Japan tho.

    I never heard the term grown and sexy before I don’t even know what it means. but I do know people like to use the term “Real” like they gotta remind folks
    they aren’t fake…or are they…i dunno, all i know is that
    Uhh song was funny and cool as hell! in fact i liked all the songs this episode as usual. So people think you look like Jero and jimi Hendrix who else do they think you look like?

  5. FAM!!!! sick podcast. I’m actually gettin caught up with the others that I missed. But I was feelin that Black Milk track. Its dope. I don’t mind “grown and sexy” but I hate Swagger or swag so f’in much. Like its sooo played out and just stupid. Like I was ashamed at Jay-Z for swagger like us, its like seriously man, you could be my Dad and My dad is a “Christian house Dj” (don’t knock it unless you know it!!! I don’t want any ignorance FTW”) last thing I want is my Pop talking bout ” Son, my swag is on a hundred thousand trillion”. I hate it so much. Still waitin for that Edan track**** lol. But yea man, O and I got another recommandation for ya, Rapper by the name of Turbo. Explore him, I think you will like this guy alot. He’s nice. Recommandations for him LightHeart, Holographic Double, Hundred Hits, and Gigaton punch. He has vids on youtube and a blog and mixtapes of his work on his youtube. Check him out. But Peace fam, I hope all is well in Japan.

  6. ok ok… i thought about the “grown and sexy” thing…and the only thing i can think of is some ugly girl in a dark club trying to lure you into her web of ugliness by saying she’s “grown and sexy”…i dunno seems like false advertising every time i hear it

  7. Sara – well, make sure everything is all safe for me by the time I get back then.

    Brer – wait, Europe and Asia? Why are they telling me to specifically stay away from the US now then?

    And I have to be fair, on the Jero/Jimi Hendrix thing, it’s not just Japanese people. I’ve been called anything from Gerald from Hey Arnold to Ludacris by people in the states. It’s what I get for not hanging around with non-Black people too much, I guess. hah.

    Jimmy V – dude I didn’t really even know what the Chopper Suit was, I had to look that up. Now I’m a little embarrassed because I definitely wore a chopper suit to weddings and church until I was like 18 because my folks thought it was okay to make me wear my dad’s hand me down jawn.

    Maybe if I try really hard though, I could make the Chopper Suit pop off in Tokyo.

    Fdiesel – You know, I’m not all that upset at swagger, but it might be because I never hear it (that said though, you know there’s a Japanese brand called Swagger though, correct? Every third page in “street fashion” mags here features it – not that I read street fashion magazines. There’s another word I don’t like…street fashion. but anyway).

    And dude, christian house? That’s a genre? I’m not even hating, do you have any artists? I’m sort of curious now. Do you mean stuff like Roy Davis Jr?

    And why you gotta go and spill the beans on Turbo…now that just means I gotta hurry up with one of my upcoming eps before everyone catches on to him…

    T the Pirate – Okay, I can see that – there definitely is a bit of overemphasizing involved in the phrase itself. I’d be a little scared to go to one of these events that advertise themselves as “grown and sexy”.

  8. I mean, for me, Roy Davis Jr is soul, or house. But if you were trying to create a genre called “Christian House”, Roy Davis Jr would be a pretty good addition, I think.

    I mean, in “How Will You Know” off Water for Thirsty Children, he tells people to check out Matthew: 24, and says “read it, believe it, hear it, and heed it”, then goes on and specifically quotes stuff from Revelations, etc etc etc.

    But you could be one of those “I hate organized religion omg sheep lozlol” types and still it’s really hard to hate the dude. It’s too good. Too soulful.

    But if dude is telling me that there is a house equivalent of Jars of Clay or something, I’m out.

  9. lol fam its all good. My Dad is pretty well known in the Christian house scene. You can look him up, he has some mixes all over the internet, his name is Dj Frankie Vibe. But I’m bout to put to on too Christian house right now son. My uncle Kenny, he’s the father of christian house music. His Name is Kenny Bobien, he’s on wikipedia. But here’s some christian house for yall… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DE5qdZ8nXQA&feature=related

    Let me know what ya think. and if you find my pops on net show him some love. Peace.

  10. dude, Kenny Bobien is dope. I just spent like half an hour on youtube listening to him. “Father” is seriously the business. I’ll have to look for a mix from Frankie Vibe too.

    Interesting though, I wasn’t even aware that people inside the scene called it that. I can see “gospel house”, but even that would sound like something that music critics put on it. I woulda just called it house, or if someone pressed me, vocal/soul house. But then again, as much as I really like house, I never really spun it. Strictly on the listening side.

    Either way though, dope. Thank you.

  11. O yea man, gospel house is a sub-genre in house. My pops put me on to it. But yea Father is my favorite song. When I wanna be in that worship mode but I wanna groove, I’ll put it on. My uncle Kenny is the man jo. But yea kid no prob, on puttin you on to it. You do a valuable service for me and all the other hiphop/real music heads on here so I can atleast try to do the same for you jo. Take care kid.

  12. yo! so here is my beef…! im listening to xm radio and they are interviewing B-real from Cypress Hill…and some fool calls up and says Hip Hop is Dead…Im thinking wow…but thats not the first time ive heard that… and it pisses me off that the people saying that dont take the time to educate and diversify themselves with new music and new artist…Is Hip Hop dead or are we listening to ghost…?

  13. Ahhhh My man Dex,

    hey good lookin on that cee-lo track….such a classic..those dudes had my head open since soul food!! i love this version but the original without the instrumental is fantastic! and im really feelin that “the uhh” love me track…brilliant track…i dont know brosef im just really feelin this entire podcast….def one for the records! a real “make ya think” type vibe

    mad respect for this one D,


  14. btw did you feature another Shaun Boothe track on previous episode?? that dudes voice sound so familiar…i couldn’t remember if it was here that i heard it or another source but great track none the less.

  15. I gotta relisten to that album version of the Cee-Lo jawn, I don’t really remember it actually. The Uhh jawn…yeah, joint is ridiculous! Hopefully they get at me with some new material within the next four years.

    On the Shaun Boothe joint though, he’s actually shown up twice on the show: ep 114 and 115, both tracks from the same series.

  16. Oux yes. it is. problem?

    T I sort of went right ahead and ignored the hip hop is dead statement when it came out. If it does, that’s fine, I’ll just listen to other good music. Soultronica’s not going anywhere.

  17. yeah that cee-lo piece is just like an interlude or an intro rather to the soul food album…its not a full track or anything like that….but yeah that entire album (soul food) is timeless

  18. Fellas! hendrix bio is dope nd funky gospel ting kills it 2. But 4 me the 1st joint makes it man its sicker than 50 invalids!. probs my fav show yet.
    …strange place 2 be talkin bout swine-flu. we got it here in the uk 2 but no1 died yet. if mans wanna make luv to an animal make sure it aint a pig 4 a while thats my advice peeps. Safe muffins!

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