Funk Stimulus Package

This is just something I sort of had to share. I’m in the middle of working on a new joint and was running through my mail and somehow stumbled onto this.

Del – Funk Stimulus Package

Seriously, viagra to appreciate this you have to look at the deeper meaning. This dude takes almost a full two minutes to say something that could have been summarized in three seconds: “hey guys download my cd”.

I love Del, gastritis partially because he’s crazy. Seriously, sickness after about the one minute mark, none of what he is saying actually makes sense – until you listen with your heart.

Also, bonus points for him using bandcamp instead of rapishare links.

One thought on “Funk Stimulus Package

  1. I got this old 12″ with del and some other folks on it called Midnight sumthin’ (I gotta look it up) I was pissed cuz the del part got all scratched up, (Just learning to scratch)

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