See, no rx a promise is a promise.

Anyway, pills this week, as the title suggests, is the breakup joint. Partially based on real life, partially based on the bizarre phenomenon in which when you’re depressed, you want to listen to even more depressing music, and partially based on that urge to just get something off your chest. That said, let’s get into the:


introlude – Mos Def – Brown Sugar.

Ta’raach – Hey. You know, this is like that part where you’re all “man, forget her, I’m good.” You know that phase. Trackwise, I don’t know, I’ve just been meaning to get this one on forever. A lot of the stuff dude says in this track is just really mean-spirited, which makes me like it even more. myspace.com/taraach.

Super Chron Flight Brothers – Once We Were Kings. And then you start to think back. This record kinda reminds me of Airborn Audio. Weird, paranoid subject matter over weird, paranoid beats. Apparently they holed themselves up in a Yogyakarta hotel during the production process, and their weed/skurry noises type antics resulted in an unwritten ban on Black patrons at that establishment. Not sure how I’m supposed to feel about that. myspace.com/flightbrothers.

Malcolm Kipe – My Room Remix. Negativity. Really it was the instro that got me on this one. mk on lastfm.

RJD2 – June (Remix). Aaaand here comes the “why me why me” phase. After the first verse you think it’s just going to be a rant on the state of rap music, until the second one comes in. Just too heavy. myspace.com/rjd2

Jay Electronica – Girlfriend. You think about calling her… remember? That always used to work. Not much to say here. It’s Jay. myspace.com/jayelect

Albe Back – Without You (dex digi Bohemian Rhapsody Edit). No, she said don’t call. It’s already over. Give it up, famo, you’re just making yourself look bad. Don’t lose your cool. Seriously, three bars in I realized I’d heard this chord progression before. You can hate me for doing this, but really my only motivation was that I couldn’t stand the original hook. myspace.com/albemusic.

Jay-Z vs Coldplay – What If We Cry? prod Remot. Which gives you more time to think. And now you can finally be a little more honest with yourself. Trying to “keep your cool” was what got you here in the first place. I don’t own any Coldplay albums, but I hear from very reliable sources that lots of white people like them. This cut is even more depressing this time around. myspace.com/remotmusic.

People Under The Stairs – More Than You Know. Congratulations, you’re now officially “in touch with your emotions”. What, you want a medal or something fam? I keep forgetting how dope this group is. myspace.com/peopleunderthestairs.

O.D.B - No More (Wasted Time). But hey, at least you can respect yourself a little more now, right? Right? At least, that’s what this cut seems to be called. I know, it’s really lo-fi, but this is the only version I’m aware of. A cry for help, man, just too late.

DJ Lt Dan and Jay Z – Interlude b/w Living Proof. I don’t know, this just seemed to fit.

And that’s what it is for this week. Bonus points for anyone who can identify the original image I bootlegged to make this week’s episode cover.

19 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 120 – THE BREAKUP JOINT

  1. Viva la Hova >>> Gray albun

    You ever heard the live mash up of Heart of the city and Bloody Sunday

    Green Lantern leaked it like last year ,,,

  2. uu – yes ma’am.

    Jimmy V – really fam? I really, really liked the Grey Album, pretty much all of it, and there were some things on Viva La Hova that I kinda skipped over – maybe I didn’t give it as much chance though. That said though, I was sorta impressed by the Grey Album concept and was maybe more inclined to like it.

    Haven’t heard that joint though, got a link?

    Fred – Haha! Ever try listening to it again? That would probably be sort of a weird experience.

  3. Another Aweome ep Dex! Mad Wordplay!”Like trying to stop Optimus Prime with a tire boot”
    “Get dat paper like Dunder Mifflin”
    Dat Malcolm Kipe instro is tight!
    What happened at the end of that Jay Electronica joint? He just hung up the phone like he got shot! Much props for the People Under the Stairs cut! lol ODB was crazy (R.I.P) Is that pic from Degrassi High?

  4. Dex
    Actually I do. Makes me sad, and pissed because now i associate the songs with this gone relationship.
    The only hip-hop track i put is Amplive Rainydays feat. Del. The saddest songs were Bjorks Crying, Feist I’m sorry, and Air’s virgin suicide main theme.
    Love, despair and regret FTW

  5. Fred – fam I know exactly what you are talking about. I was lucky enough to learn back in 7th grade that if something bad is happening to you, then anything you are listening to at that time is forever ruined (to this day I still can’t listen to No Diggity by Blackstreet without feeling embarrassed).

    I actually have a policy now where if it looks like something bad is about to happen relationship or lifewise, I stop listening to any new music, and especially don’t listen to any of my favorite old jawns for fear of them getting ruined as well.

    And Air? yikes.

    Brer – Actually, that phone thing was just something I put in for atmospherics and continuity in the tape.

    I’m not sure where the pic is originally from originally, but it used to have a subtitle on it…clearly not enough internet nerds on this site to recognize it, I guess.

  6. On a side note to that previous comment I do remember asking this girl out while “My, My, My” by Johnny Gill was playing in the background, I got shut down so I can’t listen to that song without thinking about that moment

  7. Every track is my fav. But I’m feeling bitter sweet about this one. Maybe I’ll listen to it again when it’s not describing my life.

  8. Sara – okay, next episode is officially the Unicorns and Rainbows joint.

  9. I know this is late but the hurt just don’t stop. I’m gonna go listen to linkin park….thanks for the great stuff dex.

  10. Oh Man! All da Mixtape Shows are mad dope! My friend just returned from Miami & being in South Africa he’s supposed to introduce me to new stuff but after I put him onto da Mixtape Shows he was going bananas over ya stuff, so you can imagine how everyone else in my circle feels. One request though: even my moms loves dat Change of Direction mix would you put together a Part2 Please.

    Stay Up

  11. whoa, thanks. On another Change of Direction one – you never know, I might have to do another one of those.

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