After landing on the surface of Andromeda-13 in search of his cyborg partner Brothertron, approved Dex Digital contacts the ship’s computer (Cosbotron) in order to get coordinates on Brothertron’s last known location. Shortly after receiving those coordinates, valeologist Dex Digital is ambushed by a group of invisible space aliens native to Andromeda-13 – possibly the same beings that captured Brothertron.

Soon, Dex Digital awakens in deep within the aliens’ compound. He discovers that he is trapped in a cage suspended from the ceiling by a rather weak chain, and is accompanied in capture by Brothertron and an alien that appears well-versed in 21st Century Ebonics. Will our heroes make it back to their ship alive? What will happen to their new alien companion? And where did this alien dude learn to talk like that? Find out in this episode of Soultronica…

Be warned – none of this will likely make sense unless you’ve heard the rest of the soultronica series.


intro – a ghosteo beat.

Ammon Contact
– A Satellite’s Return. Special shouts to J.R. and Carlos Nino for linking me up with this jam. This one’s off of New Birth, which (from what I know) is the debut Ammon Contact record. There’s another one out, though, so check it.. AC on Ninjatune.

4Hero – Take My Time feat Jack Davey. Yes, vocals contributed by the singer of J*Davey. 4Hero has been around forever in this whole Nu Jazz / drum n bass thang, and this new soultronicaesque sound that they’ve got going on is hot. I might be sneaking another cut in off of their latest album – Play With the Changes. Shouts to JC of Milan Records for making the connection on this one. myspace.com/4hero.

interlude – Nicholas Cicero – Muerto 6.

The Big Payback
– It’s You.
The meandering opening cut on the second release from the Japan-based Circulations label. This song is not even the half of it, ladies and gentlemen. I think the artists on here are NY/France based – what they’re doing on a Tokyo label I don’t know, but I’m not complaining. Shoutouts to Dai again for getting this to me. myspace.com/circulations

Sa-Ra – Hey Love. Yeah, it would have been nice had I put this one out before the album come out, but hey, things happen. Doesn’t change the fact that the cut is nice. I still have some more on deck, so stay in tune.. sa-ra.net.

Ammon Contact – Omniverses 2. Probably my second favorite track off of the New Birth record. Check these cats out.

Glass Candy – Rolling Down the Hills [no vocals edit]. No offense to Ida, but I just couldn’t fuck with her vocals (at first – they actually grew on me after a while). Johnny Jewel, on the other hand, is a recent discovery (to me – he’s been doing his thing for a minute) and I dig his weird retro coked-out production. You can find the original on the Glass Candy myspace. myspace.com/glasscandy

pre-fight interlude – Josh Ivey

outro music – ripped from the Nintendo game Xexyz.

that’s this week’s jumpoff. And again – if you’re new to the series, you might want to step back and listen to Soultronica Vol 1, Soultronica Vol 2, and the recent Soultronica Vol 3.

10 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 73 – SOULTRONICA 4 – THE ESCAPE

  1. Yo, I don’t know if you got this but I heard Josh’s mixtape In With The Old, Out With The New, and I was wondering if you would do a Josh mixtape or something like it ‘cos his stuff is really good. Also, did you know
    Sa-Ra are releasing a new mainstream album? I’ve got no idea on the name but I could check it out for you. And I don’t know if you’ve heard of her, but I was listening to some old sort of soul/funk and this girl called Betty Davis came up, and she was amazing! I mean like, serious, she was really good! If you want to check her out go to http://www.myspace.com/bettymabrydavis
    P.S. The ‘Davis’ IS a relation to Miles Davis (it was her first husband)
    O.K. Keep up the good work
    :) Peace :)

  2. Hey Dex,
    Thanks for usin my beat in your podcast, Soultronica 4 this week. It certainly fit right in. Anyone wanting to check my shit can go to myspace.com/ciceroproaudio

  3. I can’t front Dex..usually I play through a Soultronica episode like once, maybe twice…but let me tell you..this episode is DOPE. I am bumpin the HELL out of:

    Ammon Contact – Omniverses 2

    This shit is so hot.

    Also love the skits as always!


  4. Mr U – I’m gonna have to check on that thing with Josh.

    Greg – yeah, that AC is definitely hot. I’d been meaning to drop some of it for a loooong time now.

  5. O.K.Cool.
    Oh and did you check out that Betty Davis link by the way
    (www.myspace.com/bettymabrydavis)? Tell me what you think of it (I don’t mind it it’s bad)

  6. Mr U – yeah, checking that joint right now. And the Sa-Ra release is called The Hollywood Recordings. I haven’t heard the whole record, but I do have some other tracks that should pop up on a future joint as well…

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