At long last, allergist it’s the long-awaited threequel to one of the original concept/spinoff series on this hip-hop podcast – the Beat Tape. Keeping in tradition with recent developments on the show, this tape is all over the place – stylistically and geographically. Three continents, multiple subgenres and inspirations, and just damn. I guarantee at least three rewinds on this episode or your money backTM

Intro – DJ Umoja – Ieidc. Words – my father. I wish I was kidding.

1’05 – Super Smoky Soul – Good Night. Straight out of Tokyo. The Light Smoke EP is the first release on Circulations Japan, and it goes hard. Please check this. Shouts to Dai. myspace.com/circulations

3’40 – DJ Cam – The Sound of The Streets. Now on to France. This joint coulda easily showed up on Episode #68. myspace.com/djcamrecall

5’20 – Iain Haywood – Smooth. And over to the UK. Oh, come on. It’s cute. myspace.com/12pads.

6’35 – Alf-Alpha – 22 Year Old. Back to southern CA. I had this on replay for a very long time. Cut is cute as hell, and I want to call the words/scratches clever, but it’s a little beyond that. I hear dude has an album out. You should check it maybe. myspace.com/alfalpha

10’00 – Gil Scott-Heron – Is That Jazz (excerpt). I have no qualms about jacking things from YouTube. The bassline on this thing is ridiculous.

12’00 – Suburb - untitled. I’ve been sitting on these joints for far too long. Suburb is sort of the truth. Check him out. myspace.com/suhburb.

13’25 – Suburb - Cornelius Brothers flip. See above.

15’30 – Unagi - The One Revisited. Cut is hard. unagi442.com.

18’05 – Disrupt - International Karate Championship. Jahtari, the Leipzig, Germany-based label has been doing their thing for a minute now. This was their first release and you know I am fucking with it. jahtari.org.

20’40 – Disrupt - Events Occur In Realtime. This is an exclusive given to me by the Jahtari kids themselves. jahtari.org.

22’05 – J Dilla – Make Em NV (instrumental). Yep. jdilla.org.

23’20 – 9th Wonder – Track 07. Off the marginally infamous “Black Album Rejects” beat tape that floated around forever ago. myspace.com/9thwondermusic.

This is clearly the best beat tape episode yet, and it has nothing to do with me. Thanks to all the artists for contributing tracks, and I was serious in the outro. I want to know what you think about this. Let me know.

ps – in case you missed the first two in the series, check here: beat tape vol 1, and vol 2.

20 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 72 – BEAT TAPE VOL 3

  1. Yes, this was good stuff man. Umm, seeing as you were doing stuff from around the planet, has this got any connection with that global mixtape you were talking about on a previous Ep? If it is, it’s gonna be a damn good Ep! Oh and sorry if that Gil Scott Heron interview didn’t work ( I see you got some in the Ep :) ), the video was removed due to some copyright laws

  2. Mr Underground – nah, actually, it just happened. I had just mixed everything down and just realized that there were people from all over on this episode. I actually recorded this joint a good 2-3 weeks ago, but there is some connection to the global one. And yeah, that pissed me off, too – I was really interested in seeing that interview. Hopefully it goes up somewhere else.

  3. Yes, actually, the guy who posted it on youtube (Sirnoze), has a PAL and a NTSC version himself, last time i checked (2004), it might be worth a shot and he said to e-mail him if you wanted the actual tape, the e-mail is john@brandautopsy.com. Hope this helped.

  4. Oh and I just went onto Suburb’s myspace, the stuff is hot man, like you said, but I wanted to know if he got an album out (by the way, I got his mixtape from his record label, Loud Minority Music, which is also pretty hot too), if he has, it’d be great if you could give me some link or something. Peace, and sorry if I’m posting too much…

    P.S. I don’t know if this comment came up twice, but on my computer, it wasn’t working, so I posted it again

  5. AHOY There! Yea I agree this beat tape smashed the other beat tapes straight in da jaw!
    My tops were Gil, Alf, and Suburb ofcourse! Then definately Dilla and 9th wonder cuz they’re always tops on my list! Still working on the site but the online comics should be up soon, hit me with a contract address and I’ll send you sum hard copies too! B- EZ


  6. MR U – no, keep em coming! If I get a chance I might try to holler at that dude. And yeah, sometimes the spam filter will hold a comment if it’s not sure if it’s spam or not. It goes into a queue and emails me to doublecheck it, so sometimes your comment won’t post immediately. You should be able to prevent that by registering, though.

    And nah, Suburb doesn’t have an album out, from what I know. I do think he has some beats out on iTunes, and I know for a fact he’s got beats for sale, all you MCs would do well to get at him.

    brer – yeah man! I saw your site a while back with the show player plugged into your site. Good looking out! shoot me an email via the contact form and I’ll get you that address.

  7. Dex:

    I agree with you — this is the best beat episode you’ve put on.
    I wasn’t feeling the Jahtari tracks, but I listened to them all
    the same. That Alf-Alpha was off the rip, and I especially liked
    the Gil Scott-Heron. Suburb’s work is nice too. As always, I’m
    thankful for the work you put in to make the show happen.


    The Good Doctor

  8. Oh, and if you want, check out ‘the beatmaker’ ( under suburb ), his mixtape is pretty good too. And by the way, for both, if you just wanna hear them first, right click and click ‘open in new window’ but you gonna have to wait a bit for it to load, but it’s worth it, don’t worry!
    Alright, that’s it.. maybe.. phew, that’s a lotta posts for one guy but anyway….
    Peace ;)

  9. Oh damn! My first comment got deleted! O.K., What I was saying was that, for those of you who like suburb, check out this link and then right-click on one of his mixtapes ( don’t worry dex, they’re not as good as yours ;) ) and click ‘save target as…’ :
    Man, I hope it works this time…

  10. yo – yeah, sometimes the spam filter will catch things if it’s not sure if they’re spam or not. I added a note above the comment box to let people know about that. It’s something I needed to do anyway, so thanks for reminding me.

    Bombae – thanks. I have a little bit more of Alf-Alpha’s shit, so damn, if you all like it, I’ll see if I can’t con him into letting me put some more out there. And Suburb…beats for days. Volume 4 is definitely happening.

  11. This is alf alpha and I am 22 years old. You can pick up my first album “Volume One” at http://www.myspace.com/alfalpha. Its has 31 tracks on it …mostly mentals. I am almost finished will volume two so if you like electro funk then get your dancing shoes out. Peace and as always thanks for the support.

  12. alf alpha – you commercial-ass motherfucker. no seriously though I had to put this joint in because I was looping this joint over and over again. And volume two? Make sure I get a copy of that.

    Suburb – shit, son, you use the internet?!

  13. Found the site while searching for some J Dilla info. I’ll keep coming back its some good stuff. For your Dad the Soultronica 4 has some Grace Jones at the start. Thats for the old folks with the dollars.

  14. Dex, I messed up, it was Mixtape 70 the New Soul show that was for your Dad and all the older folks with some cash.

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