Okay, clinic so this episode is a bit late this time, unhealthy but trust me, cialis 40mg it’s worth it. In celebration of your favorite hip-hop podcast hitting its 40th episode, and to satisfy all you loopdiggers out there, this episode is the first-ever Beattape Edition. Names to listen for in this episode: Madlib, Suburb, Dudley Perkins, Sam Sever, etc. Over 15 beats, and an exclusive appearance of THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH!!!

So since there’s so much track switching up in here, I’ll just give you a timeline along with some comments.

0’00 – Sam Sever – Tonight (dub joint). Maybe best known for his work with the Beastie Boys back back in the day. Dude has some fucking skills, and from what I understand, he’s still at it and probably available if you’ve got a project. Holler at him at www.myspace.com/samsever.

3’50 – Platonic - Alternate Thursday. Some of you will recognize this from a few episodes ago when I was talking over it. I got so many emails and shit about that joint that I put it up here. www.soundincolor.com.

6’45 – Suburb - Feel Me. The first of the Suburb beat snippets. Kind of a prodigy with this Fruityloops shit. Look out for an interview with the kid pretty soon. His beats are watermarked*, so no jacking. www.myspace.com/suburbproduce.

7’30 – Madlib - Understanding. Three words regarding the record this joint comes off of – BUY BUY BUY. The record is just that hot. Madlib is pretty much a genius. stonesthrow.com.

8’50 – Suburb - Warning. More Suburb, featuring the Juggernaut Bitch!!! treatment by yours truly. Don’t you know who I am?!

9’50 – The Earl – The Earl in Technicolor. This is actually the last 2/3 of the track, and both beats in the track are his. As if you couldn’t guess, Sound in Color has been supporting your boy since way back with all the exclusives. I’ve still got a bag of tricks from these dudes up my sleeve yet…just wait for it. Nice grooves from the Earl on this one though. www.soundincolor.com.

Shoutout from Damon of Tha Faculty on here as well.

12’30 – Dudley Perkins – Funky. Produced by Madlib. I know that this is supposed to be a beattape, but I can bend the rules because 1) this is some hot shit here and 2) it’s my show, get your own assholes. The Dudley Perkins record is another CD with BUY BUY BUY written all over it. Dudley’s half-rapped, half-spoken lyrics really bring something new to the table, which, in case you hadn’t guessed, is kind of what this show is all about. www.stonesthrow.com.

15’30 – Suburb - Brown Study Instrumental. I remember hearing this shit in the summer of 04 and absolutely not believing that anyone would ever be stupid enough to rhyme over it. Turns out Che took the beat and turned it into what we now know as Brown Study, which is, oddly enough, a great song. Kinda weird, but great. The intro on this one is amazing.

Return of the Juggernaut BITCH!!

17’20 – Suburb - Untitled Beats from the Spring Tape. I’m sick of writing, just listen. Do pay attention to what happens at 18’30, though. That might be my favorite Suburb beat in a minute. Dirty as hell. You Fruityloops junkies need to step up your drum programming. www.myspace.com/suburbproduce

20’30 – Alf-Alpha – Solar. I must have had this shit on repeat for an hour before I had the presence of mind to call him up and put this joint on the show. I hear he’s got some CD project in the works that features like 70 tracks, one minute each, all styles of beats. Anyone out there want to hear that? Check Alf-Alpha out at www.myspace.com/alfalpha – make sure to check out “Whore” as well.

23’00 – Cook – Stanley Clark Instrumental. You’ve heard him here before, and representing the Beat Locker once again, Cook (used to go by Captain Cook, now it’s apparently just Cook) brings us this EQ’ed-out soul sample flip. Don’t get me wrong, I am all over that synth driven shit (just wait till I knock yall over with the Southern episode), but it seems like the sample driven shit is really what people have been getting at me with recently. www.thebeatlocker.com.

24’20 – Chester Copperpot – Again. More watermark. You’ve heard Chester Copperpot on here before, and if you don’t know who he is yet, you really need to step your game up. This dude is quickly becoming one of Chicago’s most important producers. Do yourself a favor and check out www.evproductions.net.

* Shoutouts to chinesepod.com, since I used their podcast to watermark a few beats. On the off chance that you’re studying Chinese, this is actually a pretty dope site. Highly Recommended (TM).

All right, that’s it for this week. Be on the lookout for some totally next-direction shit coming your way quite soon, as well as a possible increase of shows per week. Also, I may be doing another one of these beattape editions, if enough people ask me to. Hint, hint. Pay attention.


  1. BIG UPS DEX!!! Thanks for your continued support of Sound in Color! Got some new heat your way…so stay tuned.

    Go to Turntablelab.com for all SIC releases…just search for Sound in Color!

  2. JTW – thanks.

    And jesus, Jon wasn’t kidding. Everybody stay tuned for what is dropping in the next couple weeks…damn.

  3. Just found your site thru a link on Crunktastical.blogsot.com

    Dope. I can’t wait to get home and go through the archives.

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