Damn, ampoule somethin’s got me all chilled out and ish. Whatever though, pharm I’m not complaining. I got back recently from a quick trip to the Yay, price and it was all good, except for when I thought it would be a good idea to go to Monterey. That is a terrible city and I will never go there again, but Oakland, Berkeley, and SF, I’m down with that. Peace to all the people I met and broke bread with, peace to Local 2 and the UFW, and stay offa that Gallo wine, no joke.

Anyway, back to that hip-hop music. It’s late and your boy is tired, but just cause I’m all calm and ish doesn’t mean that the selection ain’t hot. I didn’t get to mention the second track in the podcast, but the Trek Life freestyle is hot, you need to check that one.

opening beat – Specifics – Craig’s House bonus beat – myspace.com/specifics
Binary Star – Reality Check – subterraneousrecords.com – amazing wordplay. You’re going to have to rewind this a few times to catch it all, trust me.
Trek Life – Freestyle f/ Mykestro – myspace.com/treklife – this one is hot.
Serengeti – Mad Whimsy – daybyday ent – the rest of this CD is nuts too. I’ma have to interview this dude…
Specifics – Craig’s House – myspace.com/specifics – these dudes gave me like 6 mp3s and all of em were hot. what’s in the water in Canada?
Nite – Life – strictlyclever.com – Has anyone else out there heard her street mixtape? Ish is kinda nice…
Shu f/ Felicia Faye – Feel For You – The Bakery, Ltd.

Thanks as usual to the artists and labels, off hand Azar at daybyday for hooking it up with the Serengeti joint (let’s see about that interview), and Parker at The Bakery Ltdfor coming through at the last minute with the last joint (Feel For You).

Be on the lookout for the next two episodes. They already in planning, and they already hot. Damn!


Yo, refractionist what it is? I got a couple of things to drop on you all today.

Listen to

First, salve I’m currently compiling material for the second and third episodes of the mixtape. I might be able to get another couple tracks in, so if anyone out there has somethin they want me to hear, get at me. Be looking for the first new drop in the coming week.

Second, although not all of the artists that are featured on here have sites (or even working phones, damn), some do. I’m gonna do my best to link you all up with info on each artist so that you can get more of their material without having to google around for it. With that in mind, then, I gotta give a shout out to Akir – you heard him last week – you can check some of his tracks on that site, for free. And if you’re in the D.C. area, you might even be able to catch him live on the 27th.
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