Video – Kanye West – Stronger


This is apparently Kanyeezy’s newest video, medications for Stronger.

I’m a little conflicted on this one. On one hand, it’s got all the ingredients needed for a hot video:

* Daft Punk
* Akira (apparently recreating a particular scene, no less)
* Futuristic setting
* Japan
* Random, scantily-clad women that have nothing to do with the song or video

But somehow it’s not quite there for me. It’s pretty good, but given the above components, this should be stellar. Instead, it comes off as being sort of B minus-ish.

What do you think?

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16 thoughts on “Video – Kanye West – Stronger

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  2. Eh. Maybe Kanye is finally had his cherry popped to a genre of eye candy that is decades old and tryin’ to hip the newbies to it. The video was dope, but I agree that there is certain “idunnowut” missing from it. I can’t wait to see what he does after watchin’ Ghost In The Shell or Ninja Scroll then ;) All I can say is, The Graduate is gonna be so sick!! I can’t wait…

  3. Yeah, I’d like to know what the story was behind deciding to go for the Akira throwback. Is Kanyeezy a closet anime fanboy? I don’t even want to imagine.

    GHOST IN THE SHELL THOUGH. Man that movie was the BUSINESS. Just a few months ago back in Guangdong I bought a bootleg DVD set of Stand Alone Complex off a man on the street for like a dollar and some change. He swore up and down that it had Chinese subtitles, but when I brought it home it had no text tracks and only one audio track – Cantonese. Had half a mind to track him down and beat his ass but then I remembered that it cost me a dollar and some change.

    If anybody makes a Ghost In The Shell throwback rap video, I’ll officially cosign that. Unless it’s Ja Rule or something.

  4. I’ve never met a “cool” person who didn’t like anime. I dug the video. Love the glasses he’s wearin’…looks techno-ish.

  5. Actually, I was going to say something about those shades, too. Something looks familiar about them, but I can’t place it. They look like they’re absolutely useless as far as protecting your eyes from UV rays, but I’d wear ‘em.

  6. I actually found myself liking this song .. i haven’t been into what he’s been up to, but i think this joint here might be alright. I was sittin here with wifey and she was dissin his style in the video, but i was like ‘o, this joint aight’ – i guess its different. Even the ‘Cant Tell Me Nothin’ track is fire. – WHAT UP DEX, thanx for the support on the bloggage.

  7. YES. Check the end of this youtube video. So they got em in white AND black – now I need to know where I can buy a pair. Anyone got a lead on these? I’m actually serious about buying these now.

  8. -I found this song and vid to be weak-stuff. I’m sick of all these simple similies about the sixth sense like Technique said in “Creating & Destruction”. And it’s true.
    -Rappers & all other forms of artists use this 14th Century European images and mythology to explain how “hood, or righteous or how ‘close’ to God they feel”. But its never any other God than this pagan-Christian stuff.
    -Lemme explain, and you can research this yourself if you are skeptical, most people don’t know that 95% of Christianity is Egypt mythology, spun, chopped, cut and reworded! Including the story of Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact, the “crucification” of Jesus is one of the olders myth rite in human history! India, Greece, Asia, Athens, Middle East, Africa, Egypt, and many more places, have had a ‘Prophet” killed and ‘crucified’! All born on Dec. 25th, all resurrected.
    -The point I am making here is that everyone, especially in America, have an outdated, un-original, 14th century mind! Supersticions, myths, boo hoo ghosts in the closet… none of it is real. The IS A REAL PRESENCE IN THE UNIVERSE, but we don’t know about it cuz we’re too dumb getting our inspiration from Kanye West??
    -Throwback images, taken from a revolutionary anime like AKIRA, weak song; no emotion of inspiration, and some model girls in some tube? I dont know what that was about.
    +Bottom line, Creativity is what made Ancient monuments, Creativity is what discovered Planetary Alignment, Creativity is what makes Revolution possible, Creativity s what brings about the best in Humanity. But you don’t “GET” Creativity, you make it!! And by sitting on your computer all day, or watching T.V. (namely reality TV), you will never achieve any true identity or unique personality, cuz that’s ALSO SOMETHING YOU HAVE TO CREATE.. CREATe-IVITY!!

  9. Nobody gives a fuck where christianity was spun from and it has shit to do with the video. What made you start typing? You should be making a video for one of those great songs on your myspace page…

  10. man, Kanye is working harder to get icon status. he’s trying to transcend hip hop and imprint his mark on culture itself. too bad the quality of his output is suffering though.

    you can’t be all things to all people and that’s the direction he’s gone in. this video seems to have one theme only: “how much cool shit can we cram into 3 minutes?” that’s it. and that’s a pop mentality. lowest common denominator.

    the 80′s vibe is funny though. I grow up then, and the best things to come out of that decade were the golden age of hip hop and Vanessa Williams’ Penthouse spread……and maybe the Cosby Show. those new wave shades had me laughing. I expect to see at least one fashion victim in them this summer.

    back to the video. flashy, but not memorable. it won’t leave a lasting impression like Jesus Walks (pick a version).

  11. RBeezy – interesting point about Kanye’s attempt at pop idol status. I mean, I can think of worse people for kids to be emulating, so it’s not all bad.

    If there is any justice in this world, then I will be one of those fashion victims this summer. I still haven’t figured out where to buy one. I’m going to end up having to make my own goddamn pair out of popsicle sticks and elmer’s wood glue.

    HAHAHAHA Sara. Obviously NauJ didn’t realize that he was interrupting a very serious conversation about fashionable eyewear.

    (but yeah, nauj, like i was saying earlier about the video – it’s cool, but missing that “spark”. That’s on the director though.)

  12. My friend is going to sell shades very similar to kanye´s glasses in the Stronger video (the striped ones),

    They will be sold for approximately 128 $.

    Send him an email if you are interested or if u want to pre-order.

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