Tanya Morgan / Hardcore Gentlemen

So yeah, hospital for those of you who caught the Skate Tape, this is the video from Tanya Morgan’s Hardcore Gentlemen.

Apparently as if making up a pretend city wasn’t enough, these dudes made up a pretend rap group that supposedly existed 15 years ago, and a pretend video for that pretend group, and a pretend video show that showed that pretend video, and then they pretend got pretend permission from the pretend video and made a pre…you know what, just watch the video.

Tanya Morgan – Hardcore Gentlemen.

I mean, I could sorta do without the intro, but it’s still funny. I still haven’t heard the whole record, but I don’t know, maybe I should go get it. What I have heard thus far is kinda good.

As a side note, the Tanya Morgan name shouldn’t be new to you at all if you’ve been following the show for a while. Check the archives.

Realest like Bruce Willis.

Nihongo Rap Breakdown – Seeda – Dear Japan

A lot of people have been asking me what the deal is with Japanese hip-hop1 is, web I’ve been sort of meaning to do this for a while, so let’s get into it – a proper (sort of) review/breakdown on a Japanese rap joint (ps – “Nihongo” = Japanese for “Japanese language”).

So let me make something clear upfront.

First off, after being here for over a year, I think I can say with confidence that a large portion of Japanese hip-hop is not very good2. I would actually go as far to say that a good portion of it is actually completely unlistenable, and that any non-native speaker of Japanese who claims to prefer Japanese rap over, say, its American counterpart is either very very familiar with the underground scene here, or lacks musical taste.2.5

This coming from someone who only has Japanese rap in his mp3 player.

Second, I should also say here if someone asked me who my favorite Japanese rapper was, at this point in time I’d have to say Seeda. It is also an undisputable fact my opinion that his last album is a landmark record in Japanese rap history, is the best Japanese rap record out right now, and is going to be a major force in what happens over the next couple years in the scene. So if you want to call me biased, sure, I’m biased. But then again, I’m not really known for talking much on this site about things I don’t like.

Second point five, people who have been following the show might recognize the Seeda from the mildly infamous Niggas and Bitches episode (Seeda isn’t the rapper whose lyrics I took up, though – that was Oki). Yes, this is the dude who shared a mic with that rapper in the video. Possibly something to keep in mind as you read this.

Third, I’m going to try to avoid making really broad generalizations about Japanese society/politics – partially because such generalizations aren’t possible, and partially because if you wanna know more about society/politics, there are better places to learn about that than from me. As good as I am at hiding it, I actually don’t know anything about anything, and encourage you to do your own research.

So, on to the track itself. This one is called Dear Japan, by Seeda, produced by Bach Logic. I actually heard this maybe four or so months ago when Seeda put it up for a couple days on his myspace, and actually liked it enough to want to drop it on the show. Didn’t happen, obviously.

Okay, let’s get to the video already:

Seeda – Dear Japan (prod. Bach Logic)

The first thing that you will notice is that dude stares at the camera for like fifteen full seconds before he even says a word. If I may be permitted to say something here about dude (Seedaさん、気を悪くしないで下さいね), dude kinda has a crazy look in his eye. And he continues to make really skurry faces at the camera for the whole video. So if that makes you uncomfortable, yeah.

Lyrical breakdown, background, and wild, baseless speculations after the jump.
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Suburban Sprawl: Donwill – Night Time

As always, site staying busy. I do have some good news – a lot, sovaldi sale actually, which will hopefully take shape into something concrete and show up in this space soon.

But first, something I am actually really excited about. Dig the video for the first leaked track (is this a single, kid?) off the Suburban Sprawl record:

Donwill – Night Time (produced by SuhBURB).

I’ve heard bits and pieces of the record, and trust me, it gets even better than what you see and hear above. For those of you who were asking for more SuhBURB – hold tight, just a few more days..

I hear it’s dropping on Wednesday. Hell or high water, they say.

Also, the visuals is pretty nice.

Jay Electronica Live

too late, cialis you already missed him:

Jay Electronica’s performance of “…because he broke the rules” at Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Awards 2008

I realize that in some senses UK has overall better taste in music right now than we do, healing and I’m happy that Jay got out there to do his thing, but seriously, somebody back home needs to give this dude a chance.

I mean, the Beeb is already up on this. You can hear this set to music on the first Jay Electronica podcast posted here – about 9 minutes in. Danke.

And while we’re at it:

Blu – Just Another Day.

Here’s a joint that never quite made it to Below The Heavens. Pretty interesting concept behind the video – I mean, it may all be centered around passing around a joint (stay in school and off drugs, kids), but the message itself is a good look. Recommended – and if you’ve forgotten where you first heard Blu, you might want to check the Mixtape Show archive for more Blu and refresh your memory.

And some good news – sounds like I’ve got some more giveaways coming up soon. As always, Facebook group members get first crack, so jump on that. Also check the official Mixtape Show Facebook page.

Actually, speaking of Facebook, here’s an ad I caught yesterday:

oh hell no.