That’s right. When you run as dope a show as mine is, syphilis you get to redeclare summer, visit this site and nobody bats a motherfucking eye.

This episode, migraine as you probably noticed, is the Summer Mixtape – yet another concept episode. Basically the concept here is a typical summer day – I won’t get all nostalgic about summers spent during my middle school years – you know, ice cream, running through sprinklers, and coke binges, you get the idea. One day, one mixtape. Here we go.


4:35 AM: Eulorhythmics – Good Life (Intro). Yeah, I probably coulda put this one at the end, but damn, it’s such a dope intro that I had to switch it up. This is the joint you wake up to, before the sun wakes up. This is off their EP, which, incidentally, is probably up there with the best shit I’ve heard this month. Highly recommended, and there should be an interview with one of the members of Eulo fairly soon – watch out for that. allnatural.com.

6:30 AM: Steve Spacek – The Hills. Dawn’s broke like a minute ago, but nobody’s really awake yet – this is the joint you ride your bike around the block to, because you feel like it, and anyway you don’t have a driver’s license yet. I was about to play “Dollar”, but a) you’ve all probably already heard that and b) I don’t know, I couldn’t help thinking about Reaganomics every time I listened to it. More science from Sound In Color. Hope you guys aren’t mad that I played singing on the rap show. If you are, fuck off.

Shoutout to Fresh, by the way. I see you.

High Noon: Exile f/ Jontel – Summertime in LA. I’ll fully admit that this one is a little odd. Still, though, it’s sort of oddly catchy, and definitely on some weird next level yet familiar shit. Every time I listen to this I think of Costco. I have no idea why, because I don’t really like Costco that much. But I like this song. This one definitely goes at noon, though. Haven’t heard much about Jontel, but we all know Exile here, right? Right. soundincolor.com.

2:30 PM: Lawless Element f/ J Dilla – Love. Yeah. It’s early afternoon, you’re thirteen, somebody just stole your Pokemon cards, and you’re about to ride on the motherfuckers. That’s what the fuck I’m talking about. Have you ever bought a Wal-Mart CD with the edits, and realized that the edits make the song a bit better? That’s the case with this one – the bleep edits actually make Dilla’s (who, as one would expect, totally outshines everyone in this song) part a lot more interesting. I never got to listen to this whole album, but the parts I did hear were pretty good – easily recommendable if you like this track. babygrande.com.

6:30 PM: DJ DMD f/ Screwed Up Click (Chopped by DJ Ryno). And this one rounds out the show – late afternoon, just maxin in the Rite-Aid parking lot with your cheap-ass ride. I came really, really close to saving this one for a slowed & chopped episode, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to doing that – if anyone wants to get at me with some of that shit, definitely holler at me about that. This one is pretty much a classic in my opinion, though. RIP Screw and Pat.

Oh, and the outro beat is courtesy alf-alpha. Believe that.

Well, there it goes. You can call my approach cheesy, but you can’t front on the quality of the joints themselves.

Nominate the Mixtape Show

Oh, as an aside – make sure to listen to the end of the show, since there are some instructions on nominating the Mixtape Show for a Podcast Award. I’m not trying to go for the prizes or personal fame here, but really it’s all about spreading the word and making sure that any artists featured on here get as much exposure and positive momentum from being on here as possible, yaoming? Plus the bigger this show gets, the more you get to be like “oh yeah I listened to that shit back in the day”, etc.

So, here’s the basic instructions:

1. Click here to go to the Podcast Awards Nomination Section

2. Scroll down to the “Podsafe Music” category, on the left and the third from the bottom.

. Fill in the fields – the show is obviously “The Mixtape Show” and the URL is “http://www.mixtapeshow.net”.

Nominations close July 15th, so make that shit happen now. Voting should start after that, so I’ll keep yall posted if the show gets in there.

And that’s pretty much it – I do this for yall, so any support you all can give me is much appreciated and will help me keep doing my thing here.


Oh yeah, and fuck an independence day.

6 thoughts on “EPISODE 42 – SUMMER MIXTAPE

  1. Really feelin’ the grooves and the diversity. You got my vote. Thanks for the substance Dex.

  2. This is what I am talking about…I will definately get up and talk about a ad..Really feelin the show..

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