MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 4: O.C. interview part 2

MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 4: O.C. interview part 2

I am having way too much fun doing this. This is the second half of that O.C. interview you heard last week. As I mentioned before, dermatologist I got two new exclusives – for all you herbs out there, that means that ain’t nobody heard this outside of O.C. and his closest associates – and now me and you. Here’s the track list of the songs that are in this episode:

Guns & Butter (Smoke and Mirrors) – exclusive
Dangerous (Jewelz)
Born 2 Live (Word…Life)
Rap Dudes (Smoke and Mirrors) – extra goddamned exclusive!

I’ll have some more info about the upcoming album (and the U.S. tour) as soon as that information is available. Special thanks to O.C. and Greg at All City for making this one possible.

I put this one up in 96kbps, so let me know how it sounds to you all quality wise. I’m just tryin to save y’all on them Windows 3.1 machines and 33.6k dialup some stress, knawwmean?

Anyway, I’m up to the bay for a minute, and I’ll be back on the grind as soon as I get back in. Expect a new episode next week, right on schedule. Holler at me.

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