Sorry for the slacking last week – actually I wasn’t slacking, sick I just got hella (yes hella) busy. I’m caught up on my email, prescription summer is coming, there’s hella (yes hella) new things in the works around here, and I am definitely feeling things right now.

Notes from the show:

Yes Gs and Es, there is now a Mixtape Show Facebook Group. Click here to join, add your favorite episodes to your profile, network, promote your tunes/movement/whatever, or just talk rap music. You can even grab episodes to play on your profile (shouts to Numair)!

The Video Podcast. I am now making this official. I am slowly assembling a team of people and this shit is really going down. The livest hip-hop audio podcast is about to become the livest audio and video podcast on the webterfuge. Please believe me. If you have videos – indie artists, labels, whatever – now is the time to make me aware of them. I’ll post an official solicitation soon – but for the time being, get ready.

And now, the tracklist.
(intro: Herbie Hancock – Chameleon (Jeremy Ellis remix)

E da Boss and Nick Andre – Things Change feat Nebulus. I have been meaning to put this one out for so long it’s not even funny. The mixtape is definitely nice. Nick – do you guys still like me out there? Let’s build. slepton.net

Hell Razah – Project Jazz feat Talib Kweli and MF Doom. I’m not sure who produced this one, but it’s quite good. Even Talib, who I have been absolutely not liking recently, comes correct on this joint. Shouts to Erin for the link on this track. myspace.com/razahrubies.

O.C. – Point of Viewz (snippet). Wow, where have I heard this? myspace.com/ocdaphenomenon.

Quasimoto – Seasons Change feat Madlib. Damn, I forgot how hot this record was. There’s not a lot of artists out there that can get away with some of the weird things that Madlib does with his records – I remember being really frustrated with “Another Demo Tape” because I didn’t want to hear that lady singing about cleaning kitchens or whatever the fuck tomfoolery Mad put in there, I wanted to hear people rap over the goddamn beat because it was hot. This joint though – consider it a preview to the Summer Mixtape, 07 edition. myspace.com/lordquas.

MF Doom – Deep Fried Frenz. MM..Food was a pretty ridiculous album. I remember reading somewhere that Doom had made beats by just taping shit off of BET Jazz commercials. myspace.com/mfdoom.

Lords of the Underground
– Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time (Make It Funky).
Yep. Kinda the alternate/b-side version of the version whose instrumental you hear in the outro. myspace.com/lordsoftheunderground1.

So there’s this week! And I meant it about the video podcast thing – any ideas, holler at a ballar in the comments section.



So this episode features absolutely no rapping. Yep.

I get a lot of email and IMs from people asking me how I do my show, phthisiatrician what sort of software I use, how I get new music, and so on. So here’s yet another spinoff series (how many are there now? damn): The Blueprint. In Vol 1, we’re going to be covering how to start up and approach your very own podcast, from the mechanics to your own mindset.

A lot of this is philosophical and theoretical, so if that doesn’t interest you, that’s fine. You can just listen to me talk over the beats. As an added bonus, almost every bit of software I recommend in this show is free.

Here’s the beat tracklist:

Capital D – Blow Instrumental [Intro]
Verse – G Wilikers Instrumental [Gmail]
O.C. - Yes Sir Instrumental. [Audio Editor]
Critical Madness – Meal Tickets pt. 2 Instrumental [Feedburner]
oh come on now you know who this is. [Blog]
Morcheeba – Post Houmous [Network]
Judah Christ – Unheard Of [Originality]
Omni – Baterie Instrumental [Skype]
The Prodigy – Firestarter Instrumental (sample) [FTP Client]
J Dilla – Over The Breaks [Consideration]
John Fahey – My Shepherd Will Supply My Needs (sample) [Independence]
Brother Ali - Truth Is Instrumental [Individuality]
J Dilla - Love Jones [Responsibility]
Mark O’Connor – Opus 14: False Dawn (sample) [Microphone]
Baba & Yako – Feel The Change [Outro]

And that’s it for this week. Hit up the comments section and let me know what you think. Oh yeah – there’ll be another music episode coming out in a few days, for those of you that were freaked out from the break in format here. (And keep in mind – these tools work for whatever kind of show you want to do – not just a hip-hop podcast!)

Software mentioned in the show: (free unless otherwise stated)

FTP Clients – Cyberduck [mac], SmartFTP [pc]
Internet Phone – Skype (you need to buy credit to call outside lines)
Voice Recorders – Audio Hijack (free version available) [mac], HotRecorder ($25ish)[pc]
Audio Editors – Audacity [all platforms], Garageband [mac], Adobe Audition (expensive) [pc]
Feed Management – Feedburner
Gmail – Gmail. Come on son.
Blog – WordPress.



Damn. Hectic couple of weeks. New Years involved me losing about $300 worth of equipment, recuperation but at least I got to cut somebody’s face up over it. That was pretty fun. Anybody out there do anything less expensive/destructive?

Anyway, life this episode took me a bit to get out, more about but it’s definitely hot. For those of you who liked that hood-type shit in the last episode, this is a similar outlook, but with a more laid back, “conscious” type vibe. And for all those of you who came here searching for O.C. the television show and not O.C. the rapper, don’t worry because one of these days I’m gonna do an entire episode and dedicate it to the suburbs. Orange County represent (?)

Y’all know the drill – download the show or just play it in the browser, and follow along with the tracks to get all the info you need on any artist you happen to be interested in.

First one up this week is Get Right Clik, out the ATL. The group might be a new name to you, but the production team behind this joint – Bread and Water – probably shouldn’t be, as they’ve done instros for Pac, David Banner, Goodie Mob, et al. This joint came to me in a slimline CD case featuring this joint and snippets of some others, pretty much all of which were hot. I remember Oh Lord also being pretty ill…maybe we can get that joint for a future show? Not a whole lot of information is available on them right now, but they do have a site placeholder up at intenseent.com..
Get Right Clik – This Is.

Homebodies – Live Larger than Life
No, it’s not screwed and chopped, it’s just running about about twelve BPM. The second joint also comes to us out of the ATL, courtesy of the Homebodies. I had been talking to A-Bomb (first verse on the track) a miiiinute ago about getting this shit on the show, and hadn’t gotten around to dropping one on there yet. Definitely recommended, and this isn’t even the single. They have a soundclick page, but that’s all I could find…

This joint comes from the Florida group Asamov, which I think might be a reference to Isaac Asimov, except, you know, more “ethnic”. The weird out-of-tune sounding horns on the instro here took a bit to get used to, but the shit definitely grew on me. The lyric game on this joint is definitely on point too, check some of the punchlines and hooks in the middle of the track. They’re billing themselves as that “true school” genre, and at the very least they have the good taste in ghettoblasters to back it up. Check them out at myspace.com/asamov..
Asamov – Hook Slide.

Action – Doing Wrong
This joint came to me as an mp3 in an email with pretty much no information attached whatsoever, but I had to follow up with my man Ulyssees and see what was good with this artist. Turns out dude’s name is Action, and he’s been doing a lot of touring – and probably woulda inked a major deal had he not been shot and temporarily paralyzed in January 2001. He’s back on his grind though, and the track is definitely hot. More info is available at union-ave-ent.com.

O to the motherfucking C is back in the building. If you all missed the exclusive pre-album interview that I did with Diggin In The Crates hero O.C., you need to go back and listen to that. This joint is off of the Japan-only Starchild, which never saw the light of day in the States due to some sample clearance issues. Only a few people got physical copies of that shit, and thanks to Mahlon at Grit Records, your boy was one of them – so now the only place to get the album is through alternative methods – such as this show. If you liked the subject matter of O.C.’s classic Born to Live, this one is in that same vein. And if you’re still sleeping on his new release, Guns and Butter, stop that shit and go cop up. I’ve only heard parts of it, but from what I have heard, it is definitely worth owning. Mahlon, get at me, aight? gritrecords.com
O.C. – Getaway.

THC – Let the World Know
Damn, here goes another ATL joint, making episode #23 50% Atlanta status. ATL please stand the fuck up, kthx. I really can’t think of any better joint to close out this episode than this one. Not just because it’s uplifting and all that, but the beat is ill and catchy as all hell, and the lyrics are definitely on point as well. This one is from the somewhat unambigiously named T.H.C., off a self-released album called Available on eBay. I checked on eBat and couldn’t find it, but if you get a chance to actually cop it, you should. This is one of those underground, basement produced albums that beats about 80% of commercial shit out there. What up Kofi? Yeah, I liked this record that much – enough so that I’m probably gonna have to ask dudes to bless the mixtape show with at least one other joint. Looks like they don’t have a site just yet, but if they do I’ll post it up here.

Got-damn, that’s it for episode #23. The next episode is more than likely gonna be an interview, so those of y’all who have been asking for that type of shit, hang on tight, it’s coming. And speaking of interviews, be expecting some very exclusive/amazing shit coming your way very very soon courtesy of the mixtape show. Shoutouts go to everyone who made this episode happen, and all the supporters. Matt, Nick, I see you – all the labels and indie companies that got at me recently, we’ll get some shit done, that’s a bet.

Industry people – if you’re trying to get down with the mixtape show, get at me – the show is constantly expanding, and there may be room for you or your ish in an upcoming project. holllerrrr

Use the link below to subscribe to this hip-hop podcast in iTunes and never miss an episode of the mixtape show. It’s free, bastards:

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MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 4: O.C. interview part 2

MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 4: O.C. interview part 2

I am having way too much fun doing this. This is the second half of that O.C. interview you heard last week. As I mentioned before, dermatologist I got two new exclusives – for all you herbs out there, that means that ain’t nobody heard this outside of O.C. and his closest associates – and now me and you. Here’s the track list of the songs that are in this episode:

Guns & Butter (Smoke and Mirrors) – exclusive
Dangerous (Jewelz)
Born 2 Live (Word…Life)
Rap Dudes (Smoke and Mirrors) – extra goddamned exclusive!

I’ll have some more info about the upcoming album (and the U.S. tour) as soon as that information is available. Special thanks to O.C. and Greg at All City for making this one possible.

I put this one up in 96kbps, so let me know how it sounds to you all quality wise. I’m just tryin to save y’all on them Windows 3.1 machines and 33.6k dialup some stress, knawwmean?

Anyway, I’m up to the bay for a minute, and I’ll be back on the grind as soon as I get back in. Expect a new episode next week, right on schedule. Holler at me.