First off, recipe thanks to those that voted in the Podcast Awards. They should be announcing in a few days, discount but regardless of the outcome, I appreciate the support.

This episode we return to the Beatjacks & Remixes concept – if for some reason you didn’t catch the first one, you can hear it here - right after you check this one. Let’s get into it…


Paul Wall – And Then What Remix feat Coota Bang and Archie Lee. I don’t know that this is the official title for this thing, but this came off of the People’s Champ sampler, which stayed in my CD deck a lot longer than his actual CD did. Say what you want about his nursery school rhymes, I find Paw Waww to be a pleasant listening experience, thank you very much. This joint shows what kind of shit Swishahouse was (is?) really capable of. djpaulwall.com.

Superiority Complex – Butter. Yes, as in they re-did the old Tribe joint. This takes balls, and apparently they have these in, uh, large, uh, supply. Some backpackers out there might scream sacrilege, but I dig this one. You’ve heard them here before – check them out in the First Impressions episode. myspace.com/superioritycomplexmusic.

Hell Razah – Freestyle. Off of his pre-album sampler, which somebody decided not to tag the filenames on, so I don’t know what it’s supposed to be called. But got-damn the opening bars on this one go hard. “I’m sick of marching in these rallies“…Cosign. myspace.com/razahrubiez.

Nas/Dextrus – Made You Look (CMP Remix). Got this joint a long time ago from Dextrus. Dude’s a software engineer by trade, but that doesn’t stop him from getting down behind the boards. myspace.com/dextrusdalabassistant.

Jay Electronica - My World (Nas Salute). The mystery kid shows up again, courtesy of Andres pointing out some of his leaked work. A little less surreal than the last offering perhaps, but still pretty damn out there. myspace.com/jayelectronica.

Pharrell – When Skateboard Came. Off the mixtape he and DJ Drama did some time back. I’m not sure what it was that made me like this cut so much, but it’s just ridiculous. There’s a reason that Skateboard P stays behind the boards most of the time, but when he comes out, it’s pretty entertaining. The rest of the mixtape ain’t bad, either. myspace.com/pharrell.

Pharrell – Liquid Swords. Apparently dudes really like Wu-Tang.

Jay-Z – Encore (Block Burners Remix feat Z Nuff). Am I crazy, or is this instrumental ridiculous? This instrumental is ridiculous. True story – I never actually listened to the whole Black Album until I’d heard its multiple reinterpretations via people like DJ Lt Dan and Danger Mouse. But this version sons most of the other cuts out there, easy. I have absolutely no information on these people, though.

DJ Virus – 2004 ITF World Championships Set. There’s a good reason that there isn’t a whole lot of turntable wizardry on the Mixtape Show – it’s just not really my flavor. This guy kinda kills it though – pay attention to the end. myspace.com/sdvirus.

Intro beat -
Iain Haywood – Bad Motherfucker. Finally got a myspace for this dude! myspace.com/12pads.

So – as usual, hit the comments, link up on the facebook group, and just generally holler at a scholar.

17 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 83 – BEATJACKS & REMIXES VOL 2

  1. Paul Wall….name sounds familiar. Doesn’t he sell life insurance?

    not feeling that butter redo. can’t touch q-tip’s delivery. it’s like hearing Pee Wee Herman doing Darth Vader’s voice.

    that Hell Razah joint is nice though. militant thug.

    Nas/CMP remix? Fast forward. Jay Electronica’s fiyah though.

    Pharrell…wasn’t he Rudy’s boyfriend on the Cosby Show? Nah, skateboard joint was cool. Liquid was good too.

    Encore’s hype.

    DJ Virus was ill. But Dex, why don’t you like turntablists mang? some 1200s fall on your head when you were a kid or something?

  2. man I was bumping the dj drama and pharrel mix last august real hard driving through van city and seattle. i felt bad listening to it so much but it did feel good.

  3. Thanks again for dropping the track on da show, man. Well appreciated. I know not every gonna feeling what I’m doing but hey, I’m still enjoyed doin’ it. One.

  4. RBeezy. HAHAHA. Paul Wall life insurance is probably a no-sell, considering he’s more interested in pawning off Johnny’s grills to people. Paul’s not bad on that track, but I was really more about the guest spots.

    And a fast forward on the Nas remix? I gotta disagree with you there man! I felt this one (and thanks for the cut, Dextrus). And that Butter re-do – I can feel where you’re coming from because no matter what they’re kinda setting themselves up for controversy and unfavorable comparisons by even daring to cover Q-Tip’s classic delivery. Takes balls either way.

  5. oh – and the turntablism thing – too often it just comes off as masturbatory to me. A lot of it I dig, but I don’t go apeshit over gratuitous turntablism wankery like some people tend to do. Personally I’m more about Ableton, just for the fact that you can push sounds further than you can on wax. Doublespeed tracks without pitch shifting? Vinyl can’t touch that.

    That said, there’s a few people that really push the boundaries out there (plenty of jungle and hip-hop DJs, etc), or people that get extra funky with it like Kid Koala (drunk trumpet was ridiculous) or DJ Shadow. But generally in a song that is meant to spotlight the rapper, that scritchity-scratchity stuff needs to stay out the way.

    My two pence.

  6. I got comments for the 83rd episode. I’m gonna hate 1st so just bear w/ me:

    I’m checking the playlist & feel confused cause I was hearing some Killa Priest sounding cat flowing on what I thought was a Nas salute being interupted by Pharell @ 16:10 (huh?) That sh*t was garbage! Then @ 16:58 the Nas Salute(?) resumed. Why?! Better yet, don’t you sample the product before you release into the bandwidth?
    Also, that ITF Championship was doo-doo. You could’ve made an executive decision on that one. It didn’t even match the quality of nothing preceding it. I got aggravated when I heard the distortion like I do when I hear a CD skip.

    Done w/ the hating– now I want to congratulate:

    About the Hell Razah joint– that was on point. I been a Sunz of Man fan for a while now. I think they’re truly underated. I couldn’t muster the strength to cop their last CD but I definetly feel that they should be featured on any future “BEATJACKS & REMIXES” based purely on lyrical talent.
    I’d have to agree w/ you on that “Encore” joint. That was an improvement.

    F.Y.I. I voted for you for in them PodCast Awards & don’t really care if you lose/win. The historians always seem to f*ck it up but I know what time it is

  7. VINCE. Thank you for pointing that out, real talk. I had actually just re-uploaded the file (the filesize was too big so I reencoded it) and it looks like I accidentally overlaid something too. My bad – it’s now fixed.

    That ITF cut was actually exactly how it appeared as a bonus cut on a recent release. Hell Razah’s been on the show before – check out Episode 73 – Jazz Edition. Project Jazz was pretty hot (though the Doom cut stood out more in my mind). You couldn’t muster the strength to cop the album? I think it’s out now – not that I’m necessarily checking for it though.

    And I appreciate the vote of confidence, seeing as how the results from the podcast awards were just posted and we got ousted by a Catholic music show.

    I appreciate the input though fam.

  8. Ummm…who are Block Burners and where can I cop that Encore remix…haven’t heard a beat get into me like that for a minute. Workout music for real.

    Research should and will be done.

  9. Ok, is the Block Burners the same as DJ B-Mello and Redskin out of my hometown Seattle?…they did a mixtape with Z’nuff Starr called Burnin the Block, and then decided to call themselves Block Burners…still trying to compile info on if this is the same Block Burners, it seems to fit so far.

  10. Great show once again. I too was shocked to see Pall Wall make the list. [aka “When ya life takes a fall, y’all know who to call…Pall Wall – Insurance” ) I had to pull out the Liquid Swords CD [again] after hearing that Pharrell joint. .oO(Anyone know when 8 Diagram drops?) This episode is exactly why you not only deserve to win the podcast awards, it is why you WILL win. I voted on all four email addies…I hope that’s not abuse.

  11. Aush – actually, that sounds about right. The CD that this came on was on a simple short-run printed CD. No artwork, no website, just a phone number. I do think I remember seeing a DJ Mello B on there, and Seattle just seems to be right for whatever reason (I think I may have spoken to them briefly – but again this was like 3 years ago). I will dig through my crates to confirm this though.

    Tray. HAHAHAHA. considering what most broke rappers do after fading from the limelight (think MC Hammer), I think Paul Wall selling life insurance would probably be a good look. (Which reminds me, I never did watch Sicko).

    And I have to reiterate, I really pulled that Paul Wall cut for the Coota Bang and Archie Lee verses! But yes, I will admit to occasionally listening to Paww Waww (haven’t heard the new album yet though).

  12. Aush. Looks like you were right. Rather than retype out the info, here’s a picture of the CD itself. That might help.

    aaaand that’s literally the only info I have on dudes. Ignore the black sharpie – that was for radio edit purposes.

  13. Great beats, great new music, and service with a smile…mixtapeshow.net

    Appreciate Dex Dij, ONE

  14. About the Catholics- I was just reading about the $660 million dollar settlement that went down in L.A. The irony with them podcast awards & the timing of this article is 2 much. Here’s a synopsis:

    Cardinal Mahony said .. the settlement WILL NOT have an impact on the archdiocese’s core ministry..

    The deal settles all 508 cases that remained against the archdiocese, which also paid $60 million in December to settle 45 cases that were not covered by SEXUAL ABUSE INSURANCE (wtf?)

    The settlements push the total amount paid out by the U.S. church since 1950 to more than $2 BILLION.

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