Okay – again, sildenafil this is an outside mix by Jay Electronica. I can’t remember the last time I did a one-artist post – if I ever have – but this joint I think warrants it. The intro runs a little long, life but trust me on this one. Plus it’s surreal, pharm and surreal is the new black.

Jay Electronica: Act 1: The Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge).


1. foreword by erykah & just*
2. eternal sunshine
3. …because he broke the rules
4. voodoo man
5. fyi.
Production by Jay Electronica and Jon Brion.
Album artwork from Rappers I Know.

This is worth listening to if for no other reason than to show that there are some of us out here pushing boundaries.

Jay’s myspace is myspace.com/jayelectronica, but, uh, there’s not much info there.

*As in Erykah Badu and Just Blaze.

50 thoughts on “MIXTAPE 82 – JAY ELECTRONICA

  1. ok andres – put me up on this. when did this cat first start making noise? i really first heard of dude juuuust recently.

  2. Moved. I was sitting here at work, and I just stopped everything, sat back and let this soak in. This mix moved me.

    Big ups Jay El, and Dex. Thank you for keeping my work week real.

  3. 82, 74, 63, 52, 51, 50, 49, 46, 45, 43, 36, 37, 38, 41, 42.

    mixtapeshow episodes that are fun to listen to high.

  4. Samad – all respect due to Jay (and Jon) – I just found it. I agree though – I can’t remember the last time I sat still for 15 minutes straight.

    SC – HAHAHAHA. that is worthy of a post by itself. HAHAHA

  5. Yeah I grabbed this mix off rappersiknow a while back, it’s pretty much genius. Good look putting people on to this, it certainly is worthy of a whole show.

  6. lemon jelly. wow, I haven’t listened to them since that one single (“be with you”, was it?)

    Daedalus, though..that reminds me that Daedalus gave me permission to play some of his stuff on here. Which means I should actually get around to it…

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  8. I did, man. I actually haven’t had a chance to check all the stuff you put in there yet. Check your inbox..

  9. haha, thanks man, much appreciated. ps jesus you have a ton of posts on your blog!

  10. okay, what I know about Jay Electronica:

    basically from what i know this is the story on jay:

    he’s from the 9th ward of new orleans, he mentions the magnolia projects alot, so maybe even from there. he’s moved around alot, detroit (that’s how he made the Mr. Porter from D12 connection), philly, chicago, new york and more. he’s currently in dallas from my understanding, and he’s the first and only act signed to erykah badu’s label Control FreaQ records or something like that. there’s lots of rumors about the man out there. there was a big rumor that the ‘my uzi weighs a ton’ track was produced by Thom Yorke of Radiohead, but it turned out to be a big rumor. he used to have somebody that posted on Sohh.com’s forums to leak music, etc. and they started the thom yorke rumor. there was also talk on that same forum that jay would be signed to bad boy, but this was a year or two ago and i assume that’s no longer the case. he has a good number of tracks over some ridiculous dilla beats, and the first time i heard his name mentioned some years back was in corrolation to dilla, so i assume they had some kind of connection. other than that, i don’t have too much solid information on the man, here are a few tracks of his that are also on my site,

    http://www.sweeneykovar.wordpress.com, the links don’t die so dig through some of the older posts for other jay tracks too.

  11. andres –

    Thanks a lot for reposting that. somebody needs to separate the damn fact / fiction on this dude! And having people on payroll to start rumors? Man. This is some advanced smoke and mirrors, but I don’t care. It’s still brilliant.

  12. i dunno if the people that were in charge of posting shit as him on sohh were TOLD to make up stuff, i kinda got the impression that that just kinda happened, either way, Just’ is right, this dude is a tactician.

  13. Mr U – And now I’m realizing where that DK sample (I think the cut was smile, off the same mixtape that Mask On came from (as heard in mixtape show # 60). I should probably be ashamed that I wasn’t that familiar with the original.

    And as much as I liked Boyz II Men back in middle school, Hall & Oates sonned dudes on that cut. Good looking sir.

  14. damn this is gonna sound bad…but i gotta re-iterate how this mix is nice to get blunted to.

  15. damn, that’s right, i can’t believe i got that mixed up.
    ‘im the third ward born, phenomenon, don juan sportin the burberry’

  16. correction.
    mix tape show episodes that are fun to listen to high.


    that’s right.

  17. Supercali… – Thanks for your inappropriate comments. I was in talks to get a very lucrative sponsorship from focus on the family but they saw those comments and you all ruined it for me. =(

  18. if i could once again update… mix tape shows that are fun to listen to high: 1-92
    don’t do 93… you’ll probably contemplate suicide or worse: call all your exes and babble incoherently how awesome things could be if they just gave you another chance.
    pleeeeeeeeeeease baby i’m sorry!
    i thought she just LOOKED like you i didn’t know you were actually sisters!


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  22. itunes tends to hold only that last 20 episodes…which gets annoying if you buy a new computer and you want to get all the episodes in your podcast directory instead of manually downloading them. if anyone knows what i’m talking about and has a solution hit the reeeeeply.

  23. Thomas and sc -
    yeah, it’s a feed length issue. There’s not much that anyone can do about that – I think I can extend the feed length some, but from what I remember I run the risk of crashing things.

    I’ve been thinking about putting up some zipfiles of groups of 10 or 20 episodes (e.g. you can download eps 30-40, or 80-90, what have you) – if that interests anyone, let me know, I’ll get on that and post them up.

    Or if anyone has another solution, holler.

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  25. Kay, and Mr Digweed –

    yeah, iTunes only holds about 15 of this show’s episodes at any one time (if I set it higher, people start getting errors).

    But that’s only through iTunes’ podcast function – you can always download the any episode directly. So if you want this show, just go to the top and right-click the blue “download” button..

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