So I talked a lot in this episode. Hopefully nobody minds. Here’s a few notes before we begin:

[1] The footage for MTV’s 10 Greatest Hip-Hop Groups of All Time is here, artificial and the “postgame” footage, prostate including Run and Chuck D musing briefly on the effect of crack on hip-hop, buy information pills is here.

[2] And yes, the Mixtape Show was listed in Q Magazine‘s (UK) Best 100 Places To Get Free Music Online. #1 in the podcast section. They said that I was “lively”.

[3] I do think that the Beastie Boys made some nice songs, especially productionwise. I wouldn’t call myself a big fan, but they did their thing in their day. Plus, they were the featured group on during the official Mixtape Show Caucasian Appreciation Show. And around here, that counts for a lot.

And now for that playlist.

(instrumental – myspace.com/truestatiks.)

Hasan Insane – Hustler’s Clarity feat Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. Kid is nice with the beats. This one is just one of those that just works. Thanks for the tip, oux. myspace.com/hasaninsane

DJ Lt Dan – Justify My Thug feat Jay-Z (b/w G Thang). I can’t remember who first remixed Jay’s Black Album, but this cat is definitely one of the earlier and more memorable ones. That acapella release also spawned the Grey Album, which in turn tipped the white liberal media off to this whole “remixing” and “hippity-hop” thing, at which point it started to get sort of lame. myspace.com/ltdanmixtapes.

J*Davey – Untitled 1. Jack of J*Davey on this one. Free shoutout in the next episode to the first one to identify the instrumental. jdaveybaby.com.

Paul Dateh – Violin Demo. I’m not giving out the whole thing, but the last half of this was too good not to share. Paul and I connected some time ago, and he mentioned that he got down on the violin. Dude ain’t kidding. As much as some of you like to hate on Timbo (did anyone see that Scott Storch diss video? wow), the second half of this is pretty ridiculous. Paul, you have any more of this? Also, my friend walked into the studio when I was recording this and he said he thought I was watching a Hong Kong soap opera because of those last few licks. No offense, I get down with that HK drama shit. myspace.com/pauldateh.

Jimmie Reign – Keep Pushin’. Everybody’s doing Kick Push remixes nowadays, but this is a pretty original take on the joint. Hi, helly. jimmiereignworld.

- Kick Push. Yeah, this is the same dude you heard on the last episode, and it’s not the last you’ll hear of him. myspace.com/shamanwork

Lupe Fiasco – Kick Push (Ro Blvd Remix). This beat was actually hot enough to make me wear out Lupe’s joint all over again. laffytaffyrotsyourteeth.com

Dead Prez – Turn Off Your Radio (Wale Remix). I’ve seriously been holding on to this track for months. The Black Gold mixtape is some serious shit, and this is probably my favorite joint on there. If this track doesn’t catch at least five rewinds in your mp3 player, something’s wrong with you. Get off my internet. myspace.com/shamanwork

And that’s it for this episode. As always, holler in the comments section and let me know what you’re thinking on this one.


  1. Yo Dex, another tight show, congrads on the Q magazine article you been doing ur thing long enough, its about time, shyyyyyt! Now wit dat MTV list, I totally disagree with that joint, Outkast isn’t even considered a group its just a duo, so is a duo considered to be a group?
    and UGK??

  2. JM – yep. Listen for your shout in the next hip-hop podcast (as long as I don’t forget)!

    Thanks, y’all. I’ll try to post up a scan of the article a little later.

    And Brer, apparently the MTV list was classifying a “group” as one that had at least two MCs (which is why the Roots weren’t in the running). You can’t deny that UGK was definitely a factor though. But like I said, 2-3 years ago, they wouldn’t have even been in the reviewers’ minds – it would have been a strictly East Coast – West Coast affair.

    And Jay, yeah – Paul says he’s gonna link me up with some more material, and there’s more on his myspace. That second track he has on there is actually kinda nice.

  3. Got that ill Dialated peoples track “work the angles” on HHG. i feels like you should do a scratch ep. Just sayin’…don’t know if you have yet.

  4. Scratch ep – nope, definitely haven’t done one yet. If I do something like that though it’d definitely have to be on some different level type though..

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