MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 9 – Akir interview

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how do I listen to the show?

Damn, we been on this interview ish for a minute now. Next show is a music joint, promise.

This week on the best hip-hop mixtape podcast on the internets, we got The Source‘s Unsigned Hype alumni Akir. Dude has been making serious moves for a minute now, and I finally caught up to him for an interview. He’s dodging buses or some shit while we talk via celly so the audio’s a bit hectic, but Akir still drops some serious shit about his artistic philosophy, the international market, the state of hip-hop in the US, and what it’s like doing shows at the historically non-rap-oriented Vans Warped Tour.

akir pic

Also he breaks down Politricks, which is one of the tracks that I’d been getting the most positive feedback on. So if you were looking for the artist himself to explain what he was going for with that track, you’ll definitely want to listen. There’s also some info on his upcoming projects in there, and I’m probably leaving out something. Just listen.

Oh yeah, I forgot – there’s another new single in there – Calling. You’re definitely going to want to make it to the end of the podcast for that joint, and no fast-forwarding either, you impatient fucks.

Big shout outs and appreciation by the way to Akir and the whole One Ent. family for the support and whatnot in making this show happen. All beats on this show, as always, are supplied by the artist, so if you’re anxious to hear someone spitting over those joints, well, go cop his rekkids. If you’re looking for more info / material by Akir, go check him out at myspace.com/akir – there’s some tracks even I haven’t played here, and plenty of other news. Hopefully they link us back on their site as well. Be on the lookout for that Legacy joint in the fall too…

That’s it for this week then, kids. Be on the lookout for even more wildness, you know what it is. Keep tellin the homies, kids, we ain’t even started yet…

2 thoughts on “MIXTAPE SHOW EPISODE 9 – Akir interview

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  2. I been going through the archives & I’m a little salty that I didn’t catch ‘em before your computer crashed? Episode 5– Nite w/ “Lite” — I’m feelin the beat

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