Hey, no rx assholes. Remember Katrina? Apparently nobody in the news seems to.

If you like golden-age-crusty-breakbeat-conscious-hip-hop-head type shit, visit this then please don’t listen to this episode. It is not for you.

If you like shit played 30 BPM faster than it’s supposed to be played, if you like London, if you like bounce, if you like snap, if you like dirty and inexpert mixes, and most of all, if you like cocaine, then this episode is for you.

Here’s a briefly annotated tracklist.

Juvenile – Powder Bag*. Yep. Bounce music. This is less brick-rap ala Rick Ross and more coke-rap.

Durtville – Durtbike. I’m trying to imagine the dance that goes with this, since you know that every song that comes out nowadays has a dance. Beat is hot though. Try it normal speed at myspace.com/durtville

Lady Sovereign – Random (Menta Mix). This is the best track on the record, mainly because Riko is rapping on the phone, from prison. This song wins.
*T.I. – What You Know instrumental*

M.I.A. – Galang (Diplo Mix). The Piracy Funds Terrorism Mixtape pretty much >’d anything on Arular. But then again, I like Diplo. miauk.com.
*E-40 – Tell Me When To Go instrumental*

About The Money aka ATM - Get Jiggy. I actually found this one on the recommendation of Black TK a while back. I’ll leave the comments on the track title alone, but you really can’t front on this beat. Try listening to the real version if you don’t like mine. myspace.com/atlatm.
*Rick Ross – Hustlin instrumental*

2 Blakk – Second Line Jump. More bounce to close this shit out. I also have to shout out noz from cocaineblunts for (unknowingly) providing two tracks and a lot of the inspiration for this episode. Even if you don’t like shit-talking about rappers or are illiterate, you should go to his site and look at the pretty pictures.


This week’s episode was actually mixed live, by me, at some weird house party a week or so ago that I have absolutely no recollection of. That, combined with the broken laptops I was using to do this, should explain the amazing quality of the mix. That said, it’s sort of fun as it applies my personal philosophy on music: Faster = Better. Consider this one a bonus episode.


  1. Brer – glad you liked this one, but I’d like to kindly ask you to not refer to bouncing rent checks because that hits a little too close to home.

    Oh, what’s good, Nas. How’s that album coming, and what song are you talking about? Also what’s up with that $5 you said you’d give me back as a refund for that “Bridging The Gap” single?

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