Kanye Leaked, Dogs and Cats Lie Down Together

Kanye’s album has leaked. Oh dear God.

Sorry that’s the best I could do with 5 minutes. That in the back is supposed to be a broken sprinkler, decease leaking out all of Kanye’s songs.

Thank you to each and every one of you that sent me frantic IMs, pills called me, texted me, etc. to break this important news. I truly appreciate it.

Hands up if you didn’t see this coming, seriously. I’m a little sad to take part in this Curtis v Graduation thing, but this will certainly make things a bit more interesting for the Sept 11th Showdown.

I am really busy playing Earthbound right now, but if I can find some spare time in the midst of being a little Japanese kid with a yellow backpack and hitting snakes with a bat, I might tell you whether or not it is worth buying.

As I may have mentioned to some of you, however, I think the true competition here is between Soulja Boy and 50 Cent. I would love to see the originator of the Crank Dat Movement (CDM) have a better first week than 50.

Remember, kids. Every time you crank dat soulja boy, an angel gets its wings.

14 thoughts on “Kanye Leaked, Dogs and Cats Lie Down Together

  1. i want to see soulja boy beat out 5o too.. hate that conceited bastard. lovin Kanyes album leak though.

  2. yeah, so far I am hearing good things about it. still haven’t gotten to listen to it yet though.

    In other news, I finally learned how to crank dat soulja boy a little while ago (the new version). I think I like the older version better.

  3. can’t say I’m suprised. Seeing the release was 9/11, the leak is about perfect timing. I’ll listen to it before I go to bed. I’m willin’ to bet 50′s album will be in cyberspace by this coming tuesday. And my gf hates that Soulja Boy, but I’m gon’ do dat soopaman this wkd boyeee!

  4. This is hilarious. Everybody has this thing now. Considering that a large portion of Kanye’s listener base is internet nerds*, this could well affect unit sales. As always, kids, if you like the artist, support them. If you don’t like their label, then go to the dude’s house and leave $5 under his doormat and call it a day.**

    Tray – so your girl might not like that Soulja Boy. She may prefer dat Folger Boy instead. Watch me drink and watch me pour, watch me crank dat folger boy. Watch me drink when I wake up. Coffee bean that ho, now watch me hold my coffee cup. YUUUUUUULLLLLL!!! YUUUUUUUULLLLLL!!!!!

    *on second thought, same goes for 50 – maybe even worse.
    ** am I the only one who has considered doing this? no stalkerish intentions, obviously.

  5. I bought Dropout and Late Reg. so I don’t see myself NOT buying Graduation. I expected more tracks on it seeing his last 2 LPs were 17 tracks deep at the least. That Barry Bonds is the new anthem though son! Who knows, maybe 50 and Aftermath leaked Kanye’s new joint..oO(imagine that)And wtf is a Folger Boy?!! *LOL* I’m gonna put that youtube on my ipod and show it to the mrs. later just to irritate her.

  6. Yeah, conspiracy theories abound, man. I just hope I don’t see kanyeezy on television whining about this. I never owned the first record, but I did have the second, and really it wasn’t bad.

  7. i heard 50′s is leaked too…only the clean version or something…meh who gives a fuck? kanye’s is dope…i love it. him and timbaland are all over the hip hop/synth beats right now and i fear they’re only going to get more and more popular.

  8. ha dex…sorry but that artwork is almost as wack as Kanye’s ego…:D

    you can hire me to be your designer. all I require is the occasional shout out on the track, Just Blaze-style.

  9. SC – I know you are not hating on clean versions. Man, the clean versions are the most entertaining joints period. The clean edits on an album can tell you a whole story. The morals of the record label, the adeptness of the wide-eyed college intern they conned into editing it for free t-shirts and a blunt with the rapper, deciding to censor “god damn” but not “fuck yall pussy niggas”, etc. I should talk about my experiences with this some time on a show

    …then again, if one’s never done radio, it might not be as entertaining.

    I will say this though – you ever heard the Wal-Mart version of Wu-Tang Forever? Classic. The sword slashes, bee sounds, and kung-fu battle fx make the songs about 2.5 times more amazing. Plus, Dog Shit is about ten times dirtier with the porn star moaning sounds they used to censor ODB’s foul-mouthed raving.

    50 leak tho. I’ll wait.

    I still haven’t heard the Kanye though…sitting on my desktop right now. What can I say, been busy.

  10. RBeezy. Shoot. Just be glad I didn’t crank dat MS Paint on yo bitch ass. Or maybe even Dr Halo (google that, classic DOS paint app hahaha).

    I’m down, though. Matter of fact, I got a few things that I’m looking to get a few diverse designers down on. Shoot me an email.

  11. I’m crackin’ up on the MS Paint man…ain’t nothin’ wrong with dinosaur apps. And I do remember a simpler time when artists used creative ways to edit records. They’d reverse it up (like your Version of “So Fly” [Divine Retribution]) or use ill sound edits to replace the bad words. And lettin’ your copy of Graduation collect dust ain’t a bad idea. Out of 13 tracks, I only truly like 4. It’ll still do well, even with the leak…

  12. Yeah fam. They still got those flip edits – (reversing the words). Those are probably my favorite ones aside from the sound effects ones (shouts to RZA and also maybe Primo). Nothing like learning to curse backwards when you’re in grade school.

    Yeah, I’m not hearing anyone being blown away by the Kanye joint yet. I like some of his songs well enough, but never was on some “oh my god” with dude. Fiddy…dude just isn’t really an innovator to me. Unless something spectacular happens with that one, I’ll have to be really bored to actually bother to listen to any of it, much less actually check the whole album.

    I get more interesting music in my inbox every day from artists who listen to this show. And I don’t have to steal it.

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