The Official Crank Dat [Soulja|Barney|Folger|Army|etc] Boy Post

Okay, remedy so I’ve been going on a Soulja Boy binge. On the off chance that you are not up on the Crank Dat Movement (CDM), you will possibly remember Soulja Boy from his Mixtape Show debut right here on this very hip-hop podcast with I Got Me Some Bapes in Episode 62 and Crank Dat Soulja Boy in Episode 78 – both of them part of the Bounce Tape series (#4 probably coming soon).

Anyway, things are really getting ridiculous with this dude. I mean, come on.

That’s not lens flare, that’s whiteout.

On his glasses.

He put whiteout on his sunglasses. You know, on purpose. To simulate a reflection of snow, or something. I don’t really know. And yes, those are rubber bands. Anyway, somehow this kid has become the hottest thing on the internets, which I am not really mad at.

The music videos that these ridiculous-ass songs have inspired, however are really just next-level insane. Check after the jump to see what I’m talm bout.
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Kanye Leaked, Dogs and Cats Lie Down Together

Kanye’s album has leaked. Oh dear God.

Sorry that’s the best I could do with 5 minutes. That in the back is supposed to be a broken sprinkler, decease leaking out all of Kanye’s songs.

Thank you to each and every one of you that sent me frantic IMs, pills called me, texted me, etc. to break this important news. I truly appreciate it.

Hands up if you didn’t see this coming, seriously. I’m a little sad to take part in this Curtis v Graduation thing, but this will certainly make things a bit more interesting for the Sept 11th Showdown.

I am really busy playing Earthbound right now, but if I can find some spare time in the midst of being a little Japanese kid with a yellow backpack and hitting snakes with a bat, I might tell you whether or not it is worth buying.

As I may have mentioned to some of you, however, I think the true competition here is between Soulja Boy and 50 Cent. I would love to see the originator of the Crank Dat Movement (CDM) have a better first week than 50.

Remember, kids. Every time you crank dat soulja boy, an angel gets its wings.



Bounce Tape 3, pill ladies and gentlemen. The form continues to evolve. This episode takes you from reggae to hyphy to suburb rap to ragga-punk to crunk to damn son just listen.

And again, resuscitator there’s only about a week left to nominate the Mixtape Show for the best music podcast in the 2007 Podcast Awards. Nominating, and encouraging others to nominate, will help make sure that we can keep bringing you this quality, informative (okay so soulja boy is not that informative but still) material.

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Okay, enough plugging. On with the show:


Collie Buddz – Come Around (Benja Styles remix). Infinitely tougher than the original. Pretty much all Philly DJ Benja Styles does is make these reggae remixes of these joints, often weeks before the general populace has even heard the damn things. You’ve heard him here before.

Turf Talk – Broke Niggas (produced by Droop-E). Pilly at Nation of Thizzlam said it best – Turf Talk is one of the few people out there who can whisper an entire track without sounding really creepy (cf. Ying Yang Twins).

Cool Kids – Gold And A Pager. This is the joint right now. You are excused for not knowing about this hipster-rap duo, but you shall henceforth not be excused…from..uh…not knowing about them. Kids are already blowing up – it’s just a matter of time now. Complete cosign on this cut. Shout outs to Nelson for linking me up with the track.

Some faceless Brazilian girl – Baile Funk 3. This was bootlegged off of the M.I.A. Piracy Funds Terrorism mixtape, again. I actually had another track I wanted to play that utilizes this same riddim, but I couldn’t find it and well you know how it goes. Only the people who actually speak Portuguese would notice anyway, and if you don’t – just assume they’re talking about something unbelievably nasty.
Team Knoc – Fruity Pebble Punk Rock. The chopped violin samples just matched too well here. I really wanted to give you the whole intro, but I couldn’t really justify doing it on this tape. Trust me – you need to track this cut down just to hear the intro. “Some people go dumb, but I go smart, because I’m in college”. Is there an official dance for this?

M.I.A – Come Around Remix. At least, that’s what it’s called on her blog. It seems like it should be called “Come Down“, but M.I.A’s writing is basically incoherent. Either way, good track.

Soulja Boy – Crank Dat Soulja Boy (Superman). Seriously, if you can’t appreciate how cool this song is, get off of my fucking website. You heard Soulja Boy in the last bounce tape, and really there’s just something amazing about the fact that this kid really isn’t a great rapper or producer, but he’s just got a knack for making catchy songs and dances that don’t really make any sense (watch me crank that robocop? is that a dance? yes it is). In other news, there is a dance called the Spongebob.

Meko, Dangerous Rob, Lix, Montana, Chaotic, and J-Tripz – Ballin (Atlanta Mix prod by Don Vito) (Mixtape Show ADHD edit). Shouts to Lix and Eddie from F-Pac records for this cut. I had to chop a couple verses out of this one. Favorite 16 on this track – the last 16 (J-Tripz?). Trust me.

Ding Dong
- Go Away (We Don’t Like You!).
This song is ridiculous. Punk rock + dancehall + people telling somebody to go away = Recipe for awesome. Ripped from M.I.A.’s blog.

So there’s this week’s show. How are you all this week?

Make sure to join the facebook group if you haven’t already – a lot of good music is being tossed around in there. Join the party.



Due to popular demand, sale I’ve resurrected the Bounce Tape format for another edition. That means that everybody’s favorite spastic, symptoms button-mashing, hey-guys-watch-me-play-with-the-eq-for-no-reason style is back.

This time, you’re in for some sped-up crunk, electro, hyphy, funk, and grime, not necessarily in that order. I’d write more but keep it 100 it’s fucking 3 AM and it is sleepytime soon.

And remember, playing the show from the player above will get you a lower-fidelity file (but shorter loadtime), but if you subscribe to this hip-hop podcast(free), you’ll get the high quality file.

Check the playlist below:
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